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  • After this introductory chapter follows an outline of the project approach in chapter 2. The reversed food chain thinking is presented and the parallel development of the 6th Framework Program and ERA is brought into the analysis. Chapters 3 to 5 cover the resulting research priorities as developed in the project. Chapter 3 addresses consumer science, chapter 4 deals with issues in the area of food safety and health while chapter 5 focus on specific priorities in basic food science. A concluding remark in chapter 6 finishes this report.

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  • In general, the best beers at a competition should be assigned scores in the 40+ range, with real evaluations of the beer identifying some characteristics of the beer that make it non-perfect. A beer receiving a perfect score of 50 must indeed be perfect; it must have absolutely no flaws, exemplify the style as well as or better than the best commercial examples, be perfectly brewery-fresh, and be well- handled and presented. These conditions might not all be under the brewer’s control, so achieving a perfect beer at the point of presentation to judges is extremely rare. ...

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  • Since the Summer of 2007, the three-week Academy programme has brought together top undergraduate, MA and PhD students with a global faculty to study and live at the Seminar’s home in Salzburg, Austria, in the 18th century Schloss Leopold- skron.

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  • Facing pressure from shareholders, regulators, and economic forces and also seeking to improve the performance of corporate boards, US companies came up with a solution to corporate governance and leadership issues with the concept of a lead director. Since its inception, the lead director role has grown in importance and influence. A lead director is particularly helpful in focusing the board’s talent and wisdom when difficult situations arise: management performance and succession, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, and a host of other internal and external matters.

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  • The Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding The global strategy for infant and young child feeding describes essential actions to protect, promote and support appropriate infant and young child feeding. It focuses on the importance of investing in this crucial area to ensure that children grow to their full potential free from the adverse consequences of compromised nutritional status and preventable illnesses.

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  • Additional projects studied the transfer of contaminants from females to pups, the impact of contaminants on immune system function, seasonal movements, diving activity and the measurement of heart rate as an indication of energy expenditure. Scientists have also observed the seal hunt in order to collect data on the age composition of the harvest as well as on “struck and loss”. In any harvest, animals may be killed but not recovered and therefore not included in the reported landings, a factor referred to as “struck and loss”.

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  • Important factors when choosing the best breed of chickens for your situation are: price, market situation, experience, farm management, local preference and availability. The price will determine your choice. Modern hybrids are very expen- sive. They also need very good care and high quality, balanced feed to be productive. Local breeds are cheaper and better adapted to local conditions. With adequate care, they are reasonably productive. How- ever, if you want to raise chickens on a larger scale and decide to buy balanced feed, it is better to choose the more expensive hybrids. ...

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  • Economic crises are historically times of industrial renewal. Less efficient firms fail while more dynamic ones emerge and expand. Creative destruction is an essential engine of long term efficiency in market economies, and it intensifies in downturns. Available data for many OECD countries point to a sharp increase in bankruptcies and business failures in recent months. New business models and new technologies, particularly those allowing a reduction in cost, often arise in downturns, as was the case with low-cost airlines which grew out of the recession of the early 1990s.

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  • Productivity growth is associated with entry of and growth of high-performing fi rms, and the shrinking and exit of low-performing ones. New Zealand has high rates of fi rm entry and exit, but a low and declining share of high-growth businesses. Investment, Saving, and Financial Market Development New Zealand’s gross fi xed capital formation as a percentage of GDP is around the OECD mean. Plant and machinery investment has been slightly above the OECD mean in most years since 1970.

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  • The Communication part is the interface for programs accessing the TOE. It is the interface between the TOE and clients performing requests. All responses to user application requests return to the client through this part of the TOE. The Relational Engine is the core of the database engine and is responsible for all security relevant decisions.

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  • Finally, the last design goal for the API is that it should be possible for a library to use the mechanism without fear of conflicts with the main program. This allows 3 party code that uses the API to be linked into the application without conflict. While on the surface this appears to be obvious, several counter examples exist. Within a process, a signal may only have a single sig- nal handler registered, so library code typically can not use signals. X-window applications only allow for a sin- gle event loop.

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  • A Gallup study of over 250,000 sales people and 25,000 sales managers supports our internal findings that the highest performers use a variety of sales approaches and styles. Even within the same company, many different sales approaches are used by these top performers. In fact, if all the top performers were forced to use a single sales style, many of them would cease to be top producers, would get frustrated and quit. Gallup’s conclusion: No one style is best. Gallup’s study supports our consistent findings: The bank must be flexible enough to allow people to...

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  • There are several exemptions in many State laws that leave children unprotected in vehicles. 8 In nearly half of the States, children can ride unsecured if all safety belts are in use. This means that if a vehicle is overcrowded and other occupants are using all of the safety belts, nobody can be cited if children are unbelted. Another common exemption allows parents, guardians, or other adults to “attend to the personal needs of the child.” This exemption permits an adult to carry a child on his or her lap, while the vehicle is in motion, for...

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  • Asmentioned in the introduction, the information associatedwith an event is represented by a data structure called a notification.We refer to the datamodel or encoding schema of notifications as the event notification model or simply event model. Most existing event notification services adopt a simple record- like structure for notifications, while some more recent frameworks define an object-oriented model (e.g., the Java™ Distributed Event Specification [Sun Microsystems 1998] and the CORBA Notification Service [Object Management Group 1998b]).

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  • Nigeria’s Leaders Prioritize Prevention The First Lady of Cross River State, Mrs. Obioma Liyel-Imoke, is a public health crusader who is profoundly dedicated to reducing child pneumonia deaths in Nigeria — the country with the highest child pneumonia burden in Africa. She created the Breath of Life health initiative that works within communities to promote pneumonia prevention. On World Pneumonia Day, Breath of Life, the First Lady and other dignitaries led an energetic advocacy walk to educate parents about child pneumonia in the local government area (LGA) of Bekwarra.

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  • Expanding coverage and improving the quality of HIV prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care interventions are required to achieve global goals and targets. HIV incidence is falling in many countries, but is increasing in others. National HIV responses must target high-quality, evidence-based HIV-specific prevention interventions to where transmission is actually occurring, and focus efforts on key populations underserved by current HIV programmes. Section 3.

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  • The Steering Committee includes management representing the departments which make up the organization. The Steering Committee provides strategic oversight for changes which impact the overall organization. The purpose of the Steering Committee is to ensure that changes within the organization are effected in such a way that it benefits the organization as a whole. The Steering Committee requires communication on matters which will change the scope of the project and its deliverables.

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  • The  non‐appointed  senior  career  services  professionals  of  the Port Authority  have  an  unusually long tenure, averaging 24 years of service  The  senior management  organization  is  very  respectful,  cordial,  and  appears  to  have  a  high  level  of  dedication  and  commitment  to  the  Port  Authority’s  mission.   In  addition,  senior  management possesses a critical knowledge base and skills that needs to be transferred through  integrated training programs to  junior staff.

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  • The rapid erosion of privacy poses numerous puzzles. Why is it occurring, and why do people care about it? This paper proposes an explanation for many of these puzzles in terms of the increasing importance of price discrimination. Privacy appears to be declining largely in order to facilitate di®erential pricing, which o®ers greater social and economic gains than auctions or shopping agents.

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  • Respondent, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, was created as part of a series of accounting reforms in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The Board is composed of five members appointedby the Securities and Exchange Commission. It was modeled on pri-vate self-regulatory organizations in the securities industry—such as the New York Stock Exchange—that investigate and discipline theirown members subject to Commission oversight. Unlike these organi-zations, the Board is a Government-created entity with expansivepowers to govern an entire industry.

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