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Combining two numbers

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  • Lecture Digital Logic & Design: Lesson 6 provide students with knowledge about NOR universal gate; NAND-NOR universal gate; NAND gate applications; XOR gate function; XOR Gate timing diagram; XNOR gate timing diagram; consider the two XOR and a single XNOR gate based logic circuit used to detect even number of 1’s in a 4-bit binary input combination;...

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  • The parental genotype P2 recorded the highest number of branches per plant (7.85 and 6.94 branches) under well watered and rainfed treatments, respectively. While, the two crosses; P2 · P4 and P2 · P6 recorded the highest number of pods per plant in both generations under well watered and rainfed treatments.

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  • Using whole genome sequence (WGS) data, we assess two methods for detecting mixed infection: (i) a combination of the number of heterozygous sites and the proportion of heterozygous sites to total SNPs, and (ii) Bayesian model-based clustering of allele frequencies from sequencing reads at heterozygous sites.

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  • An experiment was conducted to find out the general and specific combining abilities of ten lines and two testers in tomato.

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  • The experiment was laid out in split plot design with two factors namely, tillage practices and different conservation farming split with three replications. The treatment consisted of three tillage practices viz. T1- Conventional tillage, T2 –Minimum tillage and T3 – Summer plouging and five conservation farming viz. C1-Opening conservation, C2- Intercropping with redgram, C3-Mulching, C4-Herbicide application, C5-Combination of all treatments (C1+C2+C3+C4). Observations of crops are analyzed in Split plot design having three replications.

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  • A pot culture experiment was conducted to examine the compatibility of Rhizobium (Rhs-1) with four fungicide and there combination used for seed treatment. The combination effects of inoculation with fungicide growth and number of nodules, dry weight of nodules, dry matter parameters were studied, present investigation on two Spanish bunch varieties (JL-24 and SB- XI)...

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  • In hybrid structures, material layers of different mechanical properties are integrated to increase bearing capacity. When the difference in mechanical properties or thickness of the material layers is very large, debonding usually occurs along the interface between the two layers. This study uses a homogenization procedure combined with asymptotic algorithm applied on weaker/thinner materials to determine the interface stiffnesses for such structures. All the material layers and the interface are assumed to be linear elastic.

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  • The main objective of this study was to know the reproductive behaviour of lemon (Citrus limon Burm.) affected by different pruning intensities and integrated nutrient management under various growing season.

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  • An experiment entitled “ Integrated nutrient management of Coriander variety Super Midori” of Tokita seed was conducted in the Department of Vegetable Science, College of Agriculture, OUAT, Bhubaneswar during Rabi 2013 - 2014 to assess the effect of nitrogen (50, 60 and 70 kg/ha), potash (50 and 60 kg/ha) in combination with FYM (20 t/ha), phosphorous (40 kg/ha) on growth, growth attributing characters of coriander leaves under two sets of experiment i.e. line sowing and broadcasting. It was found that inline sowing the number of day (8.

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  • An experiment was carried in factorial concept with two factors i.e., varieties at two levels and rooting media at eight levels thus making 16 combinations which were replicated twice. The effect of varieties, rooting media and their interactions were found to be significant on different rooting parameters. Among the rooting media, the greatest percentage of rooted cuttings was recorded by M8 – soil:vermicompost : coco peat : saw dust (1:1:1:1) v/v + mycorrhiza.

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  • Cotton is one of the most important fiber and cash crop of India and plays a dominant role in the industrial and agricultural economy of the country. Sixty crosses with thirteen parents and three checks viz., PKV-Hy-4, NHH-206 and NHH- 44 were grown in Randomized Block Design with two replications. The results showed that the tester AKH07R possessed the highest GCA effect for the seed cotton yield per hectare and also exhibited high GCA (in desirable direction) for the traits, number of sympodia, number of bolls per, harvest index and cotton seed yield per plant.

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  • Five maize inbred lines and their 10 direct crosses produced through half-diallel scheme were evaluated with two checks during kharif-2014 for grain yield and its component traits. The crosses namely JP25 W95 × CM-138 and CML-439 × CM-138 recorded higher level of economic heterosis for grain yield. Combining ability analysis suggested the preponderance of non-additive gene action for majority of the traits viz., grain yield, 100- kernel weight, ear length, ear girth and number of grain rows per cob.

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  • The genetic basis of variation in 10 X 10 diallel, diverse lines of Brassica juncea L. was examined. The parents were crossed in all possible combinations excluding reciprocals. The performance of 45 F1 hybrids and 10 parents were evaluated for number of seeds per siliqua, 1000 seed weight, seed yield per plant and oil content. Analysis of variance showed highly significant differences for these traits. The two scaling tests i.e.

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  • An experiment was conducted during 2016-2017 at College of Horticulture SKLTSHU Rajendranagar, Hyderabad. The experiment was conducted in randomized block design with factorial concept with three replications. Factor I includes two varieties Kamini (V1) and Poornima (V2), factor II includes eight treatments viz., Pendimethalin (30EC), Oxyfluorfen (25EC) and Alachlor (50EC) as pre emergence herbicides in combination with Quizalofop ethyl (10EC) as post emergence followed by hand weeding at 20 DAT.

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  • The field research was conducted to evaluate the performance of yield attributes of two Isabgol cultivars for commercial production in northern dry zone of Karnataka during two years 2015-16 and 2016-17. The experiment was laid out in split plot design (SPD) with sixteen INM treatment combinations at the College of Horticulture, Bagalkot. analysis with pooled data exhibited higher value was recorded in Vallabh Isabgol-1in growth parameters viz., early number of days taken for 50% seed flowering (62.00), number of spikes per plant (38.87), number of spikelets per spike (84.

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  • The study was carried out to assess the general combining ability of the parents and specific combining ability of the hybrids, using line x tester mating design. Fifty hybrids (derived from mating two testers with twenty-five lines in L x T design) along with their parents and checks (M35-1, BJV 44 and PKV Kranti) were evaluated during the rabi 2018-19. The ratio of σ2 GCA/σ2 SCA was less than unity for all the characters except for panicle indicating preponderance of non-additive gene action.

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  • The present investigation entitled “Genetic evaluation of CMS lines and their maintainers for yield and horticultural traits in cabbage (Brassica oleracea var.capitataL.)” was carried out at „Vegetable Research Farm‟ of the Department of Vegetable Science and Floriculture, CSKHPKV Palampur with the objectives to identify the promising CMS lines and their maintainers and to find out genetic variability. High yielding CMS lines with good combining ability is a pre-requisitefor hybrid development in cabbage.

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  • In field study, total 36 treatment combinations consisting of three moisture regimes as main plot treatment and 12 combinations of two levels of FYM, three levels of P carriers as sub-plot treatments evaluated in split plot design with three replications using wheat variety GW-451 as test crop. The results revealed that the maintenance of moisture between 100 and 75 % available water content (W1) significantly increased the length of earhead, number of grains/earhead, 1000-grain weight, grain and straw yield as well as gluten content. The treatments W1 and W2 resulted in 22.11 and 18.

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  • Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of sowing techniques and seed rate on growth and yield of direct seeded rice (Oryza sativa L.) under rainfed medium land situation. The experiment consists of two sowing techniques (Broadcasting and Line sowing) with five seed rate (80 kg ha-1 , 90 kg ha-1 , 100 kg ha-1 , 110 kg ha-1 and 120 kg ha-1 ) and replicated thrice in factorial randomised block design. Line sowing with seed rate of 100 kg ha-1 was found to be superior (6030 kg ha-1 ) in grain production over the other combinations. Maximum plant height (112.

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  • A field experiment entitled Performance of Basmati rice (Oryza sativa L.) under different transplanting dates and spacings was conducted at the Research Farm of Guru Kashi University, Talwandi Sabo during kharif season 2016. The experiment was laid out in split plot design comprising three transplanting dates (July 12, July 27 and August 11) in main plot and three spacings (25cm × 15cm, 20cm × 15cm and 15cm × 15cm) in sub-plot. The treatment combinations were replicated thrice. Results of field experiment revealed that early transplanting i.e.

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