Comfort queen

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  • I’m in Massachusetts to offer a workshop to women on self-care and selfnurturing. I almost turned down the event because I felt so disembodied from the material I have been talking and writing about for nine years. I’m cavernous inside, a ramshackle soul. The only way I nurture myself these days is by eating chocolate and whining, and even those are failing me.

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  • Sue is a hairdresser. She lives in a small town and has been cutting hair for 10 years. Sue has worked very hard to build a fairly comfortable business. One day a customer walks through Sue’s door. Sue is always happy to see new customers and always goes out of her way to make them feel at home. But today, this new customer proposes something that Sue considers a little odd initially. This customer asks Sue if she would be interested in trading her hairdressing services in exchange for some book-keeping services. This intrigues Sue a little, so she starts...

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  • Having spread its power to most parts of Europe, the Christian Church with its headquarters in Rome was by the sixteenth century the most powerful source of political legitimacy and moral authority across the territory ruled by the kings and queens of the day. Through the doctrine of ‘divine right’, the notion that a monarch ruled by the disposition of God, 32 the Christian Church positioned itself at the centre of the political order. This had not always been a comfortable relationship, and the Popes at the head of the...

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