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  • Important features of digital communication systems Some basic concepts and definitions such as as signal classification, spectral density, random process, linear systems and signal bandwidth.The first important step in any DCS: Transforming the information source to a form compatible with a digital syst

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  • On the initiative of the International Dental Federation, a meeting of consultants was convened by the World Health Organization in 1964 to consider the classification of diseases of the buccal cavity in relation to the impending Eighth (1965) Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD). It was recognized that a manual and guide should be compiled to assist in the application of the ICD to dentistry and stomatology. Accordingly, a text was drafted and tested in four countries, then revised and published for general use.

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  • In this work, we investigate the use of error-correcting output codes (ECOC) for boosting centroid text classifier. The implementation framework is to decompose one multi-class problem into multiple binary problems and then learn the individual binary classification problems by centroid classifier. However, this kind of decomposition incurs considerable bias for centroid classifier, which results in noticeable degradation of performance for centroid classifier. In order to address this issue, we use Model-Refinement to adjust this so-called bias. ...

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  • This paper presents a case study of analyzing and improving intercoder reliability in discourse tagging using statistical techniques. Biascorrected tags are formulated and successfully used to guide a revision of the coding manual and develop an automatic classifier.

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  • Systems Analysis and Design: Chapter 15 - Designing Accurate Data Entry Procedure's Objectives is Understand the uses of effective coding to support users in accomplishing their tasks; Design effective and efficient data capture approaches for people and systems.

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  • Codes of bounded words (b-codes, ♦-codes), an extension of the notion of ordinary codes, have been first introduced and considered by P. T. Huy et al. in 2009. In this note, we consider some new subclasses of b-codes. In particular, characteristic properties of such codes are established. Also, relationships between b-codes, alternative codes and their subclasses are considered.

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  • The study includes RC moment resisting frames with 3, 6 and 10 stories considering two types of soil classifications (Type II and III) and two alternatives of ductility levels (intermediate and high), as defined in standard 2800.

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  • The proposal recommends that the SSCs of pool-type research reactors be categorized and classified on basis of their safety functions and safety significance. Because the SSCs in pool-type research reactors are not the pressure-retaining components, codes and standards for design of the SSCs following the safety classification can be selected in a graded approach.

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  • The pediatric complex chronic conditions (CCC) classification system, developed in 2000, requires revision to accommodate the International Classification of Disease 10th Revision (ICD-10).

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  • National Health Service (NHS) hospitals in the UK use a system of coding for patient episodes. The coding system used is the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10). There are ICD-10 codes which may be associated with adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and there is a possibility of using these codes for ADR surveillance.

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  • Deciphering the meaning of the human DNA is an outstanding goal which would revolutionize medicine and our way for treating diseases. In recent years, non-coding RNAs have attracted much attention and shown to be functional in part.

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  • The low success rate and high cost of drug discovery requires the development of new paradigms to identify molecules of therapeutic value. The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Code System is a World Health Organization (WHO) proposed classification that assigns multi-level codes to compounds based on their therapeutic, pharmacological and chemical characteristics as well as the in-vivo sites(s) of activity.

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  • (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter) (State or other jurisdiction of incorporation or organization) (Primary Standard Industrial Classification Code Number) (I.R.S.

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  • Classification and coding practices are as old as the human race. They were used by Adam, as recorded in the Bible, to classify and name plants and animals, by Aristotle to identify basic elements of the earth, and in more modern times to classify concepts, books, and documents.

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  • Mportant features of digital communication systems - Some basic concepts and definitions as signal classification, spectral density, random process, linear systems and signal bandwidth.

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  • Related to “Tax Complexity” is the eighth-ranked small-business problem, “Frequent Changes in Federal Tax Laws and Rules.” This problem moved up seven positions, a significant jump from 15th in 2008. In the last four years, real and anticipated changes to the tax code took center stage through a number of tax changes imbedded in the new Patient Protection Affordability Care Act and the looming sunset of the Bush tax cuts and payroll tax holiday which are set to expire at the end of 2012. The unpredictable nature and often hidden changes of the tax law proves a significant burden on..

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  • The following chapters contain core material supported by pen and paper exercises together with computer-based exercises where appropriate. In addition there are web links to: worked solutions, computer codes, audio-visual presentations, case studies, further reading. Codes are written using Scilab (a Matlab clone, downloadable for free from and also Matlab.

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  • If a node calculates that it does not have enough storage capacity for the table, it initiates the group formation algo- rithm. To minimize the number of times an original tuple must be transmitted to make it available to every member of a group, we require that all nodes in the group are within broadcast range of each other. A second required property of a group is that it must have enough cumulative storage capacity to accommodate the table of predicates. If these requirements can not be met, the join classification (see Section 3.2) is not intermediate but rather...

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  • The need for a comprehensive NCI-wide terminology arose because NCI staff requires access to timely and accurate information about activities related to the scientific mission of the Institute. The collection, storage and retrieval of data related to NCI research programs is necessary to analyze, manage, and report about these activities. Though centralized coding of NCI-supported research-related activities met some of these needs, supplementary data coding had become common.

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  • According to Barthes it is especially the mechanical and thus objective status of photographic depiction – the photograph as a non-coded message – that enhances the myth of naturalness, because by its tight coupling with the depict- ed world it naturalises the symbolic layers of meaning. Furthermore, it is on the level of style that human interventions manifest themselves and a shift from the natural to the culturally coded occurs, thus triggering another layer of mean- ing. It was this notion of style that Barthes (2004: 47) described as the ‘third’ or ‘obtuse’ meaning.

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