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  • Classroom Configuration The following configuration and naming conventions are used throughout this course and are required for the hands-on labs: Each computer is configured as a member of the WORKGROUP workgroup. The instructor computer is named Instructorx (where x is a number that is unique to the intranet). Student machines are named Studentx (where x is a unique number for each computer on the intranet).

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  • Classroom Requirements This course requires a classroom with a minimum of one computer for the instructor and one for each student. Before class begins, install and configure all computers by using the following information and instructions. Although only one instructor computer is required for course 1561B, it is recommended that you set up a second instructor computer to serve as a domain controller in the nwtraders.msft domain. This will provide a backup domain controller in case the primary instructor computer fails.

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  • This course recommends a classroom with one computer for the instructor and one computer for each student. Before class begins, install and configure all of the computers by using the information and instructions in this setup guide. All hardware that is used must be listed on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for Microsoft Windows XP. This course requires Microsoft® Certified Technical Education Center (Microsoft CTEC) hardware level 3 for 2001 for the instructor computer and Microsoft CTEC hardware level 2 for 2001 for the student computers.

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