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  • Arcelor Profil Luxembourg S.A. Arcelor Profil Luxembourg S.A. (former ProfilARBED), production unit for long products in the ARCELOR Group, is the world’s leading producer of sheet piles and bearing piles and has been playing a leading role in the development of piling technology for many years. For rapid, cost-effective and reliable structures, Arcelor produces piling series which are mainly characterized by a good ratio of section modulus to weight and a high moment of inertia.

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  • In this lab, 3 ISDN routers are required. If ISDN routers are not available, review the lab to become familiar with the process. An Adtran Atlas550 ISDN emulator is used to simulate the switch/ISDN cloud. Cable a network similar to the one in the diagram above. Any router that meets the interface requirements displayed on the above diagram may be used. This includes the following and any of their possible combinations:

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  • The history of science shows many close connections between physics and astronomy. It is well known that a number of physical laws evolved from a base of astronomical observations. For example, Kepler observed and, later Newton derived, the laws of gravitation while studying the motion of planets and their satellites. The existence of thermonuclear energy was solidly established when it explained the energy balance of the Sun and stars.

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  • Nowadays, with over a thousand bacterial genomes sequenced, even greater opportunities have opened for experimental or computational global analysis of metabolism, physiology, and evolution. In particular, the access to comprehensive sets of molecular components (genes, proteins, regulatory signals) is at the basis of the development of novel integrative approaches, aiming at understanding the function of specific sets of these components (operons, regulons, metabolic pathways, protein complexes, etc.) in the context of the whole organism.

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  • To accurately estimate energy savings attributable to the ENERGY STAR program, and target future efforts, current data are needed on the extent to which each type of office equipment is turned off or successfully enters low power mode when idle. Combined with measurements of the energy used in each power state, we can estimate typical unit energy consumption (UEC), which, combined with number of units currently in use, provides an estimate of total energy use, and program savings (Webber, Brown et al. 2002). In our ongoing technical support of ...

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  • A key goal of this research project was to assess the scope of coverage in shared print and shared digital repositories, with a view to understanding how the combined resources might enable a local reduction in redundant print inventory. For this reason, it was important to understand how much of the print storage collection in ReCAP is duplicated—or is likely to be duplicated—in the HathiTrust Digital Library. As of this writing, the shared ReCAP facility holds more than 8 million items contributed by the three partner libraries.

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  • Average annual age-adjusted cancer incidence rates were calculated for each poverty area group in New Jersey. Included in the report are the average annual age-adjusted incidence rates per 100,000 population for all types of cancer combined and 16 cancers that are the most common types among men and/or women, or among the leading causes of cancer death.

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  • The systematic footprinting of an organization enables attackers to create a complete profile of an organization’s security posture. By using a combination of tools and techniques, attackers can take an unknown quantity (Widget Company’s Internet connection) and reduce it to a specific range of domain names, network blocks, and individual IP addresses of systems directly connected to the Internet.

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  • can be done on a test rig out in the main works or sometimes even on the equipment while running normally. However, the basic idea is that pitch, profile and helix errors may combine with tooth bending, gear body distortions and whole gear body deflections to give an overall relative deflection (from smooth running) at the meshpoint between the gears. It is also difficult to convince gear engineers that there is a very big difference between roll (double flank) checking, which is extremely cheap and easy, and T.E. (single flank) checking since they give rather similar looking results.

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  • Combined methods have led to further refinements with, for example, high visuospatial resolution afforded by MRI combined with metabolic information from the lesion site (measured with 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography; FDG-PET) to indicate location and malignancy of gliomas, which in turn informs radiosurgical targeting. Kapsalaki et al. (Chapter 7) consider MRS spectroscopic profiles for differentiation among ring enhancing lesions including high grade gliomas, abscesses and post-radiation necrosis.

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  • Whereas the selection of segmentation variables mainly drawn from management needs is straightforward, the selection of variables used as descriptors of the identified segments is more complex. This complexity stems not only from the enormous num- ber of possible variables, but also from the necessary twofold link these variables have to offer, namely the link with the selected segmentation variables on the one hand, and the link with secondary data on media profiles, distributional coverage etc.

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  • As manufacturers move to meet the expanding dem~d in batteries for electric-vehicle (EV) applications, there is a need to develop and apply test schemes that provide a true measure of battery performance. The Simplified Federal Urban Driving Schedule (SFUDS) is one of several such d~ty profiles that have been derived from extensive studies of urban vehicle duty. Accurate implementation of the SFUDS is, however, difficult because the load is specified in terms of power and is varied every few seconds. This necessitates a sophisticated control strategy, combined with high-speed monitoring. ...

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  • Since 1995, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has been committed to reducing the public health hazards associated with prisons and protecting and promoting health in prisons. Regional Office reports such as the 2007 Health in prisons: a WHO guide to the essentials in prison health have combined the latest research and analysis from experts in the field and have raised the profile of prison health issues.

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  • The use of non-biomedical therapeutics and the management of cancer are high profile issues in health internationally. They both generate, in their own right, considerable debate amongst academics, practitioners and the wider public. Increasingly, as non-biomedical approaches have become more and more a feature of the range of therapeutic options available to cancer patients, the two have become inextricably linked. This book is concerned with that increasingly evident combination.

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  • Status Stream The concept is very similar to the statuses section of a user's profile we created in Chapter 5 except that instead of relating to one specific user, this should combine the activity of all users directly connected to the logged-in user. Although at this stage it is primarily simple statuses, this will involve some logic to determine the context of the status. There will, after all, be five different types of status to list in the stream, all of which will require different wording to present to the user: • • • • • The user's own status update...

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  • The evidence implicating psoriasis as a T cell–mediated disorder has directed therapeutic efforts to immunoregulation. Cyclosporine and other immunosuppressive agents can be very effective in the treatment of psoriasis, and much attention is currently directed toward the development of biologic agents with more selective immunosuppressive properties and better safety profiles (Table 53-4). Experience with these agents is limited and information regarding combination therapy and adverse events continues to emerge.

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  • ADC’s TrueNet® Dynamic Angle Right/Left panels offer superior performance and flexibility. Unlike fixed-angle panels, ADC’s patented solution combines the ability to dynamically angle connections either right or left in a low profile, high density design. Forty-five degree silver-plated IDCs can be punched down with either a standard 110 or KRONE® termination tool.

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  • Metabolomics (or metabonomics) is metabolite profil- ing, measuring the real outcome of the potential changes suggested by genomics and proteomics. Metabolomics investigates regulation and metabolic fluxes in individual cells or cell types. Metabonomics combines the power of high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance with statistical data analysis of in vivo metabolite patterns. This technique enables rapid screening for xenobiotic toxicity, disease state, drug efficiency, nutritional status and even gene function in the “whole” organism. (Nicholson et al., 2002).

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  • The investment portfolio typically has a significant impact on an FHLBank’s total interest rate risk profile. While FHLBanks may manage the interest rate risk of its mortgage assets by combining AMA and MBS, and manage the economic value risk of the entire FHLBank through VaR metrics, it is nonetheless a sound practice to separately measure and control price sensitivity in the investment portfolio with limits for price changes given rate changes. For example, the FHLBank may limit the portfolio’s sensitivity to 10 percent when interest rates change 300 basis points.

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  • But they were conscious of the need to head off growing support for deposit guarantees, as one Western State after another joined the march toward mandated insurance schemes. The Republicans' solid majority in the 1909 Congress, combined with the new President's high-profile support, thus assured passage of the Postal Savings Bill of 1910. Among the large industrial countries, only Germany – which during the 19th century had developed an extensive system of municipal savings banks serving a similar purpose – waited longer to establish postal savings....

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