Community palliative care

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  • (bq) part 2 book “abc of palliative care” has contents: depression, anxiety, and confusion, palliative care for children, chronic non-malignant disease, complementary therapies, community palliative care, bereavement, the carers,… and other contents.

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  • Community palliative care clinical nurse specialists (commonly known as Macmillan nurses) play an important role in specialist palliative care (Skilbeck et al. 2002). They spend time with patients and their families, helping them come to terms with an array of complex emotional and practical problems, facilitating communication, giving information and advice about treatments and also offering expertise in controlling pain and other distressing symptoms. These nurses are equipped with specialist skills to assess the complex palliative care needs of patients referred to the service.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Healthcare and spirituality - Oxford textbook has contents: Psychiatry and mental health treatment, social work, care of elderly people, palliative care, care of the soul, next steps for spiritual assessment in healthcare, spiritual experience, practice, and community,… and other contents. Invite you to refer.

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  • Planning and implementing programs for cancer prevention and control provide some necessary content to help you have more materials for reference as well as practice knowledge. Hope the document gives you good lessons for you to study.

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  • Palliative Care: The goal of palliative care is to improve the quality of a seriously ill person’s life, and to support the patient and family when faced with terminal illness. This includes managing physical symptoms, assessing psychological and spiritual needs, patient support system and discharge planning issues. Palliative care is part of hospice care, but it can begin any time during a patient’s illness. A team approach to palliative care is optimal, with the primary care provider and social services playing an active role.

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  • The recommendations on communication and patient-centred care made in the two NICE cancer service guidance documents ‘Improving outcomes in urological cancers’ (2002) and ‘Improving supportive and palliative care for adults with cancer’ (2004) should be followed throughout the patient journey. Men with prostate cancer should be offered individualised information tailored to their own needs. This information should be given by a healthcare professional (for example, a consultant or specialist nurse) and may be supported by written and...

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  • But what does knowing about a culture’s explanatory models have to do with getting your organization’s message to a hard-to-reach audience? Everything, if your message is about health- related beliefs and behaviors. Often, we try to educate or to convince people to act a certain way using our explanatory models, instead of theirs. If you want to help a community improve its health, you need to understand the way its community members think. If you want to get the word out to a cultural community, knowing something about that community’s health care beliefs and behaviors is essential.

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  • Although the project did not expect to identify many women with advanced cancer among women 30 to 39 years of age, it was clear that older women with cancer were being identified and that some women with early disease likely would not be able to access treatment services. Clients with cancer or who were unable to travel to Kisumu, Kakamega, or Nairobi for cancer care were referred to palliative care services at the provincial level, usually the Kisumu Hospice.

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  • Community health centers face many challenges to providing patients with optimal end- of-life care. Primary care is typically fragmented from specialty, palliative and hospice care. This break in the continuity of care as patients approach death can be alienating, stressful and painful for patients, family members, caregivers and providers. Patients often have difficulty getting their own wishes met as they get swept up in high tech acute care medicine.

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  • decrease the burden of tuberculosis for people living with hiv. Countries should integrate “the Three I’s” into services for people living with HIV, namely: intensified case finding for active tuberculosis in people living with HIV; isoniazid preventive therapy in individuals with latent tuberculosis to prevent progression to active disease; and infection control in order to minimize transmission of tuberculosis. provide comprehensive care and support for people living with hiv.

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