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  • Handwritten text recognition is a difficult problem in the field of pattern recognition. This paper focuses on two aspects of the work on recognizing isolated handwritten Vietnamese characters, including feature extraction and classifier combination. For the first task, based on the work in [1] we will present how to extract features for Vietnamese characters based on gradient, structural, and concavity characteristics of optical character images. For the second task, we first develop a general framework of classifier combination under the context of optical character recognition. ...

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  • Teach children to learn English is quite hard work and complex by young are not really conscious of learning as adults and most are very giddy. For children focused on lessons, teachers need teaching combined with vivid visuals, invite you to consult the text book "Classifying plants and animals" for further reference in the teaching process English for children.

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  • In this paper we examine how the differences in modelling between different data driven systems performing the same NLP task can be exploited to yield a higher accuracy than the best individual system. We do this by means of an experiment involving the task of morpho-syntactic wordclass tagging. Four well-known tagger generators (Hidden Markov Model, Memory-Based, Transformation Rules and Maximum Entropy) are trained on the same corpus data. After comparison, their outputs are combined using several voting strategies and second stage classifiers. ...

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  • The book is a new edition of a bestseller by an experienced coach Sergey Ivashchenko. Over 250,000 copies of his books were sold in the Soviet Union in the late 1980's. This book is intended for beginners, both children and adults. The themes are: Mate in one, Mate in two, Win a queen, Win a rook, Win a piece, etc. The book designed for chess players with ELO 900-1200 points. Includes more than 700 tactical problems classified according to themes and difficult.

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  • Ebook The manual of chess combinations - 1b the book is a new edition of a bestseller by an experienced coach Sergey Ivashchenko. Over 250,000 copies of his books were sold in the Soviet Union in the late 1980's. This book is intended for beginners, both children and adults. The themes are: Win a piece, Draw, etc. The book designed for chess players with ELO 1200-1500 points. Includes more than 600 tactical problems classified according to themes and difficulty.

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  • This paper proposes to solve the bottleneck of finding training data for word sense disambiguation (WSD) in the domain of web queries, where a complete set of ambiguous word senses are unknown. In this paper, we present a combination of active learning and semi-supervised learning method to treat the case when positive examples, which have an expected word sense in web search result, are only given. The novelty of our approach is to use “pseudo negative examples” with reliable confidence score estimated by a classifier trained with positive and unlabeled examples.

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  • This paper describes a fully automatic twostage machine learning architecture that learns temporal relations between pairs of events. The first stage learns the temporal attributes of single event descriptions, such as tense, grammatical aspect, and aspectual class. These imperfect guesses, combined with other linguistic features, are then used in a second stage to classify the temporal relationship between two events. We present both an analysis of our new features and results on the TimeBank Corpus that is 3% higher than previous work that used perfect human tagged features. ...

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  • Combination of classifiers A combination or an ensemble of classifiers is a set of classifiers are combined to classify new examples. A combination of classifiers is often more accurate than the individual classifiers that make them up. This is Chapter 9: Combination of classifiers.

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  • The paper addresses the problem of automatic enrichment of a thesaurus by classifying new words into its classes. The proposed classification method makes use of both the distributional data about a new word and the strength of the semantic relatedness of its target class to other likely candidate classes.

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  • In this paper, we propose an approach for identifying curatable articles from a large document set. This system considers three parts of an article (title and abstract, MeSH terms, and captions) as its three individual representations and utilizes two domain-specific resources (UMLS and a tumor name list) to reveal the deep knowledge contained in the article. An SVM classifier is trained and cross-validation is employed to find the best combination of representations. The experimental results show overall high performance. ...

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  • We explore the problem of resolving the second person English pronoun you in multi-party dialogue, using a combination of linguistic and visual features. First, we distinguish generic and referential uses, then we classify the referential uses as either plural or singular, and finally, for the latter cases, we identify the addressee. In our first set of experiments, the linguistic and visual features are derived from manual transcriptions and annotations, but in the second set, they are generated through entirely automatic means.

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  • Nhận dạng văn bản viết tay là một vấn đề khó khăn trong lĩnh vực của nhận dạng mẫu.Bài viết này tập trung vào hai khía cạnh của công việc trên công nhận các ký tự viết tay bị cô lập Việt Nam, bao gồm cả khai thác tính năng và sự kết hợp phân loại.

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  • Many methods are available for computing semantic similarity between individual words, but certain NLP tasks require the comparison of word pairs. This paper presents a kernel-based framework for application to relational reasoning tasks of this kind. The model presented here combines information about two distinct types of word pair similarity: lexical similarity and relational similarity.

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  • Before the lesson read through the tapescript. Pre-teach any new words and phrases in class. Some of the opening activities combine vocabulary work and pronunciation. Let students work on their own when classifying vocabulary/ comparing their answers in pairs.

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  • Concrete can be classified as composite material and that is a combination of different components which improve their performance properties. In general case binder component which can be in hard crystalline or amorphous state is considered as the matrix of composite material. In concrete matrix phase the grains of aggregates (dispersed phase) are uniformly distributed.

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  • MECHANICS IS THE ENGINEERING SCIENCE that deals with studying, defining, and mathematically quantifying “interactions” that take place among “things” in our universe. Our ability to perceive the physical manifestation of such interactions is embedded in the concept of a force, and the “things” that transmit forces among themselves are classified for purposes of analysis as being solid, fluid, or some combination of the two.

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  • Design and Implementation of FIR Filters A filter is a system that is designed to alter the spectral content of input signals in a specified manner. Common filtering objectives include improving signal quality, extracting information from signals, or separating signal components that have been previously combined. A digital filter is a mathematical algorithm implemented in hardware, firmware, and/or software that operates on a digital input signal to produce a digital output signal for achieving filtering objectives.

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  • Vector seed selection was applied to the aforementioned eigenspace images, or multi- spectral images, to obtain initial seeds. The algorithm of seeded region growing was further adopted to divide the multi-spectral images into many small regions. The algorithm of region merging was employed to merge similar regions as well as to combine smaller regions with the nearest neighboring regions.

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  • Classifying travel behavior and segmentation becomes increasingly more difficult as modern travelers combine pleasure with business, in order to take time and cost advantage. There are therefore endless variations between the two principle classifications of travel activities, i.e. business and leisure trips. However, leisure trips may include elements, characteristics and motivations of business travel and vice versa. Incentive travelling, extended conference stays and business meetings during leisure travel makes the distinction between the two categories increasingly blurred.

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  • Parenteral Parenteral dopamine antagonists (e.g., chlorpromazine, prochlorperazine, metoclopramide) can also provide significant acute relief of migraine; they can be used in combination with parenteral 5-HT1B/1D agonists. A common intravenous protocol used for the treatment of severe migraine is the administration over 2 min of a mixture of 5 mg of prochlorperazine and 0.5 mg of dihydroergotamine.

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