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  • Few issues display more clearly the competition between China’s drive to become economically developed and to conserve biodiversity than hydropower development. This is the subject of China’s most recent environmental controversy. In August 2003, the National Development and Reform Commission, a powerful economics super-ministry, authorized construction of a 13-station dam along the Nu1 River (Nujiang) in Yunnan Province. After at least a decade of construction, the dam would become the world’s largest.

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  • In 2003, the National Commission on the Public Service, chaired by Paul Volcker, issued a report detailing the serious problems within the federal government today and presenting a series of recommendations calling for changes in its organization, leadership, and operations. In this book, RAND experts in public policy and

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  • The definitive report on what caused America's economic meltdown— and who was responsible The financial and economic crisis has touched the lives of millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and their homes, but many have little understanding of how it happened. Now, in this very accessible report, readers can get the facts. Formed in May 2009, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) is a panel of 10 commissioners with experience in business, regulations, economics, and housing, chosen by Congress to explain what happened and why it happened.

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  • The Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) in 1992 issued Internal Control – Integrated Framework to help businesses and other entities assess and enhance their internal control systems. Since that time the Framework has been recognized by executives, board members, regulators, standard setters, professional organizations and others as an appropriate comprehensive Framework for internal control. Also, changes have taken place in the financial reporting and related legal and regulatory environments.

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  • Acknowledgements Governing Water (2004 – 2007) is a project funded by the European Commission. The aim is to raise awareness and promote dialogue on good governance, using water as a discussion issue, within and between communities in Fiji. More than 40 rural and urban communities on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu have participated in the Governing Water project. Through Governing Water, over 300 community facilitators and schoolteachers have been trained.

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  • Although most SEC attorneys work day-to-day in securities regulation, many attorneys deal with other substantive areas. The Commission highlights an office that may interest students who would like to pursue careers dealing with public integrity: the Office of Inspector General. The OIG reports directly to the Chairman, and it hires interns each semester. The Commission encourages applications because the OIG serves an important mission and because it provides interns with hands-on educations.

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  • The Commission is addressing governments, directly and through their various agencies and ministries. The congregation of governments, gathered in the General Assembly of the United Nations, will be the main recipients of this report. The Commission is also addressing private enterprise, from the one-person business to the great multinational company with a total economic turnover greater than that of many nations, and with possibilities for bringing about far-reaching changes and improvements.

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  • The Commission is keen to assume leadership at the international level on this debate and will seek close co-operation from its global partners within the Financial Stability Board and the G20. Audit, alongside supervision and corporate governance, should be a key contributor to financial stability as it provides assurance on the veracity of the financial health of all companies. This assurance should reduce the risks of misstatement, and in doing so, reduce the costs of failure that would otherwise be suffered by the company's stakeholders as well as by the broader society.

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  • Businesses that have gone "public" are subject to extremely detailed and complicated regulation about their internal governance (such as how executive officers' compensation is determined) and when and how information is disclosed to the public and their shareholders. In the United States, these regulations are primarily implemented and enforced by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Other Western nations have comparable regulatory bodies. The regulations are implemented and enforced by the China Securities Regulation Commission (CSRC), in China.

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  • There is little empirical evidence regarding the responsiveness of individuals to health insurance mandates. Two states (Hawaii and Massachusetts) require many of their employers to provide coverage for employees or face penalties, but the responsiveness to a mandate requiring employers to offer insurance is likely to be different from the reaction to a broader mandate that individual people obtain coverage. Although Massachusetts currently requires adults to have health insurance, that mandate has been in existence for less than four years.

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  • Wallström predicted that many third world countries would support the resolution, forcing the EU to seek an opt-out from any such agreement by entering a formal reservation. The commissioner insisted,” The EU must make the most appropriate use of all economic instruments for achieving sustainability in the aviation sector, as it does in other sectors," she said. "This means pressing to keep all options--taxation, emissions charging, and emissions trading--open.

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  • Tại sao GAO này có học Căn cứ Trách nhiệm của Đạo luật Thuế đô la năm 2002, Hoa Kỳ Chứng khoán và Exchange Commission (SEC) là cần thiết để chuẩn bị và trình Quốc hội và Văn phòng Quản lý và Ngân sách được kiểm toán báo cáo tài chính.

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  • In North Africa, microfinance enjoys one of the most favourable environments for growth, due to low market penetration rates combined with generally shallow government intervention6 . The region is mostly free of competition and high financing costs that bog down the industry in more mature mar- kets. Microfinance institutions face lower hurdles and can more easily attain profits, all while respond- ing to the needs of the lower segment of the microfinance market. However, the microfinance industry in North Africa is slowly starting to show signs of maturity.

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  • Multicast services on public television include the World Channel, Create, V-Me, and MHz Worldview. Many public television stations have created their own multicast channels, including C-SPAN-like services that offer coverage of state and local government, educational channels, and cultural channels. A significant number of public radio stations have converted their analog transmission plants to digital technology. Public radio has not only been a leader in adopting multicast technology, NPR was a leader in developing the technology that permits multicast operation.

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  • The key driver of the Financial Crisis of 2007–2008 is the interplay of the following six forces, each of which can be linked to the misperception, misunderstanding, and the active hiding of the risks of consequential but low probability events (“Black Swans”) by those that stood to benefit from the obscuring of consequential risk. Other diagnoses, for example those of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, focus more on epiphenomenal aspects of the crisis such as excessive borrowing, risky investments, opacity of markets, or failures of corporate governance.

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  • We analyze a sample of 159 U.S. public companies that restated their earnings in the years 2000 or 2001 and an industry-size matched control sample of 159 nonrestating firms. We have assembled a unique, handcollected data set that contains detailed information on the corporate governance characteristics of these 318 firms. Our sample includes restatements by prominent firms such as Abbott Laboratories, Adelphia, Enron, Gateway, Kroger, Lucent, Rite-Aid, Tyco, and Xerox.

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  • This consultation sets out our vision for the future of local audit. This vision is firmly based on four principles. The first of these is localism. When reforms are complete local public bodies will be free to appoint their own independent external auditors from a more competitive and open market. The second is transparency; local public bodies will become increasingly accountable for their spending decisions to the people who ultimately provide their resources. The third is to remove the overheads charged by the Audit Commission to service the central government machine.

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  • Given the strong leadership evidenced by the current Governors of New York and New Jersey,  and  their  appropriate  and  intense  focus  on  responsible  government,  increased  transparency,  organizational  efficiency  and  fiscal  responsibility,  the  Port  Authority  now  has  a window  of  opportunity to drive the transformational changes fundamental to addressing the challenges of  the organization.

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  • The US Government’s (USG) vision for relations with Indonesia is the continued development of a broad and durable “Comprehensive Partnership” through which Indonesia, an emerging middle income country and developing regional and global power, and the US will work in partnership on priority goals and shared objectives.

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  • Tại sao GAO này có học Căn cứ Trách nhiệm của Đạo luật Thuế đô la năm 2002, Hoa Kỳ Chứng khoán và Exchange Commission (SEC) là cần thiết để chuẩn bị và trình Quốc hội và Văn phòng Quản lý và Ngân sách được kiểm toán báo cáo tài chính. GAO, theo cơ quan kiểm toán, kiểm toán báo cáo tài chính của SEC để xác định liệu (1) báo cáo tài chính là khá nói, và (2) SEC quản lý duy trì hiệu quả

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