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  • Mock conference has been documented as an effective way to prepare interpreters for future professional careers in many institutions. In Vietnam; however, its effectiveness remains inconclusive as research on this activity has been rarely reported.

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  • "Đề cương học phần Phiên dịch văn bản hội Nghị Anh - Việt (Conference Interpretation)" được biên soạn nhằm cung cấp đến các bạn sinh viên thông tin tổng quan về môn học bao gồm phân bố chương trình, tóm tắt nội dung, các yêu cầu của môn học, cách đánh giá kết quả học tập...

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  • Providing service to individuals who do not speak English is a requirement in today’s environment. In order to meet the range of needs present in a community, most non-profit service providers, LEA’s and school districts will need to communicate across language differences.

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  • This research, completed under the sponsorship of the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS, VNU) in the VNU research grant No QG.15.35 “Models for English-Vietnamese translation assessment”, has piloted Kurz’s model in 1989 with eight criteria in assessing simultaneous interpreting quality in three conferences.

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  • Một số bài viết trên tạp chí như: the effects of using mock conferences to teach interpretation skills to the 4th year cadets of the English Department at Military Science Academy; investigating the effects of task repetition on fluency and accuracy in English oral performance of low level adult students: A case study at Vietnam Air Defence and Air Force Academy; application of sense relations to teaching English vocabulary...

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  • Unit Four International System of Units. reading passage. International System of Units. International system of unit is the name adopted by the Eleventh General Conference on Weights and Measures, held in Paris in 1960, for a universal, unified, self-consistent system of measurement units based on the MKS (meter-kilogram-second) system. The international system is commonly referred to throughout the world as SI, after the initials of Systome International.

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  • The topics of control engineering and signal processing continue to flourish and develop. In common with general scientific investigation, new ideas, concepts and interpretations emerge quite spontaneously and these are then discussed, used, discarded or subsumed into the prevailing subject paradigm. Sometimes these innovative concepts coalesce into a new sub-discipline within the broad subject tapestry of control and signal processing. This preliminary battle be- tween old and new usually takes place at conferences, through the Internet and in the journals of the discipline.

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  • The National Conference is emerging as a modern African form of government restructuring. It is closely modeled on village consensus politics. Under the silk cotton tree in the center of the village, every Elder in turn takes the Word and has his say. Each Elder carefully repeats the points he agrees with from previous speeches, then adds certain aspects that will be taken up and repeated in their turn. So finally the Chief interprets consensus. This is the decision of the village... It is slow but it works. Robert Lacville Guardian Weekly, October 27, 1991 At a recent...

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  • Several of the conference’s participants presented the results of fMRI studies of participants performing aesthetic appreciation tasks. As in other areas of neuroscience, however, blobs of signifi- cant BOLD response tell us little unless one really understands their relation to the cognitive and affective processes involved in the specific task.

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