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  • The general objective of the study was to reveal real consumer behavior towards clothing products of GARCO 10 at Long Bien district. The research used the primary data collected from the survey of 120 customers in 2013.

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  • Research Study on the prospects of promoting Dhaka cloth production in Nepal is aimed to explore the present situation and the future prospects of the expansion of Dhaka industry in Nepal. Dhaka cloth is swivel woven through hand loom traditional cloth. Its manufacturing is concentrated mainly in Kahtmandu valley, Pokhara and Palpa and in recent years in the hills of eastern Nepal Therathum etc.

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  • The liberalization of U.S. trade policy towards Vietnam raised concerns about possible dumping by Vietnamese clothing exporters. Some members of Congress and U.S. clothing and textiles companies argued that a surge in Vietnamese imports may harm the U.S. clothing and textile industry.

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  • Fabric is a high-value products, is grown in many different localities in Vietnam as Hai Duong, Bac Giang, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, etc. ... In Vietnam, the fabric was first cultivated in the district Thanh Ha, Hai Duong province. However, in recent years the income of growers tend fabric down due to the influence of weather conditions, the prices of inputs (fertilizers, pesticides plants, etc. ...) and the devaluation of the fabric. On the other hand, producers face many difficulties in production....

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  • This paper analyzes Vietnam’s monthly exports to the United States from January 2000 to May, 2007 using monthly trade statistics available from the U.S. Census. The analysis focuses on Vietnam’s performance in terms of both U.S. market share and price, and the sample period includes Vietnam’s accession to the WTO (in 2001) as well as the onset of monitoring of a subset of Vietnam’s textile and clothing (T&C) exports to the United States by the U.S. Office of Textiles and Apparel (Otexa) in 2007.

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  • An increase in outdoor activities and habits of human frequently result in more exposure to UV radiation of sun. UV radiation is a known carcinogen and also responsible for sunburn and tanning. Different protective measures such as sunscreen lotions and protective clothing/accessories are being used for protection against harmful UV effects of sunlight. Sunscreen gives protection for a certain period of time therefore sun-protective clothing is the single most effective way to protect oneself from the harmful UV rays for a long time.

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  • This paper proposes a method to identify some techniques of value engineering for improvement and redesigning of products, cost reduction, and component substitution. The proposed method uses the factors in value management of the micro and small businesses of the clothing textiles sector in the region of Arequipa.

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  • The thesis assesses the impact of some factors at the point of sale on the impromptu behavior of young women in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh; young people's spontaneous shopping behavior differences; offers a number of measures to help ready-to-wear retailers to promote impromptu buying by consumers.

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  • The thesis assesses the impact of some factors at the village site on the impromptu buying behavior of young women; the impact of payment methods on the relationship between point-of-sale factors and impromptu behavior.

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  • At its simplest, biotechnology is technology based on biology. From that perspective, the use of biological processes is hardly noteworthy. We began growing crops and raising animals 10,000 years ago to provide a stable supply of food and clothing. We have used the biological processes of microorganisms for 6,000 years to make useful food products, such as bread and cheese, and to preserve dairy products. Crops? Cheese? That doesn’t sound very exciting. So why does biotechnology receive so much attention?...

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  • This book provides a practical and easy-to-use guide to how to make the most of Lectra’s Modaris pattern cutting software. It is based on my 40 years as a Pattern Cutter, including 10 years using CAD pattern cutting software such as Modaris. This practical experience has, I hope, put me in a particularly strong position to show you how to use Modaris to its full potential in the classroom and in the workplace. As anyone who has used software knows, there are all sorts of shortcuts, functions etc. that you only really learn by trial and error as you use...

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  • In fact, his thesis is that a government monopoly on money production and management has no ethical or economic grounding at all. Legal tender laws, bailout guarantees, tax-backed deposit insurance, and the entire apparatus that sustains national monetary systems, has been wholly unjustified. Money, he argues, should be a privately produced good like any other, such as clothing or food.

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  • Today, luxury goods makers have started descending on India, and surprisingly, the nation's wealthy are enjoying indulgence not seen since the time of the maharajahs. The old rich have, of course, always been rich. But something in Indian culture has inhibited ostentatious displays of wealth. That coyness seems to have vanished. Retail consultancy firm KSA Technopak estimates that India's luxury market is growing at 20% a year. The market for high-end clothing and accessories alone is estimated to be worth $US445 million ($A610 million).

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  • Montepio Geral promotes local solidarity initiatives either directly by donations to various social solidarity institutions or by voluntary work in partnership with social solidarity institutions, in which employees mobilise to collect donations (books, toys and clothes) for children in need. Worthy a special mention is the solidarity action for children suffering from cancer and their families, through a “Believe” account aimed at raising funds for the construction of a home to accommodate familiers of children under oncological treatment.

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  • Much of demand is merely idiosyncratic to the individual – some people like plaids, some like solid colors. People like what they like. Often people are influenced by others – tattoos are increasingly common not because the price has fallen but because of an increased acceptance of body art. Popular clothing styles change, not because of income and prices but for other reasons.

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  • Other participants from key agencies were instrumental in setting up some of the practical aspects of the workshop. This included the strategic placement of posters, display of juvenile fish in aquaria, organisation of vehicles and accommodation and the preparation of ingredients and feed making facilities at HAQDEC. As far as possible, hand-outs and other workshop materials were prepared and shipped in advance from NSW DPI Port Fisheries Centre (PSFC). NSW DPI also provided two computers and an electronic projector for use at the workshop.

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  • Handloom sector is an important second position employer in the country after agriculture by contributing to nearly 30 % of total exports. Pochampally handloom weaving is very popular in Telangana state. Most of the pochampally ikat weavers are located in Nalgonda distrtict. Weaving is a family enterprise where right from the child to the old man in the family get involved in various weaving related activities. Hence a descriptive research design was adopted to study the socio-economic status of ikat weavers.

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  • Earlier fabric was made up entirely of one fiber type and people preferred to wear tailor made garments. But due to industrialization, advancement in technologies various type of fabric and readymade garments are available in market. Due to this, consumer need and demand continuously change with the time and availability of the products. In regarding this, the wearing style of people changed and now they prefer to wear readymade garments.

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  • Th e ste el industry is one of man y major wo rl d industries exte nsively restructured in th is era of globalizatio n. The Global Restructuring of the Steel Indu stry explains how and why th e steel ind ustry has shifted from advanced ca pita list countries to late ind ustria lizing countries. Drawing upon case studies of th e steel industr y in th e US, Japan, South Korea, Brazil and India, Anthony P.D'Costa examines the relationship between industri al cha nge and institutional responses to techn ological diffusion....

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  • Woven Fabrics are fl exible, porous materials used for clothing, interior and technical applications. Regarding their construction they posses different properties which are achieved to satisfy project demands for specifi c end-use. If woven fabrics are to be engineered to fi t desired properties with minimum production costs, then the relationship between their constructional parameters and their properties must be fi rst quantitatively established.

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