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  • It is well known that occurrence counts of words in documents are often modeled poorly by standard distributions like the binomial or Poisson. Observed counts vary more than simple models predict, prompting the use of overdispersed models like Gamma-Poisson or Beta-binomial mixtures as robust alternatives. Another deficiency of standard models is due to the fact that most words never occur in a given document, resulting in large amounts of zero counts. We propose using zeroinflated models for dealing with this, and evaluate competing models on a Naive Bayes text classification task.

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  • Traditional Supply Chain Management (SCM) aims at movement of goods and services from one end of this chain to the other through different stages so as to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of the entire process. As SCM spans across the economic functions of the entire value chain of a product or service, it is vital for a company to join in, form, or coordinate its business related supply chains, forming various kinds of business relationships.

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  • The present paper describes a robust approach for abbreviating terms. First, in order to incorporate non-local information into abbreviation generation tasks, we present both implicit and explicit solutions: the latent variable model, or alternatively, the label encoding approach with global information. Although the two approaches compete with one another, we demonstrate that these approaches are also complementary. By combining these two approaches, experiments revealed that the proposed abbreviation generator achieved the best results for both the Chinese and English languages. ...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'educating our children with technology skills to compete', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Health care workers should explain the importance of directly observed treatment as a standard of care for all patients. The health worker must watch the patient swallow all the drugs. This will ensure that the patient takes the correct drugs regularly for the required time. If injections are needed, they will be given properly. For example, if the patient does not take all of the drugs, he or she will continue to spread TB to others, and his or her TB will not be cured. It is dangerous to stop or interrupt treatment, because then...

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  • Reading proficiency is a fundamental component of language competency. However, finding topical texts at an appropriate reading level for foreign and second language learners is a challenge for teachers. This task can be addressed with natural language processing technology to assess reading level. Existing measures of reading level are not well suited to this task, but previous work and our own pilot experiments have shown the benefit of using statistical language models.

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  • Kristiina JOKINEN University of Helsinki and Kari KANTO This paper describes the user expertise model in AthosMail, a mobile, speech-based e-mail system. The model encodes the system’s assumptions about the user expertise, and gives recommendations on how the system should respond depending on the assumed competence levels of the user. The recommendations are realized as three types of explicitness in the system responses. The system monitors the user’s competence with the help of parameters that describe e.g. the success of the user’s interaction with the system. ...

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  • In this paper we address the problem of choosing the best solution(s) from a set of interpretations of the same object (in our case a segment of text). A notion of preference is stated, based on pairwise comparisons of complete interpretations in order to obtain a partial order among the competing interpretations. An experimental implementation is described, which uses Prolog-like preference statements.

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  • The research investigates the modeling competency of economics and business administration students by analysing the academic program at Economics and Business Administration Department, University of Economics and Management Business - Thai Nguyen University. The author accordingly highlights the roles of modeling competency in the formation and development of economics students’ competencies.

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  • Developing students’ critical thinking competence in Chemistry is one of the most effectual solutions to help the students gain insights into the nature of chemical objects. This article introduces the assessment scale of evaluating students’ critical thinking competence in chemistry in accordance to reasoning about definitions, structures, levels of manifestation of critical thinking. The five principles and five steps of the procedure are also strictly followed.

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  • We study one-loop quantum gravity corrections to the standard model Higgs potential V(φ)a` la Coleman-Weinberg and examine the stability question of V(φ) in the energy region of Planck mass scale, µ ' MPl (MPl = 1.22×1019GeV). We calculate the gravity one-loop corrections to V(φ) in Einstein gravity by using the momentum cut-off Λ. We have found that even small gravity corrections compete with the standard model term of V(φ) and affect the stability argument of the latter part alone. This is because the latter part is nearly zero in the energy region of MPl.

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  • The Potts model on a Cayley tree in the presence of competing two binary interactions and magnetic field is considered. We exactly solve a problem of phase transitions for the model, namely we calculate critical surface such that there is a phase transition above it and a single Gibbs state found elsewhere.

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  • The results obtained show that, from the context of teaching technical subjects, it is possible to develop creativity together with the specific knowledge of the subject, and this experience is proposed as a new model for its teaching.

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  • Autodesk Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software is a collaborative, versatile, and faster software application that can help you compete and win in the global economy. Purpose-built for BIM, Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional calculates even your more complex models with powerful finite element auto-meshing, nonlinear algorithms, and a comprehensive collection of design codes to help you achieve results in minutes, not hours.

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  • The past three decades have brought sweeping changes to the i eld of transportation. In the United States and other developed nations, deregulation and greater reliance on markets and the private sector has helped to reconi gure the transport industries. The rise of intermodal goods movements and global commerce has produced efi ciencies of operation and a greater interdependence among transport modes.

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  • Kỹ thuật trong Marketing dùng để dự báo vòng đời sản phẩm. "The Bass model is a very useful tool for forecasting the adoption (first purchase) of an innovation (more generally, a new product) for which no closely competing alternatives exist in the marketplace. A key feature of the model is that it embeds a "contagion process" to characterize the spread of word-of -mouth between those who have adopted the innovation and those who have not yet adopted the innovation."......

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  • Nursing in Today’s World: Trends, Issues, and Management, 10th edition focuses on the nonclinical aspects of the professional nursing role. Much of this content is just as critical to practicing safely as is competence in the performance of clinical skills. As nursing steps up to play a major role in the changes brought about by healthcare reform, knowledge of the profession and its place in the healthcare environment has never been more important.

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  • One issue with using portfolio holdings to evaluate fund performance is that the disclosed data reveal information about the major equity positions at particular dates but do not indicate the exact purchase and sale dates. As a result, the exact holding period of securities is unknown. Furthermore, some funds may window-dress their portfolios to hide their actual investment strategy from their investors or from competing funds, as shown byMeier and Schaumburg (2004).

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  • Chapter 3 ECONOMIC AND ECONOMETRIC MICHAEL D. INTRILIGATOR The comparison of different hypotheses, i.e. of competing models, is the basis of model specification. It may be performed along two main lines. The first one consists in associating with each model a loss function and in retaining the specification

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  • Chapter 15 APPROXIMATING THE DISTRIBUTIONS OF ECONOMETRIC ESTIMATORS AND TEST STATISTICS THOMAS J. ROTHENBERG The comparison of different hypotheses, i.e. of competing models, is the basis of model specification. It may be performed along two main lines.

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