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  • Trade marketing is a discipline of marketing that focuses on increasing the demand at wholesaler, retailer or distributor level rather than consumer level (Howard, 2011). Trade marketing is of utmost importance when it comes to increasing revenue for fast moving consumer good (FMCG) section.

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  • In an emerging market, social development is an imperative, brands, consumers and society will benefited by cause-related marketing (CRM) that could provide an avenue to those in need receive more support than can be provided by traditional means. Though considerable work on CRM campaigns and consumer responses to them have been undertaken show ever, not much research has been done in this field in Nepal.

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  • Consumer financing have become increasingly important in the private sector of Pakistan for the last two decades. With the new reforms in the banking sector, the marketing of financial products has become very competitive, creating a needfor strategizing the marketing efforts. This study investigates the shift of Pakistani consumers towards the use of plastic money, with emphasis on credit cards. A survey of consumers holding (at least) one or no credit card were used for data collection.

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  • When a consumer applies for employment, or for a service that reviews credit histories, (such as insurance, an apartment rental, utilities, cell phone accounts) these data users may also request and receive a credit report and/or scores from one or more repositories, to be used to evaluate the consumer’ s application.

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  • In this paper, we introduce a corpus of consumer reviews from the rateitall and the eopinions websites annotated with opinion-related information. We present a two-level annotation scheme. In the first stage, the reviews are analyzed at the sentence level for (i) relevancy to a given topic, and (ii) expressing an evaluation about the topic.

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  • This research aims to identify the factors that influence online shopping behavior of consumers in “Groupon” business in Vietnam. The results provide information to determine the importance level of each selected factors and find out the most important factor among these proposed factors.

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  • The purpose of the thesis is to build national-level consumer confidence index for Vietnam; through questions such as what factors consumers' beliefs measure; consumer confidence assessment component; method of calculating consumer confidence index.

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  • Chapter 10B - Doing business in the online world. This lesson introduces you to the basics of e-commcrcc at the consumer and business levels. You w ill leam how to make sure your online shopping and browsing activities arc secure, and how to protect your personal information when using the Internet.

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  • Research findings reveal that there are 9 factors, including: brand and product diversity; product features; price levels and promotional programs; convenient store locations; convenience of the store; product display in the store; awareness, consultancy and serving attitudes of shop assistants; information provision of the store; services and selling modes of the store.

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  • The main variables of economic development have been regarded as Income, Investment and Saving. The increase in capital stock along with its efficiency directly influences the productive capacity of the economy for increasing the total output or income. However, the growth in capital is in turn directly dependent on the part of additional output which is not immediately consumed but is saved and available for investment or increase in capital. The farmers of the study area were having two main source of income, i.e. Agricultural and nonagricultural sources.

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  • The government struggles to fight escalating food safety issues in Vietnam. However, government measures yielded little evidence of improvement to domestic food safety. For that reason, consumers lower their trust in the government. The current market context, and low trust towards the government left consumers to count on their own judgement for the sake of their own food safety. This study applied choice experiment method based on Lancastrian consumer theory and random utility theory to elicit consumers’ preferences on traceable safe foods and the perception regarding food safety.

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  • Noodles with unique taste are coveted by consumers. Noodles became popular quickly all over the world due to its easy preparation, fast urbanization, changing food habits and busy life style. The current study was conducted to evaluate the effect of natural antioxidant Aloe vera (AV) at 3 different levels viz., 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 percent added over and above the control chicken noodle formulation.

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  • The present study was undertaken with the objective to know the consumer acceptability and physico-chemical qualities of mango herbal quarg cheese. The mango herbal quarg type cheese was prepared by adding different levels of mango pulp, cardamom and clove. The products were evaluated for physico-chemical qualities and consumer acceptability.

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  • This paper tries to extract important components in consumer protection from the consumer point of view in order to ensure that the efforts exerted by the regulators will yield effective and capable consumer protection. Principle Component Analysis (PCA) is used in exploratory data analysis to 265 consumer surveys that were obtained from the customers of banks in Saudi Arabia. We found through PCA Varimax rotation that consumer protection can be achieved through banking services and privacy of consumers.

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  • India is the world’s largest producer as well as consumer of blackgram. It produces about 1.5 to 1.9 million tonnes of blackgram annually from about 3.5 million hectares area, with an average productivity of 500 kg per hectares. In Karnataka, blackgram occupies an area of 1.26 lakh ha with the production of 0.64 lakh tones and productivity of 507 kg/ ha. The study was conducted in Bidar and Kalaburagi districts of North Eastern Karnataka during the year 2014-15 to know the adoption level of recommended cultivation practices of blackgram growers.

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  • After demonetisation took place in 2016 it was a new boom in internet banking in order to proceed toward cashless economy. The paper deals the consumers perception towards ebanking system related to women customers’ satisfaction from e-banking system with special reference to Udaipur District of Rajasthan. Through non -probability sampling total 50 Female respondents were surveyed.

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  • This article explores the implications of cognitive dissonance on varied aspects of consumer buying behaviour. Some of the factors leading to dissonance post purchase and prior to it have been comprehensively studied in the article. The paper begins with the identification of the degree of involvement in the purchase of a product which creates dissonance for a customer. The authors argue that higher the degree of purchase involvement on behalf of the consumer, the lesser would be his dissonance level.

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  • The method proposed by the author is a method that can be used to predict sales value based on existing sales data (sales forecasting). By implementing Business Intelligence and data mining, companies can learn from the data that has been collected, can evaluate the performance of the sales department, can understand market trends from the products sold, and can predict future sales levels. In addition, Business Intelligence can display detailed transaction data recapitulation quickly.

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  • The purpose of this work is to assess microbial contamination level of millet and sorghum in Benin and to identify the molds responsible for this contamination. Sampling (240 millet and 240 sorghum grain) was done in Beninese agroecological zones (I to V) where both cereals are produced. Fungi were isolated using Direct Plating methodand characterised according to macroscopic and microscopic criteria.

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  • The researcher here uses psychographic segmentation and behavioral segmentation variables to segment customers of a retail store. Attitudes of customer towards the store assortment, instore service, value added service, store environment, satisfaction level, store patronage and loyalty are used to segment the customers.

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