Comparative economic development

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  • (bq) part 1 book “economic development” has contents: introducing economic development - a global perspective, comparative economic development, classic theories of economic growth and development, contemporary models of development and underdevelopment,… and other contents.

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  • This chapter summarize the couse content: what is development economics? comparative economic development, characteristics of the developing world: diversity within commonality, measuring economic growth and development, human development approach and capability approach: concepts and evolution,...

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  • AN ASSESSMENT OF SPATIAL DIFFERENTIATION IN VIETNAM’S SOCIAL-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 1990-2000 There can be multiple equilibria, however, and the allocation of effective schools is not uniquely determined by the model’s parameters. Conventional comparative statics analysis is not meaningful when equilibrium is non-unique, as the parental valuation parameter affects the set of possible equilibria rather than altering a particular equilibrium.

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  • A Cochrane review has found limited evidence that immediate (‘quick’) start of hormonal contraception reduces unintended pregnancies or improves continuation rates.15 None of the studies included in the review were powered to detect contraceptive efficacy. Whilst there is currently a paucity of evidence demonstrating effectiveness, there are data to suggest women find quick starting acceptable. It is possible that effectiveness may vary depending on method type.

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  • The ability of a regional economy to innovate drives healthy growth, but innovation is a complex concept. How can you measure innovation in order to improve it? This index provides leaders and practitioners with the first tool for comparing regional innovation performance with that of the United States, a state, or other regions. Like the cluster tool, the primary advantage of the innovation index is its flexibility. Users can design their own region and easily make comparisons across regions. A word of caution is in order: measuring regional innovation can be tricky.

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  • part 2 book “ten-gallon economy” has contents: the evolution of texas banking, texas comparative advantage and manufacturing exports, so close to mexico - economic spillovers along, border economic recovery lags rest of state, border and economic development,… and other contents.

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  • After completing this unit, you should be able to: See how economists apply the methods of science, consider how assumptions and models can shed light on the world, learn two simple models - the circular flow and the production possibilities frontier, distinguish between microeconomics and macroeconomics,...

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  • The Internet challenged existing institutions and powerful interests: Technology was global, but its economic and business development was molded in the context of prevailing national institutions.Comparing the experiences of seven countries -- France, Germany, India, Japan, Sweden, South Korea, and the United States -- this book analyzes the rise of the Internet and its impact on changing national institutions.

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  • The Logical Framework Approach is an analytical and management tool which is now used (in one form or another) by most multi-lateral and bi-lateral aid agencies, international NGOs and by many partner governments. Indeed, the EC generally requires the development of a Logframe Matrix as part of its project formulation procedures for external assistance. This Guideline therefore gives emphasis to the application of the Logical Framework Approach at the various stages of the project management cycle.

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  • Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows amounted to 1,697 billion USD in 2008, while global FDI stocks reached a level of more than 16,205 billion USD.1 These figures underline the fact that FDI has gained an importance that is comparable to trade in providing foreign markets with goods and services.2 In addition, FDI constitutes the largest source of external finance for developing countries.3 Nevertheless, the global financial crisis had a significant impact on FDI at the end of 2008, reducing flows by approximately 14.2% compared to the all-time high of 1,978 billion USD in 2007.

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  • Distribution: Means tested payments • At least 5 genetic evaluation test site was established to compare the performance of local trees and introduced • writing test protocols and long-term responsibility for managing and analyzing and evaluating the assigned study

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  • This paper looks at the development of the financial systems of ASEAN-5 countries and Vietnam. By making a comparison between factors that foster the financial development of ASEAN-5 and Vietnam, it suggests that both the two sides share common characteristics including: financial repression, bank based development, accelerating liberalization of the financial sector, capital movement, inefficiency, due to lack of competition, effective governance, and managerial freedom.

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  • The diversification of economic activity and labour market development have both been identified as possible strategies to reduce the vulnerability of the poor and enable the ascent out of poverty. Whether such policies are necessarily empow-ering for women has been much debated but less well documented. In this book we adopt a comparative case study approach using original survey material for three African countries and a state in India to investigate these links

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  • (bq) part 1 book "international economics" has contents: the international economy and globalization, sources of comparative advantage, nontariff trade barriers, trade regulations and industrial policies, trade policies for the developing nations, regional trading arrangements,...and other contents.

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  • In Eastern Europe, the incidence of poverty or social exclusion is greatest, although the difference between the EU-15 and EU-27 figure is relatively small. When comparing 2009 to 2010, the situation became worse in most of the countries for which 2010 figures are available. Within the EU, the largest aggravation was observed in Lithuania and Spain.

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  • The financial statements reviewed were subject to an independent audit and include disclosures specifically quantifying the value of the direct support. For security purchases, this disclosure includes the amount by which the purchase price exceeded fair market value (or the two figures necessary to calculate the difference), in all but one case. 11 Accordingly, full reliance was put on these disclosed figures when they were available, and assumptions regarding the fair value or the value of support were not necessary in these cases. ...

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  • We believe that two fundamental developments afforded researchers a third chance to consolidate the field of neuroaesthet- ics around the turn of the millennium. First, the notion of a single special mechanism underlying aesthetic experiences has been dropped in favor of the view that aesthetic appreciation and re- lated phenomena rely on several general mechanisms, including processes of perception, memory, attention, decision-making, and reward and emotion (Chatterjee, 2004a; Leder, Belke, Oeberst, & Augustin, 2004).

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  • In spite of widespread political and economic constraints imposed on global tourism development during last few decades, world tourism industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing single industries in the world. Its performance has been highly acclaimed to the comparable performances of many other export industries during the same period. At present, global tourism industry represents around 11% of the world’s GDP, around 8% of global employment and around 9% of global wages. It is also the largest single employment generator of the world economy today.

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  • Large expenses associated with rice production and dependence on energy related inputs like fuel and fertilizer in particular compel rice producers to use management practices that are input efficient and result in least cost. This study uses data envelopment analysis (DEA) to calculate technical efficiency (TE), allocative efficiency (AE), and economic efficiency (EE) for rice production in Arkansas at the field level using data from 137 fields enrolled in the University of Arkansas, Rice Research Verification Program (RRVP) from 2005 to 2011.

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  • In terms of their attitudes towards the benefi ts of work and accumulating wealth, New Zealanders do not differ markedly from respondents from the comparator countries. New Zealand has a high-quality regulatory environment. It is assessed by the World Bank as being second in the OECD (and third in the world) for overall ease of doing business. However, there is still scope for New Zealand to further improve its performance in certain sub-indicators.

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