Comparative labour costs

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  • Vegetable production is a profitable business in India, however it is difficult to judge how they are safe for human consumption as farmers spray large amount of pesticides which not only increases the cost of cultivation but also leaves residual toxicity in vegetables. To address these challenges, protected cultivation technology i.e., poly house, shade net, micro tunnel etc., have been worldwide accepted in horticultural sector and there will a tremendous scope to study about economic analysis of vegetables under shade nets.

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  • This book arises out of a project funded by Scottish Homes, as part of EC Competitive Renewal Initiatives in Sustainable Europe Network Group. Our first acknowledgement is to the support of Scottish Homes for enabling this research to be conducted. Equal thanks are due of course to all the persons who offered us their time for interviews in the course of the research project in the five countries studied. Also, we would like to thank Alison Smith for her help in preparing the book. Finally, we would like to thank Dymphna Evans of Edward Elgar for her support....

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  • The present investigation was conducted in order to reduce labour as well as input cost for rice cultivation of rice growing predominantly small and marginal farmers of Mahabubnagar district of Telangana State of India. Eight row rice drum seeder was introduced and evaluated on farmer’s field during kharif 2013, 2014 and 2015 years. The seeder consists of eight seed drum made up of fiber which required only one operator to do the seeding. Two varieties viz., MTU1010 and Tellahamsa were sown. The seed was pre soaked for 24 hours followed by incubation for12 hours to just germinate the seed.

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  • Urdbean or black gram is one of the most important cultivated pulse crops of the ‘Vigna’ group. Seeing to the importance as a major pulse crop a research study was carried out on sample farms to work out the costs and profitability of urdbean. A multi-stage random sampling technique was adopted for data collection; the study was conducted in Lailunga block of Raigarh district (C.G.), sample of 3 villages of this block was selected randomly. A sample of 60 farmers in the ratio of 20:20:20 was selected randomly. The farmers were classified into three groups viz., small (4.0 hectares) farms.

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  • Rice is the staple food for Telangana, requires about 50 lakh tons annually to feed the population. Rice is being cultivated both in kharif and rabi season as one of the most important crop in Telangana. During the year, 2016-17 rice crop was grown in an area of about 12.2 lakh hectares and produced 47.6 lakh tons of rice with the productivity of 3902 kg/ha.

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  • The present research entitled “An economic analysis of production management of watermelon in Haveri (Karnataka) and Ananthapur districts (Andhra Pradesh) - A comparative analysis” was carried out during the year 2017-18. For the study, 100 farmers were selected randomly from the study area. The main objectives of the study were to analyze the costs, returns and profitability of watermelon production in the study area. All the farmers (100%) in both the districts had sown seeds during rabi season and adopted drip irrigation for cultivating watermelon.

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  • This study aims at to analysis the socio economic comparison in seedling production per acre, merits and demerits of machine transplanting in Cauvery delta zone. The focused research study revealed that majority of the farmers with the farming experience of 10 -30 years, cultivating major varieties viz., ASD 16, ADT 43 and Ponni reported the total cost of production in mat nursery method is much less than the conventional method and it saves 59 percentage in cost of production when compared to conventional method.

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  • Some key indicators for ME and total manufacturing have already been compared above. This section adopts a dynamic approach in performing this analysis and aims to compare how gross value added, labour productivity, employment, wages, and unit labour costs of ME and total manufacturing have evolved over time. Gross value added (GVA) is considered as a first performance measure. Figure 2.4 plots the relative development of real GVA over a period from 1995 to 2008. There has been a close co-development until 2004, with ME achieving higher growth rates thereafter.

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  • On farm trial were conducted during Kharif, 2014 and 2015, to assess the feasibility of Direct Seeded Rice (DSR) options at farmer’s field as compared to transplanted rice (TPR) with an objective to reduce cost of cultivation and improve resource use efficiency. Total variable cost saving of 52.06 per cent was observed in direct seeded rice (DSR) as compared to manual puddled transplanted rice. Grain yield under DSR was also recorded significantly higher over the farmers practice but at par with transplanted. On mean basis transplanted rice recorded higher yield (44.

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  • The precision farming including plasticulture applications has proven its worth in realizing more output per unit of inputs and resources bestowed on to land. As an alternative to raise production and productivity especially to compete global trade and meet out own requirements. Cabbage is grown extensively in summers in Ladakh region and is stored for winters. Due to lack of scientific know how, improved varieties and modern precision farming techniques, crop yield and quality is comparatively low.

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  • Cuscuta campestris is complete stem parasite and serious problem of lentil. It causes 87% yield loss. Manual removal of Cuscuta is labour intensive and cause high labour cost. Herbicides are the best option for the management of Cuscuta. In present study, impact of Pendimethalin, Quizalfop and Imazethapyr were observed on weed count of Cuscuta and yield attribute of Lentil. In both the year i.e. 2014-15 and 2015-16, Pendimethalin cause maximum reduction in weed count of Cuscuta, highest number of pod per plant and yield of lentil compared to Quizalfop ethyl and Imazethapyr.

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  • Transplanting is most laborious consuming operation during paddy cultivation. The cost of puddling and transplanting share 50 percentage of the total producing cost. The man day required for transplanting ranging from 50-60 man-day/ha and labour are very costly. So newly developed manual paddy transplanter is fit to the requirement for small and marginal farmers due to wash root type seedling can be transplanted in the field. The performance of the transplanter was evaluated. Missing hill is comparatively low while using in the field and row-row distance is maintained by 25 cm.

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  • Rice-Wheat cropping system pre-dominated in the India covering an area of about 10.5 million hectare. Adverse effect of continuous puddling in rice field forced scientists to search for other methods of rice establishment like direct seeding; machines transplanted and dry seeding with ZT machine and wheat by zero tillage etc. In a 3‐year study, we assessed the effects of crop establishment methods in participatory mode on farmers’ field through on farm on productivity and profitability in a rice–wheat (RW) system at Basti, Siddharthnagar and Gorakhpur district of U.P.

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  • Rice is one of the main crops in Raichur district of Karnataka. During harvesting season, shortage of labour demands suitable machinery in this region. Field evaluation trials of self-propelled type small combine harvester for harvesting of rice crop were carried out and the results were compared with manual rice harvesting method. Studies on conventional method of rice harvesting revealed that, the average field capacity of conventional method was 0.009 hectare per hour and the average total grain loss was found to be 11.16 per cent.

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  • It was found that growth performance of agro-processing industries in Karnataka was unsatisfactory when compared with its other states. It is found that 48 per cent of the household expenditure in India is on food items and the demand for processed/convenience food is constantly increasing. With relatively cheaper labour, low cost of production, base for domestic and export markets could be set up. Processed products like packed polished wheat (atta) has widened the market, attracting multinationals like HALL and Pilsbury (a joint venture with Godrej).

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  • A field study was conducted during kharif and rabi season of 2015 - 16 and 2016 - 17 at the Instructional cum Research Farm, Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Raipur. Fifteen treatment combinations (viz.

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  • System of rice intensification a new method is found to be an efficient alternative to increase the rice production as it require less water, less seed, reducing cost of cultivation and saving labour as compared to transplanted rice. SRI appears to be a harbinger of post-modern agriculture, a new set of technologies and practices that are based on biological evolution to the problem raising agricultural productivity, superseding the engineering, chemical and genetic solution of 20th century.

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  • Small engine operated sugarcane harvester was tested under the field conditions. The performance evaluation of the small engine operated sugarcane harvester was compared with the traditional method of harvesting. The Small engine operated sugarcane harvester has effective width 100 cm. It was found that 0.1005 ha/h average effective field capacity at operating speed of 1 km/hr and 79.

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  • Finger millet or Ragi is one of the most important minor millet abundantly grown in southern parts of Karnataka. It plays a significant role in livelihood of small and marginal farmers in Ramanagara district of Karnataka, South India. Farmers generally follow traditional sowing method in Ragi using bullock drawn seed drill where uniformity in spacing and depth cannot be maintained. Quantity of seeds required for sowing is also more in this traditional method.

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