Competent family physicians

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  • The decision-making process is at the core of ethics and medicine. Family physicians in residency training spend three years learning to make decisions with, for and about patients and their health care. Most of these daily decisions have potential ethical implications. Competent family physicians must be able to recognize the ethical considerations in the care of patients in both in- and out-patient settings.

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  • The purpose of these guidelines is to provide the practicing physician with a rational and manageable approach to the diagnosis, treatment and control of pulmonary tuberculosis in the Philippines. By their very nature, these guidelines cannot encompass all eventualities. Care has been taken to confirm the accuracy of the information presented and to describe generally accepted practices.

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  • The quadrant map reveals just how important Capital Access is in affecting the ability of small businesses to compete. The recession hampers small businesses’ ability to secure funding for their short and long term needs, which in turn restrains their ability to grow and compete effectively. The map also reveals that Marketing and Innovation is not just a weak area, but a highly important one. The economy is likely sapping creativity in coming up with new ideas to grow their businesses.

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  • Intergenerational justice and development considerations also factor into the equation. In fact, in December 2007, at the opening of high-level inter governmental negotiations in Bali, Indonesia, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told ministers and Heads of State: “Climate change affects us all, but it does not affect us all equally. Those who are least able to cope are being hit hardest. Those who have done the least to cause the problem bear the gravest consequences.

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  • In addition to clarifying educational outcomes as they relate to workforce needs and expectations, competencies are critical to linking course learning objectives to the SPH/PHP instructional objectives. The CEPH criteria require each SPH/PHP to state a mission that is supported by institutional goals for instruction, service and research. Goals are broad idealistic statements of how the institution’s efforts in research, service and instruction lead to the stated mission.

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  • Women’s movements like International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo and Women’s conference in Beijing sought to mainstream reproductive health and gender issues in the development discourse to establish women’s rights, ameliorate their poor health status and to empower them (International Conference on population and Development, 1994; Beijing declaration and Platform for action, 1995).

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  • Specialist treatments for alcohol problems are effective. A health technology assessment from NHS Quality Improvement Scotland concluded that specialist services are effective for relapse prevention if offering behavioural self control training, motivational enhancement therapy, family therapy/community reinforcement approach and/or coping/communication skills training (see Annex 8).

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  • Only peer-reviewed studies published in English in the last decade (1995–2005) were included in this review. The search was limited to the last decade in order to source the most recent, high-quality evidence [27]. This decision was justified on the grounds that systematic reviews evaluating the earlier literature found many of the included studies to be of poor or moderate methodologi- cal quality [13-15] and based on the findings of Moseley et al (2002), it was assumed that the more recent literature was more likely to be of higher methodolgical quality.

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  • This report examines the sectors that are expected to grow and develop over the next several years. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) will create new opportunities in already-expanding industries such as health care and education, and also will create new opportunities in fledgling industries, such as renewable energy production and distribution. Employers demand workers who can think critically and solve problems. As a result, future prosperity will require greater worker investment in post-secondary education and training. The current U.S.

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  • Individuals can benefit from enhanced peace of mind, less anxiety and less pain – and better health outcomes when waiting times are very long29 – when provided with speedier access to care, as afforded by private health insurance in duplicate PHI markets. There are nonetheless trade-offs with other policy goals, such as equity, which have led policymakers in the Netherlands to make different policy choices.

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  • Under GHI, the U.S. is committed to supporting partner country government efforts to streamline reporting and administrative requirements. We are supporting country-led data collection and analysis and harmonizing GHI report- ing requirements with those of other donors and multilateral organizations.

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  • This conversation is an opportunity to rethink how commitments on gender equality can be anchored in development partnerships with different actors in the context of post-Rio and post-2015. Participants are expected to discuss innovative thinking on how MA must advance conceptually and how gender equality can be anchored at the heart of this discussion.

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  • NFPA Documents are copyrighted by the NFPA. They are made available for a wide variety of both public and private uses. These include both use, by reference, in laws and regulations, and use in private self-regulation, standardization, and the promotion of safe practices and methods. By making these documents available for use and adoption by public authorities and private users, the NFPA does not waive any rights in copyright to these documents. Use of NFPA Documents for regulatory purposes should be accomplished through adoption by reference.

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  • Doctors are obviously not undiscerning recipients of advertising and other forms of promotion. Smith (2003) says “Your opinion may not be bought, but it seems rude to say critical things about people who have hosted you so well.” He goes on to say that the easy dichotomy of pharmaceutical giants as villains and doctors as innocent victims is over-simplifying the situation. Clearly doctors need to use drugs in order to deliver their services, and it is also reasonable that firms should be allowed to promote their products.

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  • The narratives of Hindi cinema have undoubtedly been male dominated and male centric. Themes have been explored from the male audience‟s point of view. The heroine is always secondary to the hero. Her role is charted out in context of any male character which is central to the script. It may be the hero, the villain, the father, the boss, an elderly male figure etc. She is devoid of any independent existence and her journey throughout the film is explored in relation to the male character.

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  • With an annual human population growth rate of 2.4%, the present 77.4 million Ethiopia’s human population will increase to about 149.3 million by the year 2040 (FAO 2005). The rural to urban ratio will also continue to change and is expected to increase in favour of urban population in the coming 25 years. The current rural and urban distribution of 84.7% and 15.3% will gradually reach 80.1% and 19.9% by the year 2020 (CSA 2008). Vulnerable age groups (up to 14 years) will account for 34% of the population.

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  • These guidelines are provided to help iOS Developer Program members correctly promote their aΣliation with the App Store on websites, advertising, and all other marketing communications. The guidelines include important information on using the App Store badges, best marketing practices related to the App Store, and details on the use of Apple product images. Important: Apple approval required All marketing or advertising materials in print or video format, or materials with high visibility in any format, must be submitted to and approved by Apple before publication or broadcast.

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  • In the early stages of the planning process your plan will not contain definitive information, but it will help to keep you on track and will reassure partners and stakeholders that you are planning a safe, well -thought out and organised event. As the planning progresses, you will be updating this document and you should make sure that your fellow event organisers are updating their relevant areas of responsibility as well. All those undertaking key roles on the event day should receive a copy of the final Event Management Plan (EMP) in advance, to allow time...

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  • The actual discrimination in the market place against a minority group depends on the combined discrimination of employers, workers, consum- ers, schools, and governments. The analysis shows that sometimes the environment greatly softens, while at other times it magnifies, the impact of a given amount of prejudice. For example, the discrepancy in wages be- tween equally productive blacks and whites, or women and men, would be much smaller than the degree of prejudice against blacks and women when many companies can efficiently specialize in employing mainly blacks or women....

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  • The role of “mechanization” also needs consideration. Firstly, the asset base of farms must be appropriate to their needs – over capitalization will result in unprofitable farming. Secondly, it should be emphasised that the issue is management, and that mechanization is necessary to support modern management, no more and no less. A developed dairy industry including mechanised farms can create eight types of different entrepreneurs in the village.

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