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  • The structural design of steelwork is based on BS 5950 in the UK and countries following this code. The title of this code is given below: BS 5950 Structural use of steelwork in building. This section has been compiled to help designers in the UK and USA to appreciate the principal differences and similarities of applying Eurocode 3: Part 1.1 (EC3) (originally European standard ENV 1993-1-1).

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  • Marketers have identified urban, low-income African-American and Latino youth as “superconsumers” of soda, candy, and snack products. Many young people report frequent snacking, unstructured meals, and eating “junk food,” such as candy, chips, and soda, for their primary meal. Recent research studying the amount and type of advertising on prime-time television programs oriented to African-American audiences compared to those for general audiences found that far more food commercials appear on shows with large...

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  • Abstract Elliptic curve cryptosystems offer security comparable to that of traditional asymmetric cryptosystems, such as those based on the RSA encryption and digital signature algorithms, with smaller keys and computationally more efficient algorithms.

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  • Chapter 7 - Data flow diagramming. When you've finished studying this chapter, and completing the activities at its conclusion, you should be able to: Explain the symbols and design considerations associated with DFDs; compare and contrast flowcharts and DFDs with regard to purpose, content, structure, and use in accounting information systems; discuss the ways in which DFDs are used in AIS work; construct a leveled set of DFDs; design normalized database tables from a DFD.

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  • Evaluating the average probability of symbol error for different bandpass modulation schemes Comparing different modulation schemes based on their error performances. Channel coding: Transforming signals to improve communications performance by increasing the robustness against channel impairments (noise, interference, fading, ..) Waveform coding: Transforming waveforms to better waveforms Structured sequences: Transforming data sequences into better sequences, having structured redundancy. “Better” in the sense of making the decision process less subject to errors....

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  • Carrier Recovery for ‘Sub-Coherent’ CDMA Overview In this chapter we examine possible methods of carrier recovery for the SECDMA presented in Chapter 6. In particular, we propose, evaluate and compare two techniques; namely Symbol-Aided Demodulation (SAD) and the Pilot-Aided Demodulation (PAD). The performance analysis of each scheme (SAD and PAD) includes both Rician and Rayleigh multipath fading channels, and thus are also useful (in addition to the satellite) in terrestrial mobile applications....

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  • Bit Error Rate Degradation Caused by Random Tracking Errors 7.1 Introduction For coherent detection of digitally modulated signals, the receiver must be provided with accurate carrier phase and symbol timing estimates; these estimates are derived from the received signal itself by means of a synchronizer. The bit error rate (BER) performance under the assumption of perfect synchronization is well documented for various modulation formats [l-5].

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  • admittance Symbol, Y. Unit, siemens (formerly mho). The property denoting the comparative ease with which an alternating current flows through a circuit or device. Admittance is the reciprocal of impedance (Z ): Y = 1/Z. adp 1. Abbreviation of AMMONIUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE, a piezoelectric compound used for sonar crystals. 2. Abbreviation of AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING. adsorption Adhesion of a thin layer of molecules of one substance to the surface of another without absorption. An example is adsorption of water to the surface of a dielectric.

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  • Performance of Synchronizers Analysis During data transmission the synchronizer provides an estimate which most of the time exhibits small fluctuations about the true value. The synchronizer is operating in the tracking mode. The performance measure of this mode is the variance of the estimate. In Section 6.1 and the appendix (Section 6.2) we derive a lower bound on the variance of these estimates. This bound will allow us to compare the variance of practical estimators to that of the theoretical optimum and thus assess the implementation loss. In Section 6.

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  • We give a proof of the Nirenberg-Treves conjecture: that local solvability of principal-type pseudo-differential operators is equivalent to condition (Ψ). This condition rules out sign changes from − to + of the imaginary part of the principal symbol along the oriented bicharacteristics of the real part. We obtain local solvability by proving a localizable a priori estimate for the adjoint operator with a loss of two derivatives (compared with the elliptic case).

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  • The United States Capitol Building is filled with symbols and architectural details that reference ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture. Italian artist Constantino Brumidi (1805–1880) created a series of murals, based on his study of Pompeian frescoes, for the Naval Affairs Committee Room (now the Senate Appropriations Conference Room) in the Capitol. For information, visit senate/brumidi. Look at the Maenad fresco on the enclosed CD. This image inspired some of Brumidi’s work.

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  • Some bandpass modulation schemes MPAM, MPSK, MFSK, MQAM How to perform coherent and noncoherent detection.How to calculate the average probability of symbol error for different modulation schemes that we studied? How to compare different modulation schemes based on their error performances?

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  • Evaluating the average probability of symbol error for different bandpass modulation schemes Comparing different modulation schemes based on their error performances.Transforming signals to improve communications performance by increasing the robustness against channel impairments (noise, interference, fading, ...)

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  • This paper defines a generative probabilistic model of parse trees, which we call PCFG-LA. This model is an extension of PCFG in which non-terminal symbols are augmented with latent variables. Finegrained CFG rules are automatically induced from a parsed corpus by training a PCFG-LA model using an EM-algorithm. Because exact parsing with a PCFG-LA is NP-hard, several approximations are described and empirically compared. In experiments using the Penn WSJ corpus, our automatically trained model gave a per40 formance of 86.

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  • We study the formal and linguistic properties of a class of parenthesis-free categorial grammars derived from those of Ades and Steedman by varying the set of reduction rules. We characterize the reduction rules capable of generating context-sensitive languages as those having a partial combination rule and a combination rule in the reverse direction. We show that any categorial language is a permutation of some context-free language, thus inheriting properties dependent on symbol counting only. We compare some of their properties with other contemporary formalisms. ...

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  • It has long been recognized that the common numerals used in daily life are of comparatively recent origin. The number of systems of notation employed before the Christian era was about the same as the number of written languages, and in some cases a single language had several systems. The Egyptians, for example, had three systems of writing, with a numerical notation for each; the Greeks had two well-defined sets of numerals, and the Roman symbols for number changed more or less from century to century.

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