Command line skills

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  • This module provide basics of using the Linux command line. After studying this chapter you should be able to: Understanding the basic shell; working with formatting commands and options, learn the effects of variables, globbing and quoting.

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  • Title of learning module: Introduction to Linux, open source applications and licenses, using Linux, command line skills, getting help, working with files and directories, archiving and compression, pipes - redirection - regex, basic scripting, understanding computer hardware, managing packages and processes, network configuration, system and user security, managing users and groups, ownership and permissions, special permissions, links and file locations.

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  • In this handy, compact guide, you’ll explore a ton of powerful Ubuntu Linux commands while you learn to use Ubuntu Linux as the experts do: from the command line. Try out more than 1,000 commands to find and get software, monitor system health and security, and access network resources. Then, apply the skills you learn from this book to use and administer desktops and servers running Ubuntu, Debian, and KNOPPIX or any other Linux distribution.

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  • This module provide ICT skills and working in Linux. After studying this chapter you should be able to: Gain desktop skills; introduce the command line; learn about Linux in industry, cloud computing, and virtualization.

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  • You are the network administrator for a local elementary school. Your task is to setup and configure the router for your particular location. You must configure the router from the command line of the console interface using only IOS help. The district office routers, labeled DO1 and DO2, are already configured and their setup is given below. The district has decided to create 1024 subnets from class B network to allow room for expansion. The district has also chosen to use IGRP for their routing protocol and has been assigned autonomous system number 139 by the ICANN....

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  • the linux professional institute (lpi) has developed its lpi-1 certifi cation as an introductory certifi cation for people who want to enter careers involving linux. the exam is meant to certify that an individual has the skills necessary to install, operate, and troubleshoot a linux system and is familiar with linux-specifi concepts and basic hardware.

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  • Now an even more versatile learning resource, this edition adds skill objectives at the beginning of each chapter. Sobell assumes no prior Linux knowledge. He starts at the beginning and walks you through every topic and task that matters, using easy-to-understand examples.

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  • Learning the vi Editor is a complete guide to text editing with vi. Topics new to the sixth edition include multiscreen editing and coverage of four viclones: vim, elvis, nvi, and vile and their enhancements to vi, such as multi-window editing, GUI interfaces, extended regular expressions, and enhancements for programmers. A new appendix describes vi's place in the Unix and Internet cultures. Quickly learn the basics of editing, cursor movement, and global search and replacement. Then take advantage of the more subtle power of vi.

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