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  • Once at the center of philosophy, the philosophy of concepts has now been marginalized, maybe because for a few years now, it has been stalled. The contrast with the psychology of concepts is stark. Psychologists working on categorization, induction, and reasoning have continued developing and refining their theories of concepts, discovering along the way a dazzling amount of phenomena.

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  • This article presents some of the outcomes of a study aimed at qualitatively examining the development of the faculty’s conceptions and philosophy of teaching and improvements in pedagogical competencies as a result of the implementation and transfer of the training programme.

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  • The vacuum is fast emerging as the central structure of modern physics. This collection brings together philosophically-minded specialists who engage these issues in the context of classical gravity, quantum electrodynamics, and the grand unification program. The vacuum emerges as the synthesis of concepts of space, time, and matter; in the context of relativity and the quantum this new synthesis represents a structure of the most intricate and novel complexity.

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  • Design Practice in Russia 66.1 66.2 66.3 Introduction Historical Evolution Masonry and Timber Bridges • Iron and Steel Bridges 66 Modern Development Standardization of Superstructures • Features of Substructure 66.4 Bridge Design Theory and Methods Design Codes and Specifications • Design Concepts and Philosophy • Concrete Structure Design • Steel Structure Design • Stability Design • Temporary Structure Design 66.5 Inspection and Test Techniques Static Load Tests • Dynamic Load Tests • Running in of Bridge under Load 66.6 Simon A.

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  • n this book Jerry Fodor contrasts his views about the mind with those of a number of well-known philosophers and cognitive scientists, including John McDowell, Christopher Peacocke, Paul Churchland, Daniel Dennett, Paul Smolensky, and Richard Dawkins. Several of these essays are published here for the first time. The rest originated as book reviews in the Times Literary Supplement, the London Review of Books, or in journals of philosophy or psychology. The topics examined include cognitive architecture, the nature of concepts, and the status of Darwinism in psychology.

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  • firmly established as the standard text for undergraduate courses in ethics, the book "elements of moral philosophy" introduces readers to major moral concepts and theories through eloquent explanations and compelling, thought-provoking discussions.

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  • The research is to definite a systematic conception of working quality of higher education intelligentsia in order to establish a scientific arguments of assessment of real situation in Vietnam, and then solutions to improving working quality of Vietnamese higher education intelligentsia are suggested in the beginning decades of the twenty-first century.

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  • The two conceptions “the Eastern” and “the Western” have been known for several recent decades. The Eastern is used to show the area of the sunrise, including Asian countries - the civilizations in the valleys of Nile River, Ganges River and Yellow River (Huang He River); whereas, the Western is used to show Western European countries such as England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain etc..., but not all the rest countries of the world.

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  • In this paper it is assumed that people can and should take responsibility for their actions and that we can hold them accountable if they do not, therefore, the aim of this is to investigate this assumption. A theoretical review for the concept of ―responsibility‖ in thirteen languages across four language groups was undertaken, following up on some insights from this survey to make a brief discussion of history of the philosophy of moral responsibility in the west, narrowing in to focus on the late-twentieth century work of Peter Strawson.

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  • Rudolf Carnap is a great philosopher of modern Western philosophy of the twentieth century. His thoughts relate to the topics of logics and linguistics in which the conception of semantics occupies an important position. He built a fairly complete semantic system in his classic work, Introduction to Semantics. The study of the logical thoughts of semantics of R. Carnap not only has important theoretical significance for philosophy and logics, but also suggests problems of linguistics and mathematics.

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  • My journey to learn and better understand Linux began over a decade ago, back in 1998. I had just installed my first Linux distribution and had quickly become intrigued with the whole concept and philosophy behind Linux. There are always many ways to accomplish a single task. The same can be said about Linux distributions. A great many have existed over the years. Some still exist, some have morphed into something else, yet others have been relegated to our memories.

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  • Previous editions of Neuroanatomy have endeavored 1) to provide a structural basis for understanding the function of the central nervous system; 2) to emphasize points of clinical relevance through use of appropriate terminology and examples; and 3) to integrate neuroanatomical and clinical information in a format that will meet the educational needs of the user. The goal of the sixth edition is to continue this philosophy and to present structural information and concepts in an even more clinically useful and relevant format.

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  • (BQ)The Management of Tourismconsiders and applies management concepts, philosophies and practices to the business of tourism. The book goes beyond a conceptual discussion of tourism, to cover management perspectives both in operational and strategic terms. It has been written to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental business management aspects of tourism, together with the specific techniques required for successful management of the variety of tourism businesses. Tài liệu The Management of Tourism: Part 1 Managing the Tourism System, Managing Tourism Businesses.

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  • Most small to medium-sized businesses struggle with marketing. The marketing function is often treated as a cost center--ad hoc activities that don’t provide measurable results that can be tracked to the bottom line. This e-book defines our Strategic Marketing Process that businesses can use to standardize their daily, monthly and annual revenue-generating activities. It covers more than just “traditional” marketing and ties together all go-to-market business activities: strategic planning, financial planning and measurement, creative development, marketing execution and sales.

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  • The aim of this introduction is to offer a brief outline of Bohr’s complementarity as an interpretation of quantum mechanics and of the phenomena in question in it, quantum phenomena. This outline may be seen as primarily philosophical insofar as it aims to delineate the philosophical content of Bohr’s key concepts.

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  • About Mill: John Stuart Mill (20 May 1806 – 8 May 1873), English philosopher, political theorist, political economist, civil servant and Member of Parliament, was an influential liberal thinker of the 19th century whose works on liberty justified freedom of the individual in opposition to unlimited state control. He was an exponent of utilitarianism, an ethical theory developed by Jeremy Bentham, although his conception of it was very different from Bentham's. He clearly set forth the premises of the scientific method.

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  • This book embraces the most recent developments in modern operative dentistry, but has attempted to merge these with traditional practice. Students, colleagues, and general dental practitioners have requested an evidence-based approach to the practical concepts in modern restorative dentistry. One important philosophy that is emphasized in this book is that the prevention of dental caries, restoration failure, and periodontal disease should be the basis of all operative dentistry.

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  • This book examines different conceptions of death and their impact on Â�children’s cognitive and emotional development. It not only addresses Â�practical and clinical issues related to children’s developing understanding of death, but also focuses on theoretical and philosophical aspects Â�linking children’s concept of death to religion, morality, politics, and law. The Â�material is drawn from a wide range of disciplines including psychology, anthropology, philosophy, medicine, education, and the law.

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  • As will be apparent from other chapters in this book, it is a mistake to think that case management begins and ends with the Criminal Procedure Rules (the Rules).1 The Rules set out objectives and provide tools to assist the Judge and the parties in the preparation and progression of a case. But the concepts are not new. Quite apart from the Rules, the basics and philosophy of case management were set out clearly in the judgment of Judge LJ in Chaaban.

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  • Lecture 8 - AutoCAD - History, basic concepts, edit and view. This chapter presents the following content: CAD systems and AutoCAD in general; philosophy of AutoCAD; model & layout space, UCS; layer technique; graphical & textual window; options; drawing & editing commands.

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