Colour reduction

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  • Quá trình sản xuất cồn từ mật rỉ đường tạo ra một lượng lớn nước thải với tải lượng các chất ô nhiễm cao, điển hình là độ màu và COD, có thể gây ô nhiễm môi trường nghiêm trọng nếu không được xử lý triệt để. Phần lớn các quy trình công nghệ hiện hữu xử lý loại nước thải này chủ yếu chỉ dựa trên phương pháp sinh học, do vậy chất lượng nước sau xử lý không đảm bảo tiêu chuẩn xả thải.

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  • NOISE AND DISTORTION 2.1 Introduction 2.2 White Noise 2.3 Coloured Noise 2.4 Impulsive Noise 2.5 Transient Noise Pulses 2.6 2.7 2.8 2.9 2.10 Thermal Noise Shot Noise Electromagnetic Noise Channel Distortions Modelling Noise N oise can be defined as an unwanted signal that interferes with the communication or measurement of another signal. A noise itself is a signal that conveys information regarding the source of the noise. For example, the noise from a car engine conveys information regarding the state of the engine.

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  • Gender analysis is improving the quality of the World Bank’s adjust- ment and programmatic lending operations in a number of areas essential to growth and poverty reduction, including protection for displaced workers, access to land, and discrimination in the rural labor market. For example: The Vietnam Poverty Reduction Support Credit has been particular- ly strong in analyzing the likely gender impacts of state-owned enter- prise reform, and integrating this analysis into the design of safety net provisions for displaced workers.

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  • Dithering, also called Halftoning or Color Reduction, is the process of rendering an image on a display device with fewer colors than are in the image. Digital Image Processing: Some Special Techniques Dithering presents about it.

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  • Another study conducted in a kaolin refinery industry produces hazardous by-product such as Al, Fe, and Zn. In kaolin processing, sulphuric acid is used to improve the whitening (Jordao et al., 2002) is discharged to the river waters. This will influence the well being of aquatic organisms that adapted well at close to neutral pH. Also, in order not to affect the colour and whiteness of paper, impurities such as iron oxides is needed to be removed. This can be made through the reduction of Fe(III) to Fe(II) with metallic Zn. Therefore, Zn, Fe, Al are usually present in the discharge....

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  • As for formal features, in recent advertisements abstraction is found not as a flat composition of graphical or animated elements, but as a reduction of pho- tographic images to a painterly arrangement of light and colour. However, the arrangement of the visuals based on music harks back to the concept of rhythm so central in the modernist avant-garde.

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