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  • Lecture Fundamentals of computing 1: Lecture 4 introduce the conditional expression. This chapter presents the following content: The if statements, the if/else statements, the switch statements.

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  • Oracle Database Application Developer’s Guide - Expression Filter provides usage and reference information about Expression Filter, a feature of Oracle Database that stores, indexes, and evaluates conditional expressions in relational tables. Application developers and DBAs can save time and labor by using Oracle Expression Filter to store and evaluate large sets of conditional expressions in the database.

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  • Scala smoothly integrates object-oriented and functional programming. It is designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and typesafe way. Scala introduces several innovative language constructs. For instance:At the same time, Scala is compatible with Java. Java libraries and frameworks can be used without glue code or additional declarations. This document introduces Scala in an informal way, through a sequence of examples.

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  • Application developers and DBAs can save time and labor by using Oracle Expression Filter to store and evaluate large sets of conditional expressions in the database. Conditional expressions can describe business rules and interests in expected data for applications involving personalized information distribution, demand analysis, and task assignment.

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  • Our understanding of the importance of noncoding RNA molecules is steadily growing. One such important class of RNA molecules are microRNAs (miRNAs). These tiny RNAs fulfi ll important functions in cellular behavior by infl uencing the protein output levels of a high variety of genes through the regulation of target messenger RNAs. Moreover, miRNAs have been implicated in a wide range of diseases. In pathological conditions, the miRNA expression levels can be altered due to changes in the transcriptional or posttranscriptional regulation of miRNA expression.

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  • This paper presents a semi-supervised training method for linear-chain conditional random fields that makes use of labeled features rather than labeled instances. This is accomplished by using generalized expectation criteria to express a preference for parameter settings in which the model’s distribution on unlabeled data matches a target distribution. We induce target conditional probability distributions of labels given features from both annotated feature occurrences in context and adhoc feature majority label assignment. ...

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  • The purpose of this manuscript is to present a fixed point theorem using a contractive condition of rational expression in the context of ordered partial metric spaces.

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  • The result showed that only 6% single cancer cells developed into tumorspheres during culture process. Then, flow cytometry and immunofluorescence analysis was carried out to evaluate the expression of CSC markers CD44 and ALDH in samples taken from tumorspheres which arose from gastric CSCs. The results showed that gastric CSCs formed tumorspheres in 3D culture condition with a high expression of 92% and 40,1% for markers CD44 and ALDH, respectively.

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  • In this paper, the elastoplastic stability of cylindrical shells simultaneously subjected to compression force along the generatrix and external pressure has been presented. Two types of considered kinematic boundary conditions are simply supported and clamped at the butt-ends. The expressions for determining the critical forces by using the Bubnov-Galerkin method [3] have been established. The sufficient condition of extremum for a long cylindrical shell also is considered. Some results of numerical calculation have been also given and discussed.

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  • The isolated ns1 gene was high identity with Dengue virus 1 polyprotein-like gene (gene ID: JQ045627.1). The ns1 gene was successfully inserted into the expression vector pET22b(+) in an open reading frame. The successful expression of recombinant NS1 protein (rNS1) in E. coli BL21 (DE3) was checked by SDS-PAGE and confirmed by Western blot. Some suitable conditions for high expression of rNS1 protein were 0.3 mM IPTG, 4 hours induction and initial inoculum density of 0.2.

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  • This study examined the influence of drought stress during the flowering stage of 2 canola cultivars on some physiological characteristics, antioxidant activities, and gene expression of antioxidant enzymes. Significant differences were observed among interactions of cultivars and levels of drought stress in total shoot dry material, relative water content percentage, proline, carbohydrates, gene expression, and activities of antioxidant enzymes.

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  • In the present study, α-luffin protein was expressed in E. coli and the effects of different temperature conditions, SUMO fusion tag, and cultivation strategies on total expression and solubility were investigated.

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  • Amino acid sequence comparisons for some higher plant ω-3 desaturases show that ω-3 desaturases, including B. napus and P. frutescens ω-3 desaturases, are highly conserved amino acid sequences. This is the first report of P. frutescens ω-3 desaturase expression in yeast. All ω-3 desaturases may have the same behaviors if they are expressed under the control of the same promoter and the same conditions.

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  • Under drought stress, a signaling system induces the expression of specific genes to alleviate the harmful effects of drought stress. The BZIP gene is a transcription factor in the signaling abiotic stresses and plays a role in the regulation of responses to different stresses in plants.

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  • Here is a list of the most common idioms that you could expect to encounter on the Listening Section. 1. ace: make an "A" on a test, homework assignment, project, etc. "Somebody said you aced the test, Dave. That's great! 2. all right (1): expression of reluctant agreement. A: "Come to the party with me. Please!" B: "Oh, all right. I don't want to, but I will." 3. all right (2): fair; not particularly good. A: "How's your chemistry class?" B: "It's all right, I guess, but it's not the best class I've ever had." 4. all right (3): unharmed; in satisfactory condition.

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  • eate a simple Visual Basic .NET-based application based on the Windows Application template. Use forms and controls to create a user interface. Create and use variables and arrays. Create and use Sub and Function procedures, including predefined functions. Implement decision structures and loops by using conditional expressions. Validate user input for fields, controls, and forms. Apply object-oriented programming techniques to create classes, add methods, and add properties.

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  • In this chapter, we shall first consider chance experiments with a finite number of possible outcomes ω1 , ω2 , . . . , ωn . For example, we roll a die and the possible outcomes are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 corresponding to the side that turns up. We toss a coin with possible outcomes H (heads) and T (tails). It is frequently useful to be able to refer to an outcome of an experiment. For example, we might want to write the mathematical expression which gives the sum of four rolls of a die.

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  • Descriptive statistics were used for demographic variables, expressed as mean and standard deviation in the case of continuous variables with a normal distribution. In case of an asymmetrical distribution the median and inter-quartile (IQ) values were used. Noncontiguous variables were presented as frequencies. The Shapiro-Wilk test was used to determine a normal distribution.

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  • Penna et al. AMB Express 2011, 1:21 ORIGINAL Open Access A simple method to evaluate the number of bradyrhizobia on soybean seeds and its implication on inoculant quality control Claudio Penna1, Rosana Massa1, Florencia Olivieri1, Gabriel Gutkind2 and Fabricio Cassán3* Abstract Soybean seeds are non-sterile and their bacterial population interferes with the enumeration of beneficial bacteria, making it difficult to assess survival under different conditions.

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  • The standards in this report harmonise and, where appropriate, strengthen the existing international standards for payment systems (PS) that are systemically important, central securities depositories (CSDs), securities settlement systems (SSSs), and central counterparties (CCPs). The revised standards also incorporate additional guidance for over- the-counter (OTC) derivatives CCPs and trade repositories (TRs).

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