Collateral damage

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  • Early in the first decade of the 21st century, high-stakes achievement testing became the chief instrument that the U.S. federal government and state governments adopted for repairing what was deemed "the deplorable condition of schooling in America." However, as testing programs were implemented, it became clear that achievement testing as the prime solution for students' unacceptable academic performance was accompanied by a host of collateral damage in the form of vexing, unexpected, unwelcome problems....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về y học đề tài: Challenging beliefs and ethical concepts: the collateral damage of SARS...

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  • Again, the invisible forces did it: whether it was the Cosmos helping me out, or me manifesting a little help from myself, I cannot yet say with any certainty. But working like any normal day I retired for lunch around noon, and spent my time taking two cans of flavored yoghurt for a walk. No War there, except for that one between the thrashers and the cleaners: They dump it in the street, and guys like me pick up the occasional piece of garbage to dump it in a waste...

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  • This research on lightning protection systems for trees was established for the purpose of developing a better understanding of lightning protection systems specifically designed to be fitted to trees. Coming from a background in sylviculture my initial concern was to enable important and intrinsically valuable trees to be protected from damage resulting from lightning strikes. However it quickly became apparent that the protection of nearby structures and buildings that might be liable to collateral damage in the event of strike was of equal significance.

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  • With its focus on cost and third party payment, the regulatory program has also managed to shift the public debate. The historical focus on caring for an individual patient has been subsumed in discussions of pricing, cost con- trol, and the merits of using a variety of delivery systems for expanding the third party payments system to an ever- increasing fraction of the population, legal or not. The collateral damage has been high. People have lost sight of the important role that involved consumers spending their own money play in controlling system costs and quality.

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  • Hiện trạng kinh tế tài chính và 2. Cội rễ của cuộc khủng hoảng hiện tại 3. Sự kết thúc của nhu cầu nợ 4-Được sự. Cuộc khủng hoảng có nghĩa là cho nền kinh tế thựcKhông có truy cập cho Quỹ B. Đáng chú ý là cao hơn chi phí của vốn cổ phần C. thưởng yếu D.

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  • This monograph, part of a larger study of ways to reduce collateral damage undertaken for the U.S. Air Force, analyzes media and public reactions to civilian casualty incidents, whether these incidents affect media reporting or public support for military operations, and, if so, how. It analyzes case studies of incidents of civilian

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  • Many collateral conditions result in those who have been chronically ill so it is not surprising that damage to virtually all bodily systems can result. Therefore to fully recover not only do all of the active infections have to be treated, but all of these other issues must be addressed in a thorough and systematic manner. No single treatment or medication will result in full recovery of the more ill patient. Only by addressing all of these issues and engineering treatments and solutions for all of them will we be able to restore full health to our patients. Likewise, a...

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