Colour in the city

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  • Attitudes to the embellishment of cities with ornament and decoration range from a puritanical iconoclasm that sees such embellishment as decadent and pernicious, to one of joyous pleasure in the experience of complex, intricate and extravagant patterning. The Modern Movement in architecture, epitomized by the writings of Le Corbusier, the pronouncements of CIAM, the work of the Bauhaus and the much criticized post Second World War city developments in Europe, North America and elsewhere, was a time when decoration in architecture was eschewed....

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  • UNIT 4 : BIG OR SMALL PREIOD 20 LESSON 1 A1 - 3 P.44  AIM : By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to talk about Posessions, through a reading text of a school description.  VISUAL AIDS : Pelmanism cards, coloured chalk. 1- Warmer : Pelmanism : 10 cards I His Thu My He Your You Her She Thu ‘s  T introduces the lesson : Thu ‘s : Possession. 2 - Pre - teach : big small in the city in the country R.O.R 3 - Pre - Reading : Matching big in the country Phong ‘s school Thu ‘s school small in...

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  • Enriching opportunity - not sincere apology. Prior to a large-scale extension project that would mean put- ting up walls to screen off the building sites inside the terminal, this was the slogan Copenhagen Airports adapted. When Copen- hagen was Cultural City of Europe in 1996, several shops in Terminal 2 were to be renovated and the decision was made to put art on the temporary walls rather than the usual ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ signs.

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  • Painter Hanne Ravn Hermansen created this technicolour frieze for the play area, Kids Airport. It is 10 m long with a kaleido- scopic mosaic of recognisable buildings from capital cities around the world. The sky is full of animals and fantastic creatures, travelling in a world of the imagination that the children can hop in and out of, recognising places they have been to or are on their way to. The vivid palette of colours forms a vibrant background for the white play aeroplane and fences the area in as a unit....

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