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  • Service Oriented Architecture is an Application Architecture that is designed to achieve loose coupling among interacting software applications. SOA provides greater flexibility in developing, integrating, and managing Enterprise Applications.Grid research, rooted in distributed and high performance computing, started in midto- late 1990s when scientists around the world acknowledged the need to establish an infrastructure to support their collaborative research on compute and data...

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  • Grid research, rooted in distributed and high performance computing, started in midto- late 1990s when scientists around the world acknowledged the need to establish an infrastructure to support their collaborative research on compute and data intensive experiments. Soon afterwards, national and international research and development authorities realized the importance of the Grid and gave it a primary position on their research and development agenda.

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  • This demo presents LeXFlow, a workflow management system for crossfertilization of computational lexicons. Borrowing from techniques used in the domain of document workflows, we model the activity of lexicon management as a set of workflow types, where lexical entries move across agents in the process of being dynamically updated. A prototype of LeXFlow has been implemented with extensive use of XML technologies (XSLT, XPath, XForms, SVG) and open-source tools (Cocoon, Tomcat, MySQL).

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  • Biomedical engineering and medical informatics are challenging and rapidly growing areas. Applications of information technology in these areas are of paramount importance. The aim of the first ITBAM conference was to bring together scientists, researchers and practitioners from different disciplines (mathematics, bioinformatics, biology, medicine, biomedical engineering and computer science) having such common interests.

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  • This module provides students with the first step toward taking information that they have gathered and organizing it to describe the current state. Students work with use cases and usage scenarios to describe workflow processes in the Ferguson and Bardell, Inc. case study.

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  • Chart the sequence of stages and steps to reflect the intrinsic and architectural dependencies inherent in the project. An output or product of one task will usually be the input to another, and this will be the primary driver in determining the task dependencies and workflow. Determine whether the successor task references (throughput) or updates (entry requirement) the input product. Some inputs may be sourced from outside the project. Identify these External Inputs (e.g., Long Range System Plan, Standards, Project Initiation report of another project, etc.).

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  • Dynamic models provide the development team with a detailed picture of the relationships of use cases and usage scenarios. The models provide current state descriptions of the workflow processes and important task sequences. In this activity, you will develop activity, interaction, and state models for the Ferguson and Bardell, Inc. case study.

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  • Data Handling in Biology--the application of computational and analytical methods to biological problems--is a rapidly evolving scientific discipline. Written in a clear, engaging style, Large Scale Data Handling in Biology is for scientists and students who are learning computational approaches to biology. The book covers the data storage system, computational approaches to biological problems, an introduction to workflow systems, data mining, data visualization, and tips for tailoring existing data analysis software to individual research needs....

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  • The City of Seattle Inter-Departmental Computer-Aided-Drafting (CAD) Standard was set in place to ensure that all CAD drafting work performed in house or by a city-hired consultant could be readily used by various city departments and easily translated into the city’s GIS network.

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  • In some event detection applications, events of interest occur over a relatively small proportion of the total time: e.g. alarm generation in surveillance systems, and extrac- tive summarization of raw video events. The automatic de- tection of temporal events that are relevant, but whose oc- currence rate is either expected to be very low or cannot be anticipated at all, constitutes a problem which has recently attracted attention in computer vision and multimodal pro- cessing under an umbrella of names (abnormal, unusual, or rare events) [17, 19, 6].

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  • Oracle 10g Workflow Người sử dụng Hướng dẫn nước thải Oracle Database 10g, phát hành vào năm 2003 và phát hành hiện tại, cho phép lưới điện (g trong 10g) máy tính. Lưới điện đơn giản chỉ là một hồ bơi của máy tính cung cấp cần thiết nguồn tài nguyên cho các ứng dụng trên một cơ sở cần thiết.

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  • If you have a Macintosh computer, you have your choice of using Lightroom or Aperture as a workflow tool. If you are on a PC, this will not work for you, and you can skip this lesson.

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  • Part IV Getting Art Out of Illustrator Clicking the little camera icon in the upper left of the panel allows you to capture a data set. Data sets are stored in Illustrator as XML data, and you can both import and export variables and data sets from the Variables panel menu. Because XML is a standard format, Illustrator can very easily integrate into complex workflows and back-end systems. Understanding scripting A script is a list of commands that are contained in a single file. When you run a script, your computer follows the commands that are contained within the script.

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  • The Internet is a loosely coupled federation of computer servers and clients. Clients are sometime disconnected, and yet they need to be able continue functioning. Rather than building tightly- coupled RPC-based applications, Internet-scale applications must be constructed as asynchronous tasks structured as workflows involving multiple autonomous agents. eMail gives an intuitive understanding of these design issues. You want to be able to read and send mail...

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  • This book focuses on the development of cloud-native applications. A cloud-native ap plication is architected to take advantage of specific engineering practices that have proven successful in some of the world’s largest and most successful web properties. Many of these practices are unconventional, yet the need for unprecedented scalability and efficiency inspired development and drove adoption in the relatively small number of companies that truly needed them. After an approach has been adopted successfully enough times, it becomes a pattern.

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  • In recent years, an increasing number of Internet-based groupware systems have been created for the support of distributed workgroups. The support of cooperative work processes with information technology has been studied by researchers in the area of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) [cf. Kies et al. 1998, Kamel/Davison 1998]. The most widely used information systems for CSCW are groupware [cf. Lewe/Krcmar 1991] and workflow management systems [Ellis et al. 1991].

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