Compromises and controversies

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  • Created in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the Department of Home­ land Security came into being with the daunting core mission of taking action to protect the United States from terrorist attack and the simultaneous requirement to continue to perform the numerous other critical functions of all its component agencies.

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  • the patterns of poverty and inequality that the first democratically elected government of South Africa had to address and also delves into the welfare sector, first under apartheid, and then the move towards developmental social welfare. Through this work, Lund allows readers to understand the transformation from traditional and discriminatory welfare under apartheid, to the more progressive and developmental social welfare system to emerge in South Africa.

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  • The previous editions of this book have never looked very much like their predecessors, and this fourth edition is no exception. Due to the accumulation of new findings during the seven years that has passed since the previous update, practically all chapters are either completely rewritten or are totally new. We (the editors) and the contributors have strived to reach a proper balance between the well-established “eternal truths” and the novel and even controversial findings.

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  • The third volume of the American Eloquence is devoted to the continuation of the slavery controversy and to the progress of the secession movement which culminated in civil war. To the speeches of the former edition of the volume have been added: Everett on the Nebraska bill; Benjamin on the Property Doctrine and Slavery in the Territories; Lincoln on the Dred Scott Decision; Wade on Secession and the State of the Union; Crittenden on the Crittenden Compromise; and Jefferson Davis's notable speech in which he took leave of the United State Senate, in January, 1861....

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