Command substitution

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  • Shell Programming have objectives: What is a Shell Program, common Shells, concepts of shell programming, how shell programs are executed, concepts and use of shell variables, how command line arguments are passed shell programs, concepts of command substitution, basic coding principles, write and discuss shell scripts.

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  • A working knowledge of shell scripting is essential to everyone wishing to become reasonably adept at system administration, even if they do not anticipate ever having to actually write a script. Consider that as a Linux machine boots up, it executes the shell scripts in /etc/rc.d to restore the system configuration and set up services. A detailed understanding of these startup scripts is important for analyzing the behavior of a system, and possibly modifying it.

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  • You can create a command file containing a WHERE clause to restrict the rows displayed. To change the condition each time the command file is run, you use substitution variables. Substitution variables can replace values in the WHERE clause, a text string, and even a column or a table name. At the end of this lesson, you should be able to  Create a SELECT statement that prompts the user to enter a value at runtime.  Use the SQL*Plus ACCEPT command to define a variable.  Define a variable that can be automatically picked up by the SELECT statement at runtime....

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  • This appendix describes how to obtain, build, test, and install tcsh. As I write, tcsh is at version 6.06. If a more recent version has been released, just substitute the new version number wherever you see 6.06 in those commands in which it appears below.V

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  • This paper presents a system for querying treebanks. The system consists of a powerful query language with natural support for cross-layer queries, a client interface with a graphical query builder and visualizer of the results, a command-line client interface, and two substitutable query engines: a very efficient engine using a relational database (suitable for large static data), and a slower, but paralel-computing enabled, engine operating on treebank files (suitable for “live” data). ...

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