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  • Let’s face it. Not every nurse would make a good clinical instructor. Technical proficiency alone does not guarantee the ability to effectively manage nursing students at the clinical site. Even nurses who are capable of providing clinical instruction may not wish to take on the considerable personal liability associated with the oversight of these nursing students. Perhaps you are different. Perhaps you are one of those nurses who is in fact both capable and willing to impart your knowledge to the next generation of caregivers.

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  • Despite massive efforts in drug discovery fueled by combinatory chemistry, recombinant DNA technology, and highthroughput screening, surprisingly few molecules make it through the drug development process. While the reasons are debated, it is certain that many new chemical entities (NCEs) suffer from recurring problems that hinder development— low water solubility, instability, or inadequate pharmacokinetics. An estimated 43% of NCEs are poorly water-soluble.

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  • The American Nurses Association (ANA) Social Policy Statement of 1980 was the first to define nursing as the diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual and potential health problems. This definition, when combined with the ANA Standards of Practice, has provided impetus and support for the use of nursing diagnosis. Defining nursing and its effect on client care supports the growing awareness that nursing care is a key factor in client survival and in the maintenance, rehabilitative, and preventive aspects of healthcare.

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  • This is a dynamic process was first observed in post-industrial European societies in the nineteenth century. The United Nations Conference of Ageing Populations in the context of the family held in Japan in1994 observed that all developed countries at least one demographic issue in common: population aging which was the inevitable consequence of fertility decline. But although fertility decline is usually the driving force behind changing population age structures, changes in mortality assume greater importance as countries reach lower levels of fertility.

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  • Legislators/regulators should keep in mind that market making is a substantial part of the provision of financial products, like bonds (including governmental bonds), exchange traded funds, or investment certificates. Therefore, it seems reasonable from an economic perspective that these activities remain linked to the deposit taking activities. Due to their branch networks and other distribution channels, deposit taking banks are the main distributors of such financial instruments throughout the European Union.

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  • After a successful MEDINFO in 1992, the Swiss Society for Medical Informatics hosts again a major event in medical informatics – the 19 th Medical Informatics Europe Conference, under the generic name of MIE2005. The host city, Geneva, is well known for its commitment in international healthcare, being the residence of several international organisations, including WHO. Geneva is also synonym with other major medical informatics achievements: the DIOGENE hospital information system and Natural Language Processing, both strongly connected to Geneva and its University Hospital...

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  • The goal of these selection processes is to build a comprehensive view of the scholarly literature across the major formats: journals, conference proceedings, and now scholarly books. By careful evaluation of the content and format of each publication, Thomson Reuters assures not only that all citation indexes in Web of Science contain the most relevant and timely research, but also that rigorous Bibliographic Control will ensure that this research is discoverable. But comprehensive does not necessarily mean all-inclusive.

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  • The Ouagadougou conference built upon the results of earlier conferences, including the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), held in Cairo in 1994, which stressed the importance of reproductive health for men. In 1995, a regional confer- ence was held in Dakar to present new findings from Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) on men’s reproductive attitudes and behavior. In 1996, a regional conference on men’s participation in reproductive health was held in Harare, Zimbabwe, for participants from English-speaking African countries.

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  • Lisbon is an exciting location, where the wide estuary of the River Tejo (Tagus) meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the world's great historical cities with a mild climate that makes it an ideal year- round destination and increasingly a first-choice venue for international conferences.

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  • Denmark. Boffi et al. (2006) measured OTS respirable particle pollution in a car park (open space), outdoors in front of a conference center with smokers under a roof (18 smokers during a measurement time of 35 min), indoors in the nonsmoking conference center, along the motorway to Copenhagen city centre, and inside a Copenhagen restaurant where smoking was allowed. Boffi et al.

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  • Most Volunteer Managers Have at Least a Minimum Level of Training. If organizations reported that they have a paid staff member who dedicates time to managing volunteers, we asked if this person has any formal training in volunteer administration, such as coursework, workshops, or attendance at conferences that focus on volunteer management. We learned that paid staff volunteer coordinators in 66 percent of charities and 72 percent of congregational social service outreach activities pass this minimum threshold for training in volunteer administration.

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  • Appropriate feeding practices are of fundamental importance for the survival, growth, development, health and nutrition of infants and children. The 1990’s saw an upsurge of several worldwide efforts to achieve this goal. Examples of this are the Innocenti Declaration on Breastfeeding (1990), the World Summit for Children (1990), The Earth Summit (1992) the International Conference on Nutrition (1992) and the International Conference on Population and Development (1994). All agreed on the need to create the right environment for women to breastfeed their children....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Radiation Oncology cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Combined low initial DNA damage and high radiation-induced apoptosis confers clinical resistance to long-term toxicity in breast cancer patients treated with high-dose radiotherapy...

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  • From the early days of the ENHPS, countries were provided with a set of criteria they could use to develop their national networks of health-promoting schools (Barnekow Rasmussen et al., 1999). These criteria proved to be a very useful starting-point for the development of national programmes, which would all adhere to a broad concept of health but also allow the inclusion of necessary national and regional specificities.

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  • The authors, Gary Stoneburner, from NIST and Alice Goguen and Alexis Feringa from Booz Allen Hamilton wish to express their thanks to their colleagues at both organizations who reviewed drafts of this document. In particular, Timothy Grance, Marianne Swanson, and Joan Hash from NIST and Debra L. Banning, Jeffrey Confer, Randall K. Ewell, and Waseem Mamlouk from Booz Allen provided valuable insights that contributed substantially to the technical content of this document.

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  • So, our real business cycle model cannot simultaneously generate a rise in the price of capital and a rise in investment, in response to a signal about future produc- tivity. The real business cycle model has two additional shortcomings. It generates an extremely large jump in the real interest rate and it generates very little per- sistence. It really only generates a boom-bust pattern in consumption, investment, employment and output when the signal is about a shock that will occur four quar- ters in the future.

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  • Professor Alan Carr is the director of the Doctoral training programme in clinical psychology at University College Dublin and Consultant Martial and Family Therapist at the Clanwilliam Institute for Marital and Family Therapy in Dublin. He has published over a dozen books and 200 academic papers and conference presentations in the fi elds of family therapy and clinical psychology. His work has been translated into a number of languages including Korean, Polish and Chinese.

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  • InterReach Unison Accel offers the same superior performance and administrative capability as Unison in an easy-to-install and economical package. It is ideal for small to mid-sized structures such as office buildings, regional distribution facilities, small conference centers, and healthcare clinics.

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  • In May 2000, HHS announced five initiatives to strengthen human subject protection in clinical research. One of these was to develop guidance on financial conflict of interest that would serve to further protect research participants. As part of this initiative, HHS held a conference on the topic of human subject protection and financial conflict of interest on August 15-16, 2000.

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  • Non-Allergic Rhinitis (Kỳ 1) "This material was prepared by resident physicians in partial fulfillment of educational requirements established for the Postgraduate Training Program of the UTMB Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery and was not intended for clinical use in its present form. It was prepared for the purpose of stimulating group discussion in a conference setting. No warranties, either express or implied, are made with respect to its accuracy, completeness, or timeliness.

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