Contact fatigue

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  • The book "Applied Fracture Mechanics" presents a collection of articles on application of fracture mechanics methods to materials science, medicine, and engineering. In thirteen chapters, a wide range of topics is discussed, including strength of biological tissues, safety of nuclear reactor components, fatigue effects in pipelines, environmental effects on fracture among others. In addition, the book presents mathematical and computational methods underlying the fracture mechanics applications, and also developments in statistical modeling of fatigue.

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  • Contact between mothers inside prison and their children outside prison may be severely and/or inappropriately restricted. In some countries, mothers are temporarily separated (such as by stopping visits) from the children to punish the mother (Robertson, 2008). Children are a life-sustaining force for many prisoners, and breaking up the bond between the mother and child is often punishment of the worst kind for the mother (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2008) and strongly affects her physical and mental health. It also punishes the child, who has done nothing wrong. ...

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  • CHAPTER 10 STRESS ANALYSIS Franklin E. Fisher Mechanical Engineering Department Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, California and Senior Staff Engineer Hughes Aircraft Company (Retired) 10.1 STRESSES, STRAINS, STRESS INTENSITY 10.1.1 Fundamental Definitions 10.1.2 Work and Resilience DISCONTINUITIES, STRESS CONCENTRATION COMBINED STRESSES CREEP FATIGUE 10.5.1 Modes of Failure 10.8 191 191 197 199 199 203 205 206 10.9 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 COLUMNS 10.8.1 Definitions 10.8.2 Theory 10.8.3 Wooden Columns 10.8.4 Steel Columns CYLINDERS, SPHERES, AND PLATES 10.9.

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  • Wear Film failure impairs the relative movement between solid bodies and inevitably causes severe damage to the contacting surfaces. The consequence of film failure is severe wear. Wear in these circumstances is the result of adhesion between contacting bodies and is termed ‘adhesive wear’. When the intervening films are partially effective then milder forms of wear occur and these are often initiated by fatigue processes due to repetitive stresses under either sliding or rolling. These milder forms of wear can therefore be termed ‘fatigue wear’.

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