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  • As a professional sales trainer, I have discovered a very important aspect of adult learning: people love simplicity. The simpler the better. I wrote this book with that goal in mind; to reveal the simplicity of selling. Selling is simple. Simple is fun. That is why the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Salespeople) prevails. This book offers an approach that strips away the perceived complexities of selling and discusses selling in its purest form: a dialogue between two human beings. The required skills of an effective sales professional have become increasingly sophisticated.

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  • After sales follow through: just as in a traditional sale, an e-sale is not complete if the customer is not completely satisfied with the exchange. Satisfaction through the consumption process can only be ensured if an e-sale is followed by a rigorous post sale routine. A good example of the above mentioned is found in following’s transaction routine: It begins with a confirmation as soon as the sale is made and this is typically followed by shipping details and a tracking number that allows the customer to track the shipping/delivery process.

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  • Around one third of our visits were to firms for whom financial services is not their main line of business and sell PPI as a tertiary product. Of these nearly a half had not properly engaged with their regulatory responsibilities and had in general failed to meet the standards of TCF and ICOB. Motor retailers have shown some of the biggest improvements since our earlier work, for instance, they have been proactive in changing their sales processes to better align them with TCF objectives.

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