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  • Looking up ‘‘aquatic food web’’ on Google provides a dizzying array of eclectic sites and information (and disinformation!) to choose from. However, even within this morass it is clear that aquatic food-web research has expanded greatly over the last couple of decades, and includes a wide array of studies from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. This book attempts to bring together and synthesize some of the most recent perspectives on aquatic food-web research, with a particular emphasis on integrating that knowledge within an ecosystem framework....

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  • Compared to other ecosystems, wetlands have received an exceptional amount of attention. Wetlands are valuable as sources, sink and transformers of a multitude of chemical, biological and genetic materials. They stabilize water supplies, clean polluted waters, protect shorelines, and recharge groundwater aquifers. They have increasingly become recognized for their unique ecological functions in the environment and are the focus of increased research by scientists and study programs by schools, communities, and nature centers.

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  • The MA, which focused on ecosystem change and the impacts of such change on human well-being, included a set of sub-global assessments at multiple spatial scales, in addition to the global assessment. This was one of the innovations of the MA compared to other international assessments, which usually focus on global or regional scales alone. The global and sub-global assessments analyzed ecosystem services and human wellbeing from different perspectives and with different stakeholders involved.

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  • This study focuses on the role of ecosystems for young innovative companies (YICs) and is based on a unique set of phone survey data from Finland and South Korea. The re- sults are threefold: Finnish YICs participate more actively in ecosystems than Korean YICs; on aver- age, Korean YICs report to have experienced lower ecosystem impact compared to Finnish YICs; in both countries, key organizations of the ecosystems are represented on the board of directors in about one-third of the sample firms.

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  • Our current level of long-term and comparative information on estuaries in many cases prohibits objective determination of the status and trends among these ecosystems. The way to resolve this situation is to develop and evaluate estuarine environmental indicators that will permit objective and meaningful evaluation of estuaries. However, this effort far exceeds the ability of one or a few well-intentioned scientists.

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  • Effective solutions to water quality challenges exist and have been implemented in a number of places. It is time for a global focus on protecting and improving the quality of the world’s freshwater resources. There are three fundamental solutions to water quality problems: (1) prevent pollution; (2) treat polluted water; and (3) restore ecosystems.

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  • The Baltic Sea is a unique basin, being productive with intensive fishing potential and has therefore been the object of many studies. It is a brackish, nontidal, relatively shallow and semi-enclosed sea. The Baltic is located at a high latitude, hence one of its characteristic features is ice. Another unique geographical pattern are the archipelagos located off the coast of Stockholm which consist of more than 25 000 islands. The relative ionic concentration of toxic substances e.g. chemical elements is generally higher in the low-saline Baltic Sea than compared to the North Sea....

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  • There are many reasons for womenís lower earnings compared to men, including tenure in the labour force, occupational segregation, unionization and discrimination. Statistics Canada has found that 18% of the wage gap is explained by the fact that women generally have less work experience than their male counterparts, supervise other employees less often and are less frequently involved in administrative decisions. Roughly 7% of the gap is explained by the fact that women are more likely to work part time than men.

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  • Despite the steady growth in the organic sector in recent years, it remains a fledgling research area, particularly in Western Canada. Most of the information on the benefits and impacts of organic agriculture is based on research from Europe, and there has been comparatively little research focused on the contribution of organic production to sustainable agriculture in the Canadian context.

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  • The purpose of this course is help the students to understand management functions, to familiarize themselves with the practice of management, to develop an understanding of behavioural process of the organizations as a whole, and to cultivate an insight into the individual behaviour at work place.

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  • This chapter explain how the first and second laws of thermodynamics apply to ecosystems; define and compare gross primary production, net primary production, and standing crop; explain why energy flows but nutrients cycle within an ecosystem; explain what factors may limit primary production in aquatic ecosystems.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp Original article đề tài: Etude comparative de deux écosystèmes forestiers feuillus et résineux des Ardennes primaires françaises III. - Minéralomasse et...

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  • National parks or generally protected areas (PAs) normally hold a high value as a recreational resource or destination. Though in many cases no fee or charge is made to view or enjoy natural ecosystems, people still spend time and money to reach PAs. These costs of spending (for transport, food, accommodation, time, etc.) can be calculated, and a visitation rates can be compared to expenditures. These travel costs reveals the value that people place on recreational, tourism or leisure aspects of PAs....

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  • Flow cytometry in our studies contributes to better understanding of prokaryotic roles in the Adriatic Sea as a separate ecosystem and as an important part of the Mediterranean Sea. Studies of prokaryotic community by flow cytometry in the eastern part of Adriatic Sea started in year 2003. The first studies were carried out for purposes of comparing two direct counting methods for bacterioplankton (Šantić et al., 2007). The accuracy of epifluorescence microscopy (EM) was assessed against direct counts made by flow cytometry (FCM).

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  • Due to the growing importance of forest goods and services an increasing amount of information is being collected on the ecological and also on the socio-economic value of goods and services provided by forests. However, much of this information is collected and presented at incompatible scales or it has been classified differently. In order to make comparative ecological or economic analysis possible, standardized frameworks for assessing the importance of forest goods and services are needed.

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  • .Lecture Notes in Earth Sciences Editors: S. Bhattacharji, Brooklyn H. J. Neugebauer, Bonn J. Reitner, Göttingen K. Stüwe, Graz Founding Editors: G. M. Friedman, Brooklyn and Troy A. Seilacher, Tübingen and YaleIn various periods throughout the younger earth history comparable changes in climate occurred globally and simultaneously. Such global events can be recon- structed with the help of reliefs, sediments and palaeosoils and their specific mor- phological, chemical and mineralogical properties. Desert margins represent inter- sections between arid and humid ecosystems.

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  • Some energy crop species are rich in toxic chemicals (such as allelochemicals in Jatropha). These toxic oilseed crops can enter the food chain inmanyways. Research studies on the toxicity have highlighted the potential negative impacts on the ecosystem, including other plantsthatmightgrowinthevicinity. Pesticidesimpacttheenvironmentatseverallevels(fromproductionoffertilizerstocultivation ofenergycrops).Studiesshow that theenvironmental footprint iscomparatively largerduring the cultivation process.

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  • Chapter 55 - Ecosystems, this chapter explain how the first and second laws of thermodynamics apply to ecosystems; define and compare gross primary production, net primary production, and standing crop; explain why energy flows but nutrients cycle within an ecosystem; explain what factors may limit primary production in aquatic ecosystems;...

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