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  • The idea for this book originated from the Joint Discussion 10 of the XXIV IAU General Assembly held in Manchester (England) in the summer of 2000. The extremely successful session on mergers in clusters of galaxies persuaded the publisher of this book to have a volume on such a topic. Clusters of galaxies are by now recognized to be not simple relaxed structures, but rather they are evolving via merging processes in a hierarchical fashion from poor groups to rich clusters.

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  • X-ray crystallography of the nonheme manganese catalase fromLactobacillus plantarum(LPC) [Barynin, V.V., Whit-taker, M.M., Antonyuk, S.V., Lamzin, V.S., Harrison, P.M., Artymiuk, P.J. & Whittaker, J.W. (2001)Structure9, 725–738] has revealed the structure of the dimanganese redox cluster together with its protein environment. The oxidized [Mn(III)Mn(III)] cluster is bridged by two solvent molecules (oxo and hydroxo, respectively) together with a l1,3bridging glutamate carboxylate and is embedded in a web of hydrogen bonds involving an outer sphere tyrosine residue (Tyr42). ...

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  • Strengthening functioning systems to improve health outcomes will, in some cases, require new ways of thinking about health investments and greater dialogue with partner countries about constraints and opportunities.

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  • The Greenplum Database parallel query optimizer (Figure 6) is responsible for converting SQL or MapReduce into a physical execution plan. It does this by using a cost-based optimization algorithm to evaluate a vast number of potential plans and select the one that it believes will lead to the most efficient query execution. Unlike a traditional query optimizer, Greenplum’s optimizer takes a global view of execution across the cluster, and factors in the cost of moving data between nodes in any candidate plan.

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  • We used the inductive methodology suggested by Glaser and Strauss (1967) to codify the results from each round of testing. 9 We prepared typed transcripts of each testing session. We coded and analyzed the themes and patterns that emerged from each testing about the problems participants encountered. In particular, we noted patterns, clustered comments, looked for relationships, and identified contrasts.

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  • Special issue paper PAR-3D-BLAST: A parallel tool for searching and aligning protein structures present a parallel tool, parallel 3D-BLAST (PAR-  3D-BLAST), which lists the similar structures to the query protein. Each protein in the result list has a  structural similarity score and an alignment to the query structure. The presented tool is implemented to fit  both the standalone multi-core computers and clusters of multi-core nodes. The achieved speedup is linear  and scalable.

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  • Several biological functions in mammals are regulated in a circadian fash-ion. The molecular mechanisms orchestrating these circadian rhythms have been unravelled. The biological clock, with its core transcriptional unit Bmal1⁄CLOCK, is composed of several self-sustaining feedback loops. In this study, we describe another mechanism impinging on the core compo-nents of the circadian clock.

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  • This book discusses interdisciplinary views of understanding and conceptualizing the changing global economy, by emphasizing a specific spatial perspective that mirrors unequal economic development, and selective specialization and growth processes.

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  • 430 administration administration host servers, Administration console, 152-155 Hyper-V, 16, 18 virtual guest sessions, 31-34 Administration tool, 31 Terminal Services, 32-34 VMM tool, 32 Windows Server 2008, administering remotely, 155, 157-162 Administration button, Navigation pane, VMM (Virtual Machine Manager), 260 Administration console (Hyper-V), 152-155 launching, 152 MMC tool, 153-154 roles, administering, 297-298 Server Manager tool, 152-153 administration passwords, Server Core, changing, 121 Administration tool snapshot capabilities, 31, 38 virtual guest sessions, managing, 31 ...

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  • At the heart of Greenplum Database is the Parallel Dataflow Engine. This is where the real work of processing and analyzing data is done. The Parallel Dataflow Engine is an optimized parallel processing infrastructure that is designed to process data as it flows from disk, from external files or applications, or from other segments over the gNet interconnect (Figure 9). The engine is inherently parallel—it spans all segments of a Greenplum cluster and can scale effectively to thousands of commodity processing cores.

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  • Cluster Headache Cluster headache is a rare form of primary headache with a population frequency of 0.1%. The pain is deep, usually retroorbital, often excruciating in intensity, nonfluctuating, and explosive in quality. A core feature of cluster headache is periodicity. At least one of the daily attacks of pain recurs at about the same hour each day for the duration of a cluster bout.

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  • Usually, towns and cities set aside or “zone” specific areas for highrise apartment buildings. You will see clusters of highrises in the downtown core. Some are apartment buildings. Some are office buildings and stores. You will also find highrise apartment buildings on the outskirts— suburban areas or suburbs—of towns and cities. Land costs in big cities are high. For that reason, there are usually many apartment buildings in big cities. Apartments can be ideal for people who cannot afford to buy a house.

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  • Occupational analysis provides economic development practitioners with insights into the talent base within a region. Each occupation represents a portfolio of knowledge, skills and abilities. In Southeast Wisconsin, the Milwaukee 7 region, economic and workforce development professionals are looking at the occupational composition of 15 targeted industry groups, including pharmaceuticals, plastics, and industrial machinery.

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  • Variations in the number of SMEs reflect changes in the structure as well as the ownership of business and industry in general. Much of the increase in SME registrations in the EU in the 1990s reflected the downsizing and restructuring of large companies. Previously ‘internalised’ services and processes were moved out of companies focusing on their ‘core’ business. Similarly, in transition economies, privatisation and restructuring have led to the creation of new small firms.

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  • We present a novel fully unsupervised algorithm for POS induction from plain text, motivated by the cognitive notion of prototypes. The algorithm first identifies landmark clusters of words, serving as the cores of the induced POS categories. The rest of the words are subsequently mapped to these clusters. We utilize morphological and distributional representations computed in a fully unsupervised manner.

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