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  • Let’s face it. Not every nurse would make a good clinical instructor. Technical proficiency alone does not guarantee the ability to effectively manage nursing students at the clinical site. Even nurses who are capable of providing clinical instruction may not wish to take on the considerable personal liability associated with the oversight of these nursing students. Perhaps you are different. Perhaps you are one of those nurses who is in fact both capable and willing to impart your knowledge to the next generation of caregivers.

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  • Statistical Prediction Models Bayes' theorem, as presented above, deals with a clinical prediction problem that is unrealistically simple relative to most problems a clinician faces. Prediction models, based on multivariable statistical models, can handle much more complex problems and substantially enhance predictive accuracy for specific situations. Their particular advantage is the ability to take into account many overlapping pieces of information and assign a relative weight to each based on its unique contribution to the prediction in question.

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  • The automatic coding of clinical documents is an important task for today’s healthcare providers. Though it can be viewed as multi-label document classification, the coding problem has the interesting property that most code assignments can be supported by a single phrase found in the input document. We propose a Lexically-Triggered Hidden Markov Model (LT-HMM) that leverages these phrases to improve coding accuracy.

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  • At subsequent meetings, the planning team should identify all of the major functions and responsibilities required by the event and assign appropriate agencies to manage each function or responsibility. Because responsibilities vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is most effective to assign responsibilities consistently to avoid duplication and promote efficient response to problems that may arise.

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  • The American Nurses Association (ANA) Social Policy Statement of 1980 was the first to define nursing as the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems. This definition, when combined with the ANA Standards of Practice, has provided impetus and support for the use of nursing diagnosis. Defining nursing and its effect on client care supports the growing awareness that nursing care is a key factor in client survival and in the maintenance, rehabilitative, and preventive aspects of healthcare.

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  • This course guide tells you briefly what the course is about. What course materials you will be suing and how you can work your way through these materials. In addition, it suggest some general guidelines for the amount of time you are likely to spend on each unit of the course in order to complete it successfully. It gives you guidance in respect of your Tutor Marked Assignments, which will be made available in the assignment file. There will be regular tutorial classes that are related to the course. It is advisable for you to attend...

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  • There are two general decision making strategies that judges use when evaluating a beer. In a top-down decision making strategy, the judge forms an overall impression about the quality of the beer, decides what overall score to assign that beer, and deducts points for each deficient characteristic of the beer based on the overall impression. The problem with this top-down approach to beer evaluation is that it is difficult to ensure that the points allocated to each subcategory (e.g.

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  • Static IP addresses are typically assigned to common resources and DHCP is used for workstations. When the network was originally designed, IP subnets were assigned to dif- ferent offices and departments. However, over time and as the network grew, this subnet organization has broken down. Over the last several years IP subnets have been as- signed and reassigned without any regard to department or location. The networking staff has employed all of the standard security practices one would expect to find at most organizations of this size.

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  • Work is underway to review and update the Bank’s policy state- ments on investment and adjustment lending; these reviews will provide the framework for considering appropriate integration of the gender dimension into these policy statements. Because analytical work and JSAs are central to this strategy, the Bank’s Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network will play an important role in implementation.

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  • Good morning. I am pleased to have this opportunity to speak here today about Whois databases. I am Jon Leibowitz, one of five Commissioners of the United States Federal Trade Commission (“FTC” or “Commission”) in Washington, D.C.1 The FTC is an independent federal agency of the United States government, the lead agency charged with protecting Americans’ privacy, and the only agency in the United States empowered to enforce both competition and consumer protection laws.

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  • Most Volunteer Managers Have at Least a Minimum Level of Training. If organizations reported that they have a paid staff member who dedicates time to managing volunteers, we asked if this person has any formal training in volunteer administration, such as coursework, workshops, or attendance at conferences that focus on volunteer management. We learned that paid staff volunteer coordinators in 66 percent of charities and 72 percent of congregational social service outreach activities pass this minimum threshold for training in volunteer administration.

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  • Hours are assigned to courses to reflect the value of resources used to provide the class, such as rooms, instructors, equipment, etc. Equivalent hours are used in the registration process but revert to zero when posted to the student’s academic history. Example: A seminar with a visiting professor, over and above existing degree requirements. The benefit obtained is primarily to account for the resources provided, to use in reporting to governments, and in maintaining the students’ financial aid position....

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  • Table 105-9 International Prognostic Index for NHL Five clinical risk factors: Age ≥60 years Serum lactate dehydrogenase levels elevated Performance status ≥2 (ECOG) or ≤70 (Karnofsky) Ann Arbor stage III or IV 1 site of extranodal involvement Patients are assigned a number for each risk factor they have Patients are grouped differently based upon the type of lymphoma For diffuse large B cell lymphoma: 0, 1 factor = low risk: 73% 35% of cases; 5-year survival, 2 factors = low-intermediate risk: 51% 27% of cases; 5-year survival, 3 factors = high-intermediate risk: 43%...

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  • Streptococcus pneumoniae (the pneumococcus) was recognized as a major cause of pneumonia in the 1880s. Although the name Diplococcus pneumoniae was originally assigned to the pneumococcus, the organism was renamed Streptococcus pneumoniae because, like other streptococci, it grows in chains in liquid medium. Widespread vaccination has reduced the incidence of pneumococcal infection, but this organism remains the principal bacterial cause of otitis media, acute purulent rhinosinusitis, pneumonia, and meningitis.

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  • The process of producing the yearly updates began with a Pub Med search using search fields established by the Committee: 1) asthma, All Fields, All ages, only items with abstracts, Clinical Trial, Human, sorted by Authors; and 2) asthma AND systematic, All fields, ALL ages, only items with abstracts, Human, sorted by Author. In addition, peer-reviewed publications not captured by Pub Med could be submitted to individual members of the Committee providing an abstract and the full paper were submitted in (or translated into) English.

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  • Harrison's Internal Medicine Chapter 128. Pneumococcal Infections Pneumococcal Infections: Introduction Streptococcus pneumoniae (the pneumococcus) was recognized as a major cause of pneumonia in the 1880s. Although the name Diplococcus pneumoniae was originally assigned to the pneumococcus, the organism was renamed Streptococcus pneumoniae because, like other streptococci, it grows in chains in liquid medium.

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  • In this randomized, placebo-controlled, multinational clinical trial, we assigned 481 patients (nearly all of whom were negative for the human immunodeficiency virus) with pulmonary multidrug-resistant tuberculosis to receive delamanid, at a dose of 100 mg twice daily (161 patients) or 200 mg twice daily (160 patients), or placebo (160 patients) for 2 months in combination with a background drug regimen developed according to World Health Organization guidelines.

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