Cloning overview

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  • Once you have your restriction enzymes chosen, it is time to design the final complete gene The multiple cloning site (or whatever plasmid you are cloning into) should already have the 5’ portion of the gene intact (i.e. RBS, spacer, Met) Sequences must be in frame

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  • Molecular cloning has identified eight metabotropic glutamate receptor (mGluR) subtypes, each with distinct patterns of expression. However, the characteristic roles of these different mGluRs in physiological processes are not well understood. Identification of subtype-specific compounds may potentially act as therapeutic agents for the treatment of a wide range of conditions (including progressive brain disease, epilepsy and cerebral ischemia) all of which are associated with abnormal mGLuR activation.

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  • The Biodiplomacy Initiative at UNU-IAS has been carrying out analysis of the opportunities, challenges and options for international governance of cloning. This study builds upon an earlier working paper on governance options for cloning submitted to parties at one of the UN meetings discussing the Declaration and critically examines the international process for development of measures to regulate cloning, from the perspectives of bioethics and national and international law. It is divided into four sections.

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