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  • (bq) part 1 book "exploring social psychology" has contents: doing social psychology, did you know it all along, self serving bias, the power of positive thinking, the fundamental attribution error, the powers and perils of intuition, reasons for unreason, clinical intuition, behavior and belief,...and other contents.

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  • Evidence-Based Medicine The "art of medicine" is traditionally defined as a practice combining medical knowledge (including scientific evidence), intuition, and judgment in the care of patients (Chap. 1). Evidence-based medicine (EBM) updates this construct by placing a much-greater emphasis on the processes by which the clinician gains knowledge of the most up-to-date and relevant clinical research. The key processes of EBM can be summarized in four steps: 1. Formulating the management question to be answered 2.

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  • First we look up on the economic dependency as a component of economic deprivation. The dependency status of a person identified as an indicator of freedom and autonomy of an individual that reflects on the ability to transform his capability to the wellbeing (Sen 1992). The studies of the wellbeing of the elderly gives that there is high degree of dependency in the old age for both economic and Physical (Omran 1982, World Bank 1994). In the developed world, it is protected by the intuitional and social care that one way curtails the incidence of the dependency (Heslop, A. and...

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  • We find that dynamically consistent (exponential) impatience cannot explain the magnitude of the decline. The model needs either an implausibly large degree of annual impatience, or a very large intertemporal elasticity of substitution. Intuitively, the problem arises because the exponential discount rate is constant over time:1 even a mild degree of short-run discounting, say a daily discount rate of 1 percent, implies a daily discount factor of 0.99 and thus an annual discount factor of 0.99365 = 0.03.

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  • The rest of this paper is structured as follows. In section 2, we discuss previous literature that has addressed the questions in which we are interested. Section 3 shows basic demographic data for the United States. In section 4 we present and solve the theoretical model that we will be using. Section 5 applies the model to derive optimal paths of consumption and of asset prices in the face of demographic change. The section begins by considering an stylized case of population aging, which is used to develop intuition.

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  • Epidemiology 101 should be conceptual rather than technical so that the underlying methods are apparent to a broad range of students. For example, the course might employ stratification rather than regression methods to illustrate adjustment for confounding, because the emphasis is on active engagement and ensuring an intuitive and clear understanding of key principles.

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