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  • An effective budget should enable you to monitor progress at each phase and to identify precisely when and why actual expenses vary from your estimate. Thus, your budget cannot be constructed on an overall project basis; it needs to be broken down by phase. All of the budget elements—labor, fixed expenses, and variable expenses—will vary according to the demands of each phase. Some phases will move along relatively quickly and will require minimal team involvement and little or no expense.

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  • Often businesses such as stores, restaurants, hotels, or theaters have policies that can exclude people with disabilities. For example, a “no pets” policy may result in staff excluding people with disabilities who use dogs as service animals. A clear policy permitting service animals can help ensure that staff are aware of their obligation to allow access to customers using service animals.

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  • Legislatures are considering this issue. In 2008, the Maryland legislature amended its title laws to include brands for flood and cosmetic damage to the definition of salvage vehicles. The new law redefines the term “salvage” to mean that cost to repair the damaged vehicle is greater than 75 percent of the vehicle’s pre-damage fair market value. The fiscal note on the bill indicated it will prevent vehicles involved in accidents from being rebuilt and resold under false brands. ...

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  • HGFs are identified in either of two ways. First, as the share of firms in a population which has the highest growth during a particular time period, for instance, the one or five percent of firms with the highest growth rate in the studied period. Second, as firms growing at or above a particular pace, measured either in terms of growth between a start and end year, or as annualized growth over a specific number of years. The studied population is either continuing firms (also called permanent firms or ongoing firms), i.e., firms existing throughout the studied period; or new...

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