Configuring hibernate.

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  • Hibernate is an amazing piece of software. With a little experience and the power of Java 5 annotations, you can build a complex database-backed system with disturbing ease. Once you have built a system using Hibernate, you will never want to go back to the traditional approaches. While Hibernate is incredibly powerful, it presents a steep learning curve when you first encounter it—steep learning curves are actually a good thing, as they impart profound insight once you have scaled them. Yet gaining that insight takes some perseverance and assistance.

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  • To develop a web application, we create a dynamic web project “BookShopWeb” in Eclipse WTP. We need to configure an “Apache Tomcat v5.5” runtime environment for this applicat

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  • Integration is currently a hot topic. We live in an increasingly asynchronous world in which we need to interact with a bewildering range of systems, so our software applications need to support a variety of conversation patterns with disparate collaborators. Software that helps developers tackle this complexity is crucial. In the 2000s, Struts, Spring, and Hibernate replaced in-house web MVC, configuration, and persistence code with superior, battle-tested, and well-documented open source code.

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