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  • Pastels, color pencils, graphite, oil paint, and acrylics — it doesn't matter what medium you choose to draw with. What you are essentially doing whenever you draw or paint is capturing light. Everything that you see is because of light, no matter how little or how abrasive the amount of it may be. Think about it. Light illuminates everything you see in life. Everything that you draw or capture is the act of capturing that light through your own perspective.

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  • Concept Much of my colored pencil drawing in recent years has been on mediumvalue colored papers such as browns, greys, and lavender. On medium-value paper, I can work with both light and dark pencils. It is exciting to see the effect of the light colors and whites contrasting on the dark papers. The dark papers also make it easier to achieve strong darks. This is a time-honored, traditional technique. Masters of drawing such as Leonardo da Vinci have worked on medium-value toned papers since the Renaissance. ...

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  • Step 1. The Line Drawing The first step in creating a new painting is a line drawing that shows placement of objects. A line drawing can be simple outlines of shapes or can be detailed rendering of objects. Then the lines are transferred to paper or board for the final painting. To keep my paper clean, I usually transfer only one area at a time--whichever area I plan to work on next.

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  • Color Blend - Tạo tone màu hồng tím Hôm nay Color.Pencil xin phép được chia sẻ với các bạn 1 cách chỉnh màu hồng tím đơn giản Tác phẩm tuy không đẹp nhưng mong là nó sẽ giúp các bạn phần nào biết được cách thức cơ bản để chỉnh màu Tutorial này Color.Pencil sử dụng phiên bản Photoshop CS3 . Các bạn hãy cố gắn chỉnh màu kỹ từng bước , vì nếu sai màu ở 1 bước nào đó thì các bước tiếp theo màu sẽ bị sai với tut Nào , chúng ta bắt đầu ...

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  • Wobby is “painted with colored pencils” using primary and secondary colors. Because his face looked so sad in my preliminary sketch, I chose to use mostly blue for his fur. To keep the drawing bright, I used other primary colors for this puppy, yellow for the insides of his ears and the under pads of his paws, and red (almost pink) for his nose. I chose stripes of both primary and secondary colors for his rainbow ribbon (bow).

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  • The diversity of colored pencils is explored in this non-traditional approach to drawing a rosebud. The dark gray drawing surface challenges artists to pull the forms of the drawing subject from darkness into light. This lesson is divided into three parts: PART ONE: setting up your drawing format and drawing a detailed outline PART TWO: shading light and medium values on the petals, stem, and leaves PART THREE: adding realistic shadows by mixing a specific recipe of colors.

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  • The application of basic shapes, shades and textures draw three dimensionally! The transition from black and white pencil drawing to colored pencil drawing is very smooth and easy. Just about anybody can sketch or trace some sort of square or circle. The question is: "how do we make it look like the real thing and not some flat one dimensional graphic on the page?" How do we make the viewer feel that he or she could reach out and touch it? In short, how do we give it the proper form?

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  • Many thanks to Lianne Issa for this amazing tutorial. Check out her portraits gallery. Circulism Technique The colored pencil technique called circulism was invented in 1992 by Maggie Toole and i use it in all of my close up graphite portraits to try and achieve a realistic skin texture. The idea behind circulism is that when shading you draw no lines at all rather, the technique uses varied, unending, overlapped and intertwined circles, building transparent layers.

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  • Hello everybody! I'm Vivi, my nickname on SP is vividec First of all, let me tell you that I'm not trying to teach you anything! I'm just a selftought artist and I want to share my own way of drawing with you. I don't know whether I'm using the right or wrong technique but I feel very comfortable with it and I hope you might find some hints and inspiration. ng a

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  • People keep asking me: "How do you do it?" Especially beginning artists are often floundering, struggling with how and where to begin. Colored pencil seems like an easy medium to use, but to achieve any kind of mastery, it can become exceedingly difficult and unforgiving. There is only so much erasing you can do before the board or paper no longer yields the pigments without damage, and blending and layering can easily result in "mud." So, here I am going to present the basic process I use, although it will vary with each piece. Other artists work differently, but...

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  • In this project you use colored pencils to draw a fun cartoon of a flower. The curriculum demonstrates basic color theory, and the skills of shading, overlapping colors, and burnishing. Colored pencils are ideal for adding color to cartoons, which usually require a bolder, more colorful approach than traditional drawing subjects. When outlined with a thin black marker, colored pencil cartoons can look very illustrative and professional.

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  • Many thanks to Shahin for this amazing tutorial. I paint digitally as if I use traditional tools. First I use a sketch tool in Painter program (mainly charcoal and chalk or pen and ink), and block in the tones and create a monochrome drawing then I used it as a base for my painting. Next step I create new layers and build up color tones. For Digital painting you need hardware facilities and related softwares.

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  • The art of watercolor involves a great many techniques. One I follow is called the "direct method" and is achieved by attempting to paint accurate color values and shapes in the first stages of the painting process. Of course, adjustments will be made in some areas before the work is completed. Even so, the "direct method" saves a great deal of time and allows the colors to glow with freshness. Pencil Sketch The first step to success is to choose fine source material. I choose one of my own photographs that has good color and composition. Having taken the photo,...

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  •  Timothy the Toucan inspired every budding artist with this engaging introduction to drawing. This colorfully illustrated book is loaded with fun projects which teach kids basic and imaginative drawing techniques. Includes a 32-page instruction booklet, drawing pad, pencil, sharpener, eraser, colored pencils, crayons, tracing paper, and stencil rulers. Children will love all the Let's Start characters in the series which includes the following: Numbers, Alphabet, Collage, Drawing, Modeling with Clay, Painting, Sand Art, and Stamp Art. Not for children under three years of age.

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  • Surveying a vast theory like Teichmüller theory is like surveying a land, and the various chapters in this Handbook are like a collection of maps forming an atlas: some of them give a very general overview of the field, others give a detailed view of some crowded area, and others are more focussed on interesting details. There are intersections between the chapters, and these intersections are necessary.

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  • Let's face it. Sometimes learning the basic techniques of drawing and art can seem boring. Just like in any skill or trade, there are moments and subjects that you would rather glaze over. Creative drawing is most likely not one of those subjects. Learning art philosophy and color theory sounds like taking courses where you're in an old dust-covered room with a teacher just reading through a textbook and putting everyone to sleep. The movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" comes to mind. When I think of creative drawing, I think of the part where Ferris and his friends go...

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  • I use flax based canvas. The final size is 40 x 50 cm. For each step, I take about 30 to 60 minutes, so I do a portrait in about 5 to 8 hours average. Step 1 First I draw in pencil on the canvas. .Step 2 Then I add the first highlights flesh color. .Step 3 Then entour these highlights with darker flesh color. .Step 4 And again, darker.

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  • Before we get into the different pastel types, the first question to ask would be - what are pastels? Pastels - an art medium made up of pure pigment rolled into sticks and held together with some sort of binder. That's it! They allow you to paint and draw with color in a quick manner. That's why they are so Awesome!! How the pastels are produced can effect the makeup and characteristics of how the pastel will act on the paper. Some have a creamy rich texture while others are very chalk-like. It depends on which brand you use. This...

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  • Drawings of roses can represent quite a lot in a tattoo. While tattoos are usually very personal, there are a few recurring themes or symbols that are universal. Rose drawings in Western culture are the symbol of pure love, much like lotus drawings are in the East. The specific color of the rose, like most flowers, will change its meaning; however, in most tattoos you will see the rose depicted as red. While I am not a professional tattoo artist and can only speculate at best why a specific color or image is used in each tattoo, I can...

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  • Other systems model different media, such as [TFN99], which describes a colored pencil drawing system. Their volume graphics approach models the interaction between the pencil lead and the paper. The pencil sketching program in [SB00] models the hardness and shape of the pencil tip, the paper texture, and interaction with erasers and blenders. Mosaicing was treated as a packing problem in [KP02]. Flatly colored containers were used to specify the major shapes for the desired mosaic.

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