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  • Plastics have had a significant influence on industrial, domestic and cultural aspects of everyday life in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. They represent advances in technology, illustrated by the dramatic growth in number and type of information storage media available since the 1970s, credit and payment cards, medical applications and food containers which can be taken directly from freezer to microwave oven to dinner table. The development of plastics reflects economic history.

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  • Every year,Americans use over one billion sharp objects to administer healthcare in their homes. These sharp objects include lancets, needles, and syringes. If not disposed of in puncture-resistant containers, they can injure sanitation workers. Sharp objects should be disposed of in hard plastic or metal containers with secure lids. The containers should be clearly marked and be puncture resistant.

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  • In the past few decades, the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) has been developed into a key indispensable technology in the modeling and simulation of various engineering systems.

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  • A second channel through which collectively bargained wages might promote wage insurance relates to the level of wage bargaining. If wages are determined at sectoral or national levels, this should open up less possibilities for local wage adjustments as compared with firm-level wage bargaining. Taken together, the overall view that emerges from these considerations is that collective bargaining may act as a substitute for legal contractual enforcement and may therefore serve as a device to promote implicit contractual arrangements when legal enforcement is otherwise unavailable....

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  • Entry Submission Physical entries must be placed inside an appropriately-sized envelope. The NAC recommends transparent, plastic envelopes found in most office supply stores and catalogs. Manila-type envelopes may also be used. If a transparent, plastic envelope is used, insert the two copies of the entry form securely inside the envelope behind the physical entry. The entry should be facing or readable from one side and the entry form facing or readable from the other. Firmly affix the entry number to the BACK of every piece in the entry.

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  • Legibility and focus upon the content was a primary design consideration, as it is hoped the timeline will grow through a wealth of contributions. Early research to incorporate imagery into the timeline revealed the hurdle of copyrighted material on the World Wide Web, and the entanglement of Academic Fair Use, images in the public domain, partially copyrighted material, and 100% copyrighted material.

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  • Alice searches several web sites that archive scientific publications (Figure 1). The Piggy Bank extension in Alice’s web browser shows a “data coin” icon in the status bar for each site, indicat- ing that it can retrieve the same information items in a “purer” form. Alice clicks on that icon to collect the “pure” information from each web site. In Figure 2, Piggy Bank shows the information items it has collected from one of the sites, right inside the same browser window.

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  • An organization must tell individuals why information about them is collected, how to contact the organization with inquiries or complaints, what types of third parties the information will be disclosed to, and the options and means the organization provides individuals to limit the use and disclosure of the information. Notice must be provided to individuals in clear language at the point when individuals are first asked to provide personal information or as soon thereafter as is practicable.

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  • Consumer financing have become increasingly important in the private sector of Pakistan for the last two decades. With the new reforms in the banking sector, the marketing of financial products has become very competitive, creating a needfor strategizing the marketing efforts. This study investigates the shift of Pakistani consumers towards the use of plastic money, with emphasis on credit cards. A survey of consumers holding (at least) one or no credit card were used for data collection.

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  • Those of us involved in the healthcare of women have seen a remarkable transformation in screening techniques for cervical cancer and its precursors since the mid 1990s.  The staid old Pap smear technique of scraping cells from the cervix with a wooden spatula and cotton-tipped applicator and smearing them onto a glass slide is a thing of the past in most practices. We now use plastic collection devices to transfer cells from the cervix into a preservative which is sent to the lab for liquidbased cytology and reflex human papillomavirus (HPV) testing.

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  • Another method for the detection of live trypanosomes in blood is by the use of ion exchange columns. The ion exchange gel is packed into plastic syringe bodies and the trypanosomes are collected in sealed Pasteur pipettes. After centrifugation, the pipette tip while immersed in a very shallow water bath, is examined with a 20 X objective. Trypanosomes may be seen undulating in the fluid within the pipette tip. The method is claimed 98% accurate, but requires more apparatus, preparation and skill development time.

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  • Containers for collecting live hosts may include any type of cage that prevents escape, including plastic vials with pinholes in the lids or with cotton plugs for air circulation and prevention of condensation. The addition of a drying agent, such as silica gel, to the container used for temporary storage will slow or prevent germination of entomopathogenic fungi and bacteria, and help eliminate the growth of saprobic fungi on specimens (Figure 1.3). Aquatic invertebrates and specimens containing nematodes and certain protistan parasites should not be allowed to dry.

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