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  • In recent years, even all information about degree of stenosis and plaque morphology is not yet considered enough to recognize lesions at risk. New further concepts regarding functional activities of carotid plaques represent the future target to be investigated, in order to indentify the so called “vulnerable plaques” and, consequently, to avoid the disabling ischemic event.

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  • The definition or Cor Pulmonale not being fully agreed upon, it would probably be best to make our criteria of diagnosing this condition clear. We have stuck to White's original definition, except that congestive heart failure has not been considered an essential component of “the picture, in view of more modern views. We are not in agreement with the school that considers every case of pulmonary hypertension as Cor Pulmonale, be it due to left sided heart diseases even (Brill, 1958).

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  • This paper demonstrates that the use of ensemble methods and carefully calibrating the decision threshold can significantly improve the performance of machine learning methods for morphological word decomposition. We employ two algorithms which come from a family of generative probabilistic models. The models consider segment boundaries as hidden variables and include probabilities for letter transitions within segments. The advantage of this model family is that it can learn from small datasets and easily generalises to larger datasets. ...

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  • The paper analyzes generally the actual state of the domestic violence against women in Vietnam at present, from the perspectives of people’s behavior, awareness and attitude. Based on findings of the previous research works, the author highlights factors involved with the maintenance of domestic violence activities against women, such as gender inequality, which is considered as the root of the domestic violence, and some direct causes, for example the drunkenness, contradictions in business and daily life, and difficult economic conditions.

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  • As can be seen in Table 1, the pre-service teachers had diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 2 Selection of the pre-service teachers, while not designed to be representative, provided a broad student teacher perspective on issues related to teaching ESL writing. The participants represented a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Seven were native English speakers. Five were second language speakers of English, with Korean, French and Portuguese as their first language backgrounds.

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  • How can you ensure these companies discover your products? Some catalog buyers, as well as many retail store buyers, rely on the convenience of trade shows as a one stop shopping place for their products and trade shows can be a wonderful venue not only for you to showcase your products to potential buyers but also because they offer a variety of training and networking opportunities. The Natural Products Expo series of trade shows offers both the Distributer Matching Service, mentioned above, and a Global Business Training Program free to participants at its trade shows.

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  • The urgent need for computer-assisted detection of tumors and lesions in medical images becomes clear when one considers the state of affairs in X-ray film mammography for breast cancer screening. In the United States it is estimated that there are currently more than 50 million women over the age of 40 at risk of contracting breast cancer.

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  • Air pollution does not only damage the air; it also damages environments on Earth’s surface and their inhabitants. Plants and animals are harmed by air pollution. Sometimes it is the pollutants themselves that cause damage. Other times pollutants combine and change the resources that plants and animals depend upon such as water, soil, and nutrients. The impacts of air pollution are diverse and numerous. Air pollution can have serious consequences for the health of human beings, and also severely affects natural ecosystems.

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  • Through its capacity to combine growth and inclusiveness, our social market economy is one of Europe's greatest assets. But today its economy and its society face the threat that the grave problems of high unemployment, increased poverty and social exclusion risk becoming structural. The EU dimension must be harnessed to assist Member States to find every opportunity to help people looking for work and to address the mismatch between labour supply and demand.

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  • The term Business Angel has only been used in Germany since the early 1990s. According to the German Business Angel network BAND, German Business Angel associations/federations have approximately 1,400 registered members. Most of the actors are “silent angels”, this means they do not look for publicity and most of them are not organised in networks. The “Promotion Angels” are a minority - they are looking for publicity and are participating in public discussions (Harrer, 2010b).

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  • Content can be integrated into portals and other tools using the Dialog Application Programming Interface (Dialog API), an XML-based web service that enables Dialog’s extensive content collection and renowned search engine to be integrated transparently into websites, enterprise portals, corporate intranets and extranets, software applications and other interactive services. Dialog API supports Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) for integrating Dialog content into compatible platforms....

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  • The Netherlands may be an extreme case, both in terms of observed retirement patterns as well as in terms of the characteristics of the institutional setting. Since the mid-seventies Labour force participation rates of elderly males (55 years and older) have dropped about 50% points to a current level of less 30%. Employer provided Early Retirement (ER) schemes allow for retirement at the age of 60, or sometimes even earlier 2 . In addition to these schemes there are Unemployment Insurance schemes (UB) and Disibality Insurance schemes (DI) to protect...

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  • The concept here is that any liability that is set up should be subject to a “liability adequacy test”, i.e., a test to see if the liability is expected to be insufficient at runoff. If the liability is expected to be insufficient, then the financial statements are generally considered to be biased in that a future earnings loss (i.e., negative income) would be expected from the liability runoff. To prevent such a bias, a “premium deficiency reserve” is calculated.

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  • Financial incentives are an important tool that can help individuals and businesses overcome the barrier of high initial equipment costs for these technologies. But, to be effective, these incentives should be considered as one component in a comprehensive approach to creating a sustainable market.

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  • Some organizations are deliberately using mobile money to enhance their traditional offerings. For example, during a recent drought in Niger, a set of randomly selected house- holds received cash transfers via mobile money (Aker et al. 2011). In comparison with physical cash, this trial found lower variable costs for senders, as well as lower costs for recipients. Over the course of the crisis, recipient households also enjoyed better diets and depleted fewer assets. Insurance, credit, and savings services are now being developed atop mature mobile money systems.

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  • Multipath TCP is a major extension to TCP that allows improving the resource usage in the current Internet by transmitting data over several TCP subflows, while still showing one single regular TCP socket to the application. This document describes our experience in writing a MultiPath TCP implementation in the Linux kernel and discusses implementation guidelines that could be useful for other developers who are planning to add MultiPath TCP to their networking stack. Status of this Memo This Internet-Draft is submitted in full conformance with the provisions of BCP 78 and BCP 79.

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  • Finally, promotion—what marketing is often stereotyped to mean—is how to spread the positive word about the product to influential people and potential customers. Surprisingly, promotion is a small part of a business analyst or product manager’s time (maybe 10–20%). So, marketing plans define much more than what the ads will look like or what promotional deals will be made. Also, note that the four Ps of marketing apply to almost anything. There is always a product (HR web site), a price (free), a placement (intranet), and a promotion (email) for it.

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  • Because these subsystems are implemented in SAS TK, they can be installed inside the DBMSs offered by the major DBMS vendors. They are then available to perform some or all of the processing requested by the client. For example, when SAS procedures push down SQL, or when some other SAS process is requested from a client, the processing occurs inside the DBMS where the subsystems are deployed. Appropriate output is returned to the calling client, a SAS session, for example, thereby reducing data movement. In a previous example, we saw that PROC FREQ can push an SQL statement to...

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  • The proof of the theorem is based on a reduction from the vertex-cover problem. The theorem shows that even in a very restricted case, the problem is intractable. Our setting is especially simple because it does not even consider non-trivial queries over the data. It is important to note that the NP-hardness is in the size of the network. This theorem should not dampen our enthusiasm regarding the data placement problem—quite the contrary.

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  • Our first set of results does not allow the effect of an MBA to vary across the three types of programs or with program quality. Table 5 presents the results for men. The OLS results without ability controls yield an estimate of a 9.4% return for obtaining an MBA. The return falls to 6.3% when GMAT scores and undergraduate grades are included in the regression. There is a positive and significant return to math ability but no return to verbal ability. 29 For males, one standard deviation increase in math ability, 8.66 points, yields an 8% increase in wages. ...

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