Consequences of condomization

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  • This report provides comparable global information on: the consumption of alcohol (Section 1); the consequences of the harmful use of alcohol (Section 2); and the policy responses (Section 3). The four appendices include: country profi les for all 193 WHO Member States (Appendix I); a set of additional indicators (Appendix II); a table of comparable alcohol consumption data (Appendix III); and a section explaining data sources and methods used in this report (Appendix IV).

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  • The nucleocapsid complex is surrounded by a protein shell called capsid to form the viral core. A layer of matrix protein, which is formed outside the capsid, interacts with the envelope (env) which consists of lipid envelope derived from the host cell and viral envelope glycoproteins. Viral glycoproteins are made of two units: a transmembrane portion, which attaches the protein into the lipid bilayer, and a surface portion, which binds to the cellular receptor.

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  • Our analysis will emphasize a mechanism of propagation of the effects of cloud computing which depends on the endogenous market structures. Through business creation, the adoption of cloud computing is going to enhance competition in each sector and to increase production and lower mark ups. This will have a positive im- pact on consumption so as to contribute to the recovery of the EU economy. Most of all, part of these effects are going to be positively related to the speed of adop- tion of the new technology.

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  • The study of how biodiversity is spread around the world is known as bio- geography. Mite harvestmen illustrate one of the most common patterns in bio- geography, called vicariance: species become separated from each other when geographical barriers emerge. Those barriers can be formed by oceans, as in the case of the mite harvestmen; they can also be separated by rising mountains, spreading deserts, and shifting rivers. The other major pattern in biogeography, known as dispersal, occurs when species themselves spread away from their place of origin.

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  • A lot of focus has been put on lifestyle changes since the last prevention policy paper was published. Key objectives have been defined with ambitious targets to reduce smoking, the harmful use of alcohol, overweight, diabetes and depression. There is, of course, a reason for this: there is a close relationship between today’s major chronic diseases and people’s behaviour. The focus on lifestyle and health promotion is therefore an obvious consequence of disease prevention. But lifestyle changes are not easy to make.

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  • Each year, millions of women and children die from preventable causes. These are not mere statistics. They are people with names and faces. Their suffering is unacceptable in the 21st century. We must, therefore, do more for the newborn who succumbs to infection for want of a simple injection, and for the young boy who will never reach his full potential because of malnutrition. We must do more for the teenage girl facing an unwanted pregnancy; for the married woman who has found she is infected with the HIV virus; and for the mother who faces complications in childbirth....

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  • A fundamental element of sustainable development is environmental sustainability. Hence, this series was created in 2007 to cover current and emerging issues in order to promote debate and broaden the understanding of environmental challenges as integral to achieving equitable and sustained economic growth. The series will draw on analysis and practical experience from across the World Bank and from client countries.

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  • The Texas Women’s Health Program (WHP) provides family planning and preventive health services to low-income women under a Medicaid family planning waiver program. As of February 2012, the WHP provided care to about 127,000 low-income Texas women. 1 The total program cost was $35.6 million in 2011, of which the federal government paid $32 million – about 90% of the total cost -- while the state paid $3.6 million.

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  • Car-sharing means that a number of persons share the use of one or more cars. Use of a car is booked beforehand, the user paying a fee based on the distance driven and the length of time the car was made use of. Although this is similar in some ways to traditional car rental, it differs in the possibility it provides of booking a car for short periods of time and in the rental agreement being made for an extended period of time, rather than each time a car is used. In addition, each household has its own set...

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  • Water requirements of camels, although low in comparison to other livestock species, are still quite high in absolute terms. At the height of the dry season, when the ambient temperatures are high and the vegetation is dry, an adult camel needs approximately 80 to 100 litres of water every five to seven days. If the pasture consists mainly of halophytic plants and/or the available water is rich in minerals, the requirement will increase. It will also increase in lactating animals. A herd of 100 camels during the dry season might require as much as 10,000 litres of water three...

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  • This demand feature bridges the gap between borrowers and lenders. It allows governments to issue the long-term bonds they prefer, while making that debt eligible for purchase by money funds that must invest in short-term securities. Sound like the SIVs we discussed earlier? VRDNs are like SIVs in many respects, but with some key differences. First, there is generally less concern about the credit quality of the bonds in a VRDN than the securities held in a SIV—governments are usually pretty good payers.

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  • In preparation to this new scenario, many hardware and software companies are investing to create new platforms able to attract customers on the clouds. Cloud platforms provide services to create applications in competition or in alternative to on-premises platforms, the traditional platforms based on an operating system as a foundation, on a group of infrastructure services and on a set of packaged and cus- tom applications.

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  • In the traditional region of Northern Nigeria, Pathfinder has struggled to promote the use of modern contraceptive methods to delay and space pregnancies. Traditional communities in this area generally see children as a gift from God and, assured that He will provide for their families, resist limiting their family size or spacing women’s pregnancies. Sexuality is not openly discussed, so reaching families with RH/FP information and services has been difficult.

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  • The proposed Camdev II I developments are in the Boa Plain which occupies 177 km2 in the Bamusso Sub-division of Ndian Division of South West Province. It is a flat crescent-shaped coastal plain north-west of Cameroon Mountain. To the west are mangrove swamps, to the east mainly the hills of the Mokoko River Forest Reserve. In the north the Meme River is the boundary and the crescent narrows to a point in the south near the village of Njangassa. There is a general downward slope of about 0.5% toward the mangrove swamps in the west. It is estimated that 90%...

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  • The legislation applies to all industrial facilities that emit 100,000 tonnes or more of GHG a year, which accounts for 70 per cent of the province’s emissions. These facilities are required to reduce their emissions by 12 per cent, as of the end of 2007. Facilities that fail to meet this target have the option of buying Alberta-based carbon offsets, or paying into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund. The fund takes $15 for every tonne over reduction targets and directs it to strategic projects or technology aimed at reducing GHG emissions in the province. ...

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  • A fundamental element of sustainable development is environmental sustainability. Hence, this series was created in 2007 to cover current and emerging issues in order to promote debate and broaden the understanding of environmental challenges as integral to achieving equitable and sustained economic growth. The series will draw on analysis and practical experience from across the World Bank and from client countries.

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  • We appreciate that many investors will be willing to bet on the long-run excess performance of value tilt strategies, through either the RAFI or through a combination of ETF’s. But we have presented longer-term evidence that should caution investors from dramatically shifting the indexed core holdings of their portfolios away from capitalization weighting. As historical data clearly show, the dissected value and growth components of the market have for decades had a tug-of-war of outperforming each other.

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  • As innovative ways are being developed to harvest the enormous potential of the Internet infrastructure, a new class of large-scale globally-distributed network services and applications such as distributed content hosting services, overlay network multicast [1][2], content addressable overlay networks [3][4], and peer-to-peer file sharing such as Napster and Gnutella have emerged. Because these systems have a lot of flexibility in choosing their communication paths, they can greatly benefit from intelligent path selection based on network performance.

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  • The current stabilization in the nursing workforce is a temporary development and should not be used as justification to curtail public funding for nursing education. Given the aging of the baby boomers and the expected retirement of a large segment of the nurse population, steps must be taken now to ensure that world supply of nurses is strengthened before a crisis emerges. Maintaining a viable nursing workforce will not be possible without consistent and continuing financial support for educational programs that prepare professional nurses. ...

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  • Three questionnaires were used for the 2010 RDHS: the Household Questionnaire, the Women’s Questionnaire, and the Men’s Questionnaire. These questionnaires are based on questionnaires developed by the worldwide Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) program and on the questionnaires used during the 2005 RDHS and 2007-08 RIDHS surveys. To reflect relevant issues in population and health in Rwanda, the questionnaires were adapted during a series of technical meetings with various stakeholders from government ministries and agencies, non-governmental organizations and international donors.

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