Configuring administrative tools

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  • Module Strategy Use the following strategy to present this module:  Configuring a File Server This topic introduces the Configuring Your Server page on the Administrative Tools menu. Explain to students that when they click File Server in the left pane of this page, the right pane will provide information about the tasks that are necessary for configuring a file server. It also provides hyperlinks to the Shared Folder wizard, Computer Management, and information about shared folders in Windows 2000 Help.

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  • As more companies are moving to Linux for mission-critical applications, security becomes a major issue. This guide explains the pros and cons of the most the valuable open source security tools and is complete with implementation details. It gives detailed instructions on the implementation, configuration, and use of publicly available tools and features of Linux as they relate to Linux security.

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  • This document describes how to configure and manage the MSM7xx Controllers. This document applies to the MSM710, E-MSM720, MSM760, and MSM765zl Controllers. These products are hereafter referred to generically as controller. HP Part Number: 5998-1422 Published: September 2012 Edition: 2

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  • Bạn khởi chạy System Monitor từ menu Start bằng cách chọn hiệu suất trong menu Administrative Tools trên bất kỳ máy tính chạy Windows. 2. Bạn sử dụng System Monitor để thu thập các dữ liệu số liên quan đến hệ thống khác nhau và các số liệu ứng dụng.

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  • Learning objectives of this chapter include: Secure the physical installation of and the administrative access to Cisco routers based on different network requirements using the CLI and CCP; configure administrative roles using privilege levels and role-based CLI; Implement the management and reporting features of syslog, SNMP, SSH, and NTP;...

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  • Module 1: Introduction to administering accounts and resources. This module explains how to administer accounts and resources on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 software in a networked environment.

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  • Lecture Managing and maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment - Module 1: Introduction to administering accounts and resources. This module explains how to administer accounts and resources on computers running Microsoft Windows Server 2003 software in a networked environment.

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  • 11. Click chọn Phải vào DHCP Relay Agent chọn properties, nhập vào địa chỉ IP của DHCP server: add ok 12. Tại client3 dùng lệnh Ipconfig /renew xem có xin được IP từ DHCP server thông qua Relay agent hay không, dùng lệnh Ipconfig /all Module 3: Managing and Monitoring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Tiếp tục lab của module 2 Lab 1: Quản lý database và backup DHCP 1. Data base của DHCP được lưu trong %systemroot%\system32\DHCP VSIC Education Corporation Trang 36 70-291 Tài liệu dành cho học viên 2.

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  • Chuẩn bị - Logon vào với Administrator, tạo user có tên là u1, đặt password là u1 - Logoff Administrator , Logon u1 - Logoff u1, Logon Administrator, Khởi động Vào menu Start, Program, Administrator Tools, Local Security Policy hoặc vào Start, Run, secpol.msc Cửa sổ trên giống một phần của cửa sổ Group Policy Object Editor (gpedit.msc) ở mục Computer Configuration ,Windows Settings, Security Settings cho nên ta có thể dùng gpedit.msc để xác định local Security Policy. ...

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  • Một số bạn thắc mắc về vấn đề mở Task Manager mà Regedit, – đã bị disable bởi virus hay vì một lý do nào khác, cách khắc phục: I. RegEdit Bước 1: Start - Run, gõ gpedit.msc để mở cửa sổ Group Policy Bước 2: Tìm đến nhánh User Configuration - Administrative Tempalates - System. Nhìn cửa sổ phía bên tay phải, tìm dòng Prevent access to registry editing tools. Double Click để mở cửa sổ Properties, chọn Disable. II.

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  • Tiếp theo bạn cần kích hoạt dịch vụ Routing and Remote Access trên Windows Server 2003. Bạn nhấp chuột vào Start Programs Administrative Tools Routing and Remote Access, hộp thoại mở ra bạn nhấp phải chuột lên biểu tượng server của bạn, chọn Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access. Chương trình sẽ xuất hiện hộp thoại Welcome to the Routing and Remote Access Server Setup Wizard.

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  • Among the methods to control weeds, the use of herbicides or weed killers has become the most reliable and least expensive tool for weed control in places where highly mechanized agriculture is practiced. Since the introduction of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in 1946, several classes of herbicides were developed that are effective for broad-spectrum of weed control (Böger et al, 2002; Cobb, 1992; Ware, 2000). It is well know that various compounds can interfere with photosynthetic electron transport....

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  • Bài tập 9.6 Cấu hình một máy phục vụ DNS 1. Chọn Start Program Administrative Tools DNS 2. Trong cửa sổ DNS, nhấn chuột phải vào máy phục vụ DNS của bạn và chọn Configure the Server. 3. Khi giao diện Configure DNS server Wizard xuất hiện, chọn Next 4. Trong hộp thoại Root Server, chọn This is the First DNS Server on the Network và nhấn nút Next. 5. Trong hộp thoại Forward lookup Zone, chọn Yes, Create a Forward Lookup Zone và nhấn nút Next. ...

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  • In the world of open-source software, the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) was the tool of choice for version control for many years. And rightly so. CVS was open-source software itself, and its non-restrictive modus operandi and support for networked operation allowed dozens of geographically dispersed programmers to share their work. It fit the collaborative nature of the open-source world very well. CVS and its semi-chaotic development model have since become cornerstones of open-source culture....

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  • Apply Configuration Management and automate wherever possible. There are many interdependencies between the configuration of grid services, the operating environment and other peer services. The secure deployment of user-level application software must also be taken into account.

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  • More complex networking services in Red Hat Linux require more advanced administration methods. While graphical tools such as Network Configuration (via the redhat-config-network command) are available to assist in configuring all aspects of Linux networking, the best way to learn networking is by practicing with the key command line utilities and associated configuration files.

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  • The Oracle Real Application Clusters Administrator's Guide also describes how to use the Server Control (SRVCTL) utility to start and stop the database and instances, manage configuration information, and to delete or move instances and services. You can also use the appendix to resolve various RAC tools error and informational messages. A troubleshooting section describes how to interpret the content of various RAC-specific log files.

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  • get the definitive reference for deploying, configuring, and supporting iis 7.0 with insights from a microsoft most valuable professional (mvp) and iis experts at microsoft. you get 800 pages of in-depth technical guidance on using iis 7.0 to help enable users to easily host and manage web sites, create web-based business applications, and extend file, print, media, and communication services to the web.

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  • AutoIt is becoming increasingly popular in the system administration field as a tool for automating administrative tasks. Although this is one of its more popular uses, you can use AutoIt to automate anything in a Windows environment. This powerful scripting language can run any program and manipulate keyboard and mouse input. With its RunAs support, administrators can perform unattended installations and configuration changes using embedded administrative privileges. This guide teaches you the foundations of the AutoIt v3 language.

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  • Two areas in which automation tools would be of great use to administrators of security policies are: reasoning about policies where the goal might be, for instance, detecting inconsistencies between a new security policy rule and an existing policy; and in finding network configurations which satisfy a set of policies. Security policies expressed in terms of firewall configuration are complicated and difficult to reason about, both for man and machine.

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