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  • Most of the people I meet in my work perceive themselves as not capable of much. Some don’t even particularly like themselves. I know how they feel. As a young man I felt the same, and it nearly destroyed me before I acquired the confidence to become a teacher, therapist and organiser of personal development and complementary therapy courses.

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  • These issues have brought us into contact with an expanded set of policymakers—both here and abroad. Under Dodd- Frank, established regulators like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and new ones like the Financial Stability Oversight Council are writing rules that aˆect funds and their advisers. And worldwide, policymakers are adopting a more global stance. The Institute has worked to ensure that policy- makers understand the functioning and vital role of our funds. As always, our approach has been highly substantive and constructive.

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  • Imagine how different your life would be if you felt more confident. Fears would be only a faint memory of days gone by. You’d know without a doubt that you could achieve whatever you set your mind to and nothing could hold you back. You’d be living the life you’ve always desired! Self-confidence is perhaps the most important quality that sets successful people apart from others. ink of every person you know who has achieved a measure of success.

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  • Performance evaluation measures the skill of an asset manager and its principal idea is to compare the returns with an alternative appropriate portfolio to that which was obtained in a particular case. The emergence of modern portfolio theory (MPT) by Markowitz (1952), who quantifies how rational investors make decisions based on expected return and risk, has brought much development to portfolio performance measurement.

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  • In the Burdett and Judd (1983) model retailers are selling only one good and thus setting only one price. As a result, while lowering it to attract the shoppers they also lose sure pro t they earn from the captives. In contrast, if retailers are selling two complements, they can keep the sum of the two prices constant at the joint reservation value of the two goods (thus ensuring that the pro t earned from the captives is unchanged) and lower one of the prices, engaging aggressively in a price competition for the shoppers. Joint discrimination is impossible if the two goods are substitutes.

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  • Of late, the coastal ecosystems are highly degraded due to high population and industrial growth (Glasby & Roonwal, 1995; UNEP, 1997). Due to various pollutions including pesticide poisoning (Sen Gupta et al., 1990), over exploitation of water resources by power plant industries and the municipal uses and encroachment for urban developments force the fishing community to the brink of disappearance. When those natural resources are imperilled, so too are the livelihoods of the many people who live and work there.

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  • There is an oft-quoted saying believed to have originated as a Chinese proverb: “May you live in interesting times”. It is often not interpreted with a positive connotation! At present, it would be fair to say that the Indian mutual fund industry is living in interesting times. It remains to be seen how positively that can be interpreted. The last few years have seen a series of events, both within and outside the Indian economy, which have had a deleterious effect on the industry. The world as we knew it has changed in many ways....

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  • I am encouraged in arguing for such a view by a trend that seems to characterize some recent anthropological and philosophical literature, a trend towards recognizing that aesthetics may be usefully defined independently of art. The anthropologist Jacques Maquet, for example, has argued repeatedly (e.g. 1979: 45; 1986: 33) that art and aesthetics are best treated as independent. Among philosophers, Nick Zangwill (1986: 261) has argued that ‘one could do aesthetics without mentioning works of art! Sometimes I think it would be safer to do so.’ And T. J. ...

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  • A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey indicates that a significant communication gap exists between executive management and the internal audit function at many companies. This disturbing revelation is a formula for failure during a period of rising expectations for internal audit. Given the strong link between effective communication and management’s perception of internal audit performance, it is imperative that an internal audit group communicate effectively with its internal stakeholders.

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  • I was then appointed the Associate Administrator for Organization and Management, combining the various Agency management functions, as Bob Seamans describes. But, well before that, with the initiation of the Apollo program, there was the need to integrate the activities of the Centers and bring strong in-house NASA people together into the newly established Office of Manned Space Flight. The need to identify a strong leader was urgent.

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  • There are about eight to 16 million people with low and moderate incomes and poor credit who earn below $40,000 a year who are subjected to the sub prime lending market. The Federal Reserve reports that those earning $30,000 or less per year, such as Jesus, paid an annual interest rate that was 56.1 percent higher than people earning $90,000 a year . In addition, most buy here/pay here lots do not report payment history to the credit reporting agencies, which prevents consumers from strength- ening their credit history through steady repayment of their car loan. ...

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  • The DBMS field has always focused on capturing, organizing, storing, analyzing, and retrieving structured data. Until recently, there was limited interest in extending a DBMS to also manage text, temporal, spatial, sound, image, or video data. However, the Web has clearly demonstrated the importance of these more sophisticated data types. The general problem is that as systems add capabilities, it is hard to make these additions “cleanly.” Rather, there is a tendency to do the minimum necessary to...

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  • Prof. Wang is studying how bone cells sense external mechanical forces, which allows living bone tissue to adapt to its mechanical usage. With the absence of mechanical stimulation (such as the microgravity for astronauts) and loss of sensitivities of detecting the loads (such as during aging), bone mass decreases and bone structure degenerates, eventually leading to bone fracture. recent studies have found that osteocytes—the most abundant cells buried inside the mineralized matrix—serve as sensors that orchestrate bone adaptation....

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  • Multimedia instructional systems have been widely applied in teaching and learning, but the media presentation mode that is best for English listening comprehension remains uncertain, and whether unnecessary information led to cognitive overload for learners also remains inconclusive. According to the studies done by Jones and Plass (2002) and Diao, Chandler and Sweller (2007), students learning with double mode (sound and text) outperformed students learning with single mode (sound) and had lower cognitive load. Studies...

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  • The ADA’s regulations and the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, originally published in 1991, set the standard for what makes a facility accessible. While the updated 2010 Standards retain many of the original provisions in the 1991 Standards, they do contain some significant differences. These standards are the key for determining if a small business’s facilities are accessible under the ADA.

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  • This paper focuses on the relations between corporate ownership structure and the quality of accounting information in seven East Asian economies excluding Japan. More specifically, we use the informativeness of accounting earnings to investors as a measure of the quality of accounting information. We develop two complementary arguments pertaining to the relations between ownership structure and earnings informativeness. The first argument is related to the entrenchment effect of ownership concentration (Morck, Shleifer, and Vishny, 1988).

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  • For example: You configure the MSA to quarantine messages when it detects that the messages are infected by a worm or a Trojan. You also enable mass-mailing behavior and set the MSA to delete all messages that demonstrate mass-mailing behavior. the MSA receives a message containing a worm such as a variant of MyDoom. This worm uses its own SMTP engine to send itself to email addresses that it collects from the infected computer.

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  • With each project, unique tasks are completed in a specified period and contribute to the final result. In contrast, ongoing operations are continuous and do not have a designated end date of completion. People assigned to a specific project may come from different parts of an organization or even from outside the organization; after completion of the project, these people will go to other projects or back to the original functions in their organizations (Levy, 1994).

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  • Meinong is nowadays principally remembered as an ontologist, his ideas valued as anticipations of work in rather deviant fields of logic and semantics. The Meinongian ontology was not, however, developed for its own sake, and its logical and semantic implications were far from being uppermost in Meinong's mind.

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  • It is not only acceptable for people to disagree with you, it is to be expected. Social media lowers the traditional barriers of authority and hierarchy. Never block or delete comments simply because someone disagrees with you. This does not mean you have to engage with such comments. One of the most challenging environ- ments for a parliament using social media is that the nature of comments will often be political, par- ticularly when featuring a controversial piece of legislation or investigation.

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