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  • INDEX MAMP installing on Mac OS X, procedure for, 19 testing and configuring, procedure for, 20 many-to-many relationship, 417 max_execution_time, 142 MAX_FILE_SIZE, 148, 150, 164 max_input_time, 142 MEDIUMBLOB data type, 301, 73–74, 76, 78 menu.inc_01.php, 75–76 menu.inc_02.php, 78 menu.php, 255–257 menu_01.php, 255 menu_02.

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  • LIGHTENING YOUR WORKLOAD WITH INCLUDES Having said that, you can convert a site-root-relative path to an absolute one by concatenating the superglobal variable $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] to the beginning of the path like this: include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/includes/filename.php'); Most servers support $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], but you should check the PHP Variables section at the bottom of the configuration details displayed by phpinfo() to make sure. Now, this is the point that tends to confuse many people.

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  • Beginning PHP and MySQL: From Novice to Professional, Fourth Edition is a major update of W. Jason Gilmore's authoritative book on PHP and MySQL. The fourth edition includes complete coverage of PHP 5.3 features, including namespacing, an update of AMP stack installation and configuration, updates to Zend Framework, coverage of MySQL Workbench, and much more.

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  • Accessing Your MySQL Database from the Web with PHP CHAPTER 10 235 Bear in mind that there is a limit to the number of MySQL connections that can exist at the same time. The MySQL parameter max_connections determines what this limit is. The purpose of this parameter and the related Apache parameter MaxClients is to tell the server to reject new connection requests rather than allowing machine resources to be all used at busy times or when software has crashed. You can alter both of these parameters from their default values by editing the configuration files.

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  • CHAPTER 8 ■ EDITING THE CALENDAR WITH AJAX AND JQUERY Configuring the Form Submission Event Handler for Deletion Confirming event deletion requires a little more modification to init.js. To execute properly, the value of the Submit button needs to be stored and passed to the processing file. This is because the form can be submitted with either Yes, Delete It or Nope! Just Kidding! as values; the script checks which button was clicked to determine what action to take. To store the button’s value, use the this keyword as the jQuery selector, and then store the returned string from .

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  • USING PHP TO MANAGE FILES PHP Solution 7-5. If the hosting company refuses, you should consider moving to one with a better understanding of PHP. Configuration settings that affect local file access If the Local Value column for open_basedir or safe_mode_include_dir displays no value, you can ignore this section. However, if it does have a value, the meaning depends on whether the value ends with a trailing slash, like this: /home/includes/ In this example, you can open or include files only from the includes directory or any of its subdirectories.

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  • Installing PHP 4 and MySQL APPENDIX A 795 A INSTALLING PHP 4 AND MYSQL FIGURE A.4 The Services Control Manager allows you to configure the services running on your machine. To test whether or not MySQL is working, you can execute the following commands: C:\mysql\bin\mysqlshow C:\mysql\bin\mysqlshow -u root mysql C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin version status proc C:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin -u root shutdown These commands all work the same with the various Windows operating systems. MySQL will create two databases, the mysql and test databases.

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  • Giống như các phiên bản joomla trước, Joomla 2.5 cũng có 1 khu vực gọi là "Cấu hình chung" (Global Configuration) . Bạn có thể truy cập đến Global Configuration bằng cách đăng nhập vào quản trị Site Global Configuration. .Trong phần cấu hình chung này, bạn sẽ bắt gặp các tab như Site, System, Server và Permissions. Mỗi tab sẽ có một chức năng cụ thể như sau: 1. Site: Giúp bạn có thể cấu hình tất cả các thông tin cơ bản như tên site, tùy chỉnh SEO, metadata.

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  • Installing PHP 4 and MySQL APPENDIX A 785 Let’s begin! Become root by using su. $ su and enter the user root’s password. Change to the directory that you have stored the source files in, for example # cd /tmp/download/ Extract the files using the following command: # gunzip -c mysql-3.22.xx.tar.gz | tar xvf - A INSTALLING PHP 4 AND MYSQL Change to the new directory. This was created by tar during the extraction, like this: # cd mysql-3.22.xx Now you can start configuring the MySQL server. You can specify many options with the configure command.

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  • setting up 855 Send button, 704 send() function, 704 sending messages, online newsletters, 704-708 sending mail, 371 Warm Mail application, 649-652 forwarding messages, 651-652 new messages, 649-651 replying to messages, 651-652 send_message() function, 650-651 sensitive data, storing, 336-337 credit card numbers, 338 serialization, 450-451 serialize() function, 450-451 server logs, 271 servers Apache.

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  • The Zend Framework is one of today’s most popular PHP–based web application development frameworks. Beginning Zend Framework is a beginner’s guide to learning and using the Zend Framework. It covers everything from the installation to the various features of the framework to get the reader up and running quickly. What you’ll learn Install and configure the Zend Framework.Create your first Zend Framework web application. Explore controllers and actions, views, form creation, validation, and filtering. Build and access the database layer with Zend_Db. ...

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  • I have a confession to make. I’m an XML-phobe. I know, in today’s soci- ety of political correctness and respect for other cultures, that’s nothing short of inexcusable, but what can I say? I’m getting old and, therefore, cranky. When I first heard of XML a while back, I couldn’t help but thinking of it as the answer to a question nobody asked. This feeling was, in fact, aug- mented by the continuous misuse of this outrageously verbose in all sorts of places where it really didn’t belong. Have a configuration file? Let’s make it XML. Need to store data? ...

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  • Laravel is an MVC web-development framework written in PHP. It has been designed to improve the quality of your software by reducing both the cost of initial development and ongoing maintenance costs, and to improve the experience of working with your applications by providing clear expressive syntax and a core set of functionality that will save you hours of implementation time. Laravel was designed with the philosophy of using convention over configuration.

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  • This book serves as a detailed guide to setting up Nginx in different production situations: as standalone server, as reverse proxy, interacting with applications via FastCGI, and more. In addition, the complete directive reference will be your best friend at all stages of the configuration and maintenance processes.

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  • Trước khi cài đặt trên máy chủ (ở phạm vi nhỏ hơn là hosting) thì bạn hãy cài đặt MyBB trên máy tính của mình bằng cách sử dụng phần mềm Appserv giả lập máy chủ. Đây là một phần mềm mô phỏng máy chủ như Apache, PHP, MySQL link download: chúng ta nên tải phiên bản Appserv 2.5.10

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  • Ernest Hemingway once offered a particularly sober assessment of his trade, saying, "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." This being my fifth book, and the first published under my eponymous press, W.J. Gilmore LLC, I can sympathize with his appraisal. Thankfully, psychological first aid is readily available from the family, friends, and colleagues who always make this process much less painful.

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  • his book focuses on the nontechnical user who is responsible for building, maintaining, and managing Drupal web sites. The book covers why you should consider using Drupal when building a new web site, what Drupal is, installing and configuring Drupal, creating and managing content, managing users, adding functionality to your web site through Drupal modules, and more advanced topics on using themes, panels, and views.

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  • "Mastering Nginx" will serve to clarify the murky waters of NGINX configuration, helping you learn how to tune NGINX for various situations, what some of the more obscure configuration directives do, and how to design a decent configuration to match your needs.

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  • Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL, and Apache in 24 Hours combines coverage of these three popular open-source Web development tools into one easy-to-understand book -- and it comes with one easy-to-use Starter Kit CD-ROM for Windows or Linux. The book teaches the reader to install, configure and set up the PHP scripting language, the MySQL database system, and the Apache Web server.

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