Compound adjectives

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  • A gerund phrase is a gerund plus any complements or modifiers: Singing the national anthem is traditional at many sports events. An infinitive is a verbal that is usually preceded by the word to. It is used as a noun, an adjective, or an adverb: I never learned to dance. (noun) She has an errand to run. (adjective) I will be happy to help. (adverb).

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  • This book has been written for students who are planning to take the Cambridge First Certificate in English and who want to develop their vocabulary for the exam. The various exercises throughout the book focus on the vocabulary that FCE students would expect to use in the Speaking, Writing and Use of English papers, or that they might come across in the Reading or Listening papers.

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  • - By the end of the lesson, the students are able to form and use compound adjective - By the end of the lesson, the students are able to use such passive forms as It is said that …. / is said that II- Lexical items : - well - behaved - well-kept II. Structures : It is expected that more buildings will be built in this area.

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  • We mentioned compounds of calcium, lithium, and strontium without specifying which compounds we were talking about. This may have given you the impression that only the spectrum of one of the elements in a compound can be observed. It is true that the flame of your alcohol burner is hot enough to produce the spectra of sodium, lithium, calcium, copper, and a few other elements, but that is not hot enough to produce the other spectra of elements, such as oxygen and chlorine. However, if we heat a sample of a compound to a sufficiently high temperature (for example,...

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  • To help Ss review whole knowledge which they leant from unit 1 to unit 7 - Ss can have the skill of doing examination tests II - language contents A. Grammar : compound adjectives, adjectives used as nouns B. Vocabulary : III- Techniques : Communicative approach. IV- Teaching aids : Textbooks, color chalk, photos, ruler …

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  • There is an answer key for all the exercises apart from the translation exercise at the end of each unit test. Each test has a total score of 100. These tests may be photocopied freely for classroom use. They may not be adapted, printed, or sold without the permission of Oxford University Press. Complete the sentences with a compound noun or adjective formed from life, house, or home. Make sure you spell the word correctly (one word, two words, or with a hyphen).

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  • In this paper, we systematically assess the value of using web-scale N-gram data in state-of-the-art supervised NLP classifiers. We compare classifiers that include or exclude features for the counts of various N-grams, where the counts are obtained from a web-scale auxiliary corpus. We show that including N-gram count features can advance the state-of-the-art accuracy on standard data sets for adjective ordering, spelling correction, noun compound bracketing, and verb part-of-speech disambiguation. ...

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  • Identifying whether a multi-word expression (MWE) is compositional or not is important for numerous NLP applications. Sense induction can partition the context of MWEs into semantic uses and therefore aid in deciding compositionality. We propose an unsupervised system to explore this hypothesis on compound nominals, proper names and adjective-noun constructions, and evaluate the contribution of sense induction. The evaluation set is derived from WordNet in a semisupervised way. Graph connectivity measures are employed for unsupervised parameter tuning. ...

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