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  • Real Estate is the real estate fiduciary investment business of Deutsche asset Management. During the past 40 years, RREEF Real Estate has built a leading real estate investing business. Head quartered in new york, RREEF Real Estate has nearly 600 professionals located in 22 cities around the world.

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  • “ as a founding member of Greenprint, RREEF Real Estate has and continues to play a leadership role in defining the metrics that Greenprint will collect in future reporting rounds, and how the reporting process can be increasingly automated, transparent, and compatible with the established set of portfolio management tools widely used in the commercial real estate industry.”

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  • This paper looks at the coherence of development policies with regard to the consistency between, on the one hand, the objectives or results of a donor’s economic policies that have an impact on the countries receiving development aid, and, on the other, the objectives of the official international development cooperation policy. We have attempted to include all the economic policies that can have an impact on aid- receiving countries.

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  • Until July 2007, the S&P Preferred Stock Index was characterized by relative stability. Firm values of financial institutions were high and preferred stocks had returns which were similar to bonds. Beginning in the summer of 2007, the volatility of returns in the common stocks of financial firms increased significantly. The S&P Financial Sector Index approximately doubled in volatility in August 2007. After August 2007, the Preferred Stock Index became more correlated with the S&P 500 and the S&P Financial Index and less correlated with...

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  • For most taxable bond investors, bond mutual funds have a number of advantages over individual bond portfolios in terms of diversification, cash-flow treatment and portfolio characteristics, liquidity, and costs. Individual bonds do provide certain benefits compared with bond mutual funds, and these advantages revolve primarily around a preference for control over security-specific decisions in the portfolio.

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  • The analysis of the factor models is interesting in its own right. Surpris- ingly,much of the literature on international stock return comovement imposes strong restrictions of constant, unit betas with respect to a large number of country and industry factors, as in the Heston and Rouwenhorst (1994) model. We contrast the predictions of these models for stock return comovements with our risk-based models.

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  • Due to a variety of factors, more and more companies are being forced to continuously cut costs, boost productivity, and struggle for success. Although their mandate might be to im- prove sales, the resources available to do this are being cut. For companies in this situation, the telephone can become a useful tool. For individuals, a career as a telemarketer can be long- lasting and highly lucrative, especially once you perfect your skills, gain experience, and develop a track record.

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  • Since 2005, the international development perspectives have broadened, with new funding sources, partnerships and configurations of stakeholders. Global public-health initiatives such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) have matured their operations and increasingly become significant sources of revenue for national health budgets in many low-income countries.

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  • Campaign Execution (Model Deployment): Once the model is ready, the next step is to deploy the model in the current campaign. The model is applied to rank all potential customers by the predicted probability of belonging to the class initiating the contact. Only the top x% of the ranked list will receive the promotion (if the majority of potential customers are contacted, then direct marketing would not differ much from mass marketing). The selection of an optimal x, i.e. the x that produces the highest net profit, depends on the (predicted) performance of the model.

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  • If we weight market capitalizations and net earnings for the three S&P categories and then take the ratio, we have a price-earnings ratio of 19.3 Aggregate earnings and this priceearnings ratio imply an estimate for the aggregate market capitalization of 1.67 times GNP, which is close to that for industrials only. We should note that an estimate of 19 for the price-earnings ratio is significantly higher than that reported by Fisher, who cites the Standard Statistics Company as the source for his data.

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  • A 1992 study conducted by Arthur Andersen , commissioned by the Associated Credit Bureaus (now known as the Consumer Data Industry Association) used a different methodology to conclude that the error rate was much lower. This study reviewed the behavior of 15,703 consumers who were denied credit based on a credit grantor’ s scoring system. From this sample, 1,223 consumers (7.8%) requested their credit report from the issuing credit repository, and 304 consumers (1.9% of the total sample) disputed the information on the report. Of these, 36 disputes (11.

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  • Communities in crisis suffer a loss of access to services, which UNFPA works to restore or to provide in temporary locations. While access is most obviously a problem for refugees and the internally displaced, people in surrounding communities and other family members may also be affected by the crisis. Access continues to be a priority once a crisis concludes, during the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

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  • My foreign rights agents are the inestimable Danny and Heather Baror, and collectively they have sold my books into literally dozens of countries and languages, helping to bring my work to places I couldn't have dreamed of reaching on my own. They subcontract for my agent Russell Galen, another inestimable personage without whom I would not have attained anything like the dizzy heights that I enjoy today.

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  • Despite the expertise and ingenuity of U.S. industry and tremendous productiv- ity of U.S. agriculture and forestry, plant-based sources cannot automatically shoulder a major share of our chemical feedstock demand. Today, U.S. industry only makes minor portions of some classes of chemical products from plant-derived materials. Important scientific and commercial development breakthroughs are needed. Petrochemicals, agriculture, forestry, and other industries—as well as government—must make major coordinated efforts to most effectively increase the use of plant-derived chemicals.

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  • We need to understand our impacts on the natural world in the fight against species loss and climate change. We need to change our patterns of consumption to combat climate change, conserve the Amazon rainforest and protect our oceans. We must become active citizens and conscious consumers, aware of the consequences of our actions and the purchases we make....

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  • Because an interest rate swap is just a series of cash flows occurring at known future dates, it can be valued by sim ply summing the present value of each of these cash flows. In order to calculate the present value of each cash flow, it is necessary to first estimate the correct discount factor (df) for each period (t) on which a cash flow occurs. Dis count factors are derived from investors’ perceptions of in terest rates in the future and are calculated using forward rates such as LIBOR. The following formula calculates a theoretical rate (known as the “Swap Rate”) for...

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  • The competing reactions reveal diverging views around the possibilities and limits of microfinance, a polarization captured colorfully by Connie Bruck (2006) in The New Yorker. Yet there are also areas of shared vision. Most important, all agree that the demand for reliable financial services is huge. We estimate that roughly 40 to 80 percent of the populations in most developing economies lack access to formal sector banking services (Beck, Demirguc-Kunt and Martinez Peria, 2007; World Bank, 2007).

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  • The American Indians repeatedly warned John Wesley Powell against his first trip through the Grand Canyon. The canyon once contained a trail made by the god Tavwoats for a mourning chief to go to see his wife in a heaven to the West. Then the god filled up the trail with a river and forbade anyone to go there. Powell would draw Tavwoats' wrath. 2 But Powell saw the canyon geologically. He too experienced awe, but of the erosional forces of time and the river flowing. He went on to direct the US Geological Survey, and, interestingly, to head the US...

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  • Question D is answered positively, because there is a clear correlation between the ability to manage the procedure and achieve a clear articulation of forms. By comparison, there were students who tried formgiving by selected design parameter only and some students who were able to determine the main impact only. The answer to which of Baumgarten’s aesthetic considerations were applied involves only the 6 considerations which the students have worked with in connection with the earlier mentioned evaluations.

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  • Research is essential for the United States to remain a world leader in the development of health advances. The benefi ts of research extend beyond healthy citizens. Research improves our nation’s productivity, increases employment, and improves the fi nancial well-being of our citizens. More progress must be made, both in understanding disease processes in order to develop cures and in bringing these advances to everyone.

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