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  • Most observers of the economy now accept that a major shift occurred during the 1970s. The rapid productivity growth of the postwar years came to an end—for reasons that are still being debated among economists and historians. Wage growth lagged, and the economy suffered multiple shocks from energy prices and rapid inflation. The surge of births in the postwar baby boom meant that the labor force grew rapidly, while women were entering the labor force in numbers unprecedented in peacetime.

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  • Geographic Considerations Entries may be entered into only one local ADDY Awards competition, which is determined by the location of the agency at which the work was created. In addition, the piece MUST be entered under the Geographic Considerations of the entrant. In Elements of Advertising, entries may only be entered in the CBSA, DMA or MSA in which it was created by the original creator of the work, not the agency who commissioned the work. If an affiliated competition does not exist in the CBSA, DMA or MSA, the district will direct the entrant to the nearest affiliated competition.

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  • Some key indicators for ME and total manufacturing have already been compared above. This section adopts a dynamic approach in performing this analysis and aims to compare how gross value added, labour productivity, employment, wages, and unit labour costs of ME and total manufacturing have evolved over time. Gross value added (GVA) is considered as a first performance measure. Figure 2.4 plots the relative development of real GVA over a period from 1995 to 2008. There has been a close co-development until 2004, with ME achieving higher growth rates thereafter.

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  • A variety of reforms have been implemented and attempted since the previous HiT profile on Hungary was published in 2004, with varying success.

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  • “Paraprofessionals often possess unique skills that help them know the students in a way that helps students learn. These unique skills are often the result of paraprofessionals’ spending more time with the students, knowing them from the community, and sometimes sharing the same culture and language. Positive school environments were characterised by paraprofessionals working as a team with teachers, being viewed as educators, being treated respectfully by all school personnel and parents, and feeling rewarded by their work with children.

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  • The second difference has to do with the tax treatment of capital gains. In the United Kingdom, the system is simple: Investors only pay capital gains tax when they sell their shares in a fund. In the United States, however, investors face an additional form of capital gains tax. U.S. mutual funds must distribute net capital gains realized by the fund, and when they do so, their investors are liable for tax on these distributions.

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  • Projects of greater than 9 months should be organized as a program containing multiple, but discrete, medium and large projects. Regardless of size, all projects will need to address the factors described above. What will vary is how long it takes to execute, and the detail of the product. Project Initiation should be conducted in a relatively short timeframe when compared to the rest of the project. Small projects should take one or two days, whereas medium to large may take two to four elapsed weeks. Small projects will produce a Project Initiation Checklist.

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  • A focus on investments in agriculture, agribusinesses and other areas linked to agriculture. Given the research subject, the identified investment funds have a clear focus on investments in agriculture and/or agribusiness. The funds might therefore target agriculture directly or indirectly (e.g. through investments in MFIs that provide access to finance to smallholders). These funds may be part of a “family of funds” managed by a fund manager.

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  • AUM of the equity funds increased nearly three folds from approximately 99 billion Baht in 2006 to 261 billion Baht in 2010. Unlike developed capital markets, proportion of equity funds to total asset under management of the industry in Thailand is stable around 11% and 15% in 2006 and 2010. Higher value of asset under management of equity funds can be decomposed into two factors, which are valuation and new flow factors. As Thai stock market index (SET) had increased from the vicinity of 700 points in 2006 to the level of 1,000 points in 2010, higher value in equity...

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  • π π Effective users are more likely to use social media to monitor trends, research new product ideas via social networks, have an online user group for customers, and collect and track customer reviews on their website. π π Effective users are more likely to know where customers are talking about them on the Web and prioritize their social media activities accordingly. Out of all the executives in the survey, only one-quarter said they could target where their most important customer segments discussed their brands and services.

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  • Because of this projects often stay at the pre-implementation stage; of course, this may be because the initial idea wasn’t a good one in the first place, or that it has proved not to be feasible. Finding out that a proposal is impracticable or unworkable is actually a useful result of a project as it eliminates mistakes which could prove costly if implemented without experimentation. On the other hand it’s very wasteful to lose successful innovations through unsuccessful implementation.

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  • On UCITS, ESMA expects to provide input at the relevant stage on the delegated acts and/or technical standards that may be required under the UCITS V Directive. ESMA’s previous work on depositaries and remuneration under the AIFMD will provide useful benchmarks on which to build. In addition, and subject to developments at the level of the EU institutions, ESMA may be tasked with further work in relation to the VC and SEF Regulations.

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  • Similarly, when the price is below p*, the quantity supplied qs is less than the quantity demanded qd. This causes some buyers to fail to find goods, leading to higher asking prices and higher bid prices by buyers. The tendency for the price to rise is illustrated with the arrows pointing up. The only price which doesn’t lead to price changes is p*, the equilibrium price in which the quantity supplied equals the quantity demanded. The logic of equilibrium in supply and demand is played out daily in markets all over the world, from stock, bond...

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  • Forty-five days after the publication of this Plan, new systems in areas of high congestion, subject to local conditions, shall meet the one vc per 12.5 kHz efficiency standard or equivalent of Phase 1 spectrum efficiency criteria. In certain circumstances, new systems that make use of equipment not meeting the spectrum efficiency criteria may be authorized. For example, a new system that optimizes the use of the existing spectrum environment through vertical loading may be permitted. Such systems would be considered as any other non-standard system as per the calendar of events.

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  • To permit our employees to communicate directly with one another as well as with vendors and customers, Molten Metals, Inc. provides a network of e-mail accounts. Access to e-mail is at the sole discretion of Molten Metals, Inc., and we will determine who is to be so empowered. Under President Duarte's leadership, all messages sent and received (even those intended as personal) are treated as business messages. Molten Metals, Inc. has the capability to and reserves the right to access, review, copy, and delete any messages sent, received, or stored on the company e-mail server.

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  • Estimation results for CO2 emissions are provided in Table 1. Column I reports results for the basic model, in which total population size is the only demographic aspect looked at. The results are generally in line with expectations. 3 Since all variables are expressed in logarithms, the estimated coefficients can be interpreted as elasticities. Affluence (GDPpc) has the expected positive impact on emissions and its elasticity is just below one. The manufacturing share (MANFsh) is insignificant, but a higher energy intensity (ENERGYint) is associated with higher emissions.

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  • The airport’s newest pier, Pier D, was designed by KHRAS Architects. It is the first stage of Terminal 4, which will be extended to match traffic growth in the future. Like Piers A, B and C, Pier D, which is 200 m long and 20 m wide, was designed to fit in with the existing architecture while retaining its own identity. Pier D is the first airport pier with jatoba floors - the same attractive hard- wood is used in much of the central transit area.

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  • First, replicas need to check if they are receiving a valid sequence of operations from each client. Most checks are simple, such as verifying if a BEGIN is always followed by a COMMIT/ROLLBACK and if the unique identifiers that are sent are valid. There is one additional aspect that could be exploited by a Byzantine client: the client first executes operations in the coordinator and later propagates the complete se- quence of operations (and results) to all replicas. At this moment, the coordinator does not execute the op- erations, as it has already executed them.

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  • We measure the reliable transport of event features from source nodes to the sink in terms of the number of received data packets. Regardless of any application-specific metric that may actually be used, the number of received data packets is closely related to the amount of information acquired by the sink for the detection and extraction of event features. Hence, this serves as a simple but adequate event reliability measure at the transport level.

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  • The presence of children is also a factor. Women who postponed having children after age 28 earned at least 6% more in 1998 than women who had their children earlier. This is because wage growth and promotion opportunities occur early in on womenís careers. 4 A 1996 Canadian study found that low paid workers tended to be young and female, with an education of high school or less. In addition, they often worked part time in service occupations.

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