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  • This book owes its inception to my fascination with the natural microcosms that are water-filled tree holes and, subsequently, the broader class of plant container habitats we call phytotelmata. That fascination was born, first, in a Somerset woodland, when my fellow undergraduate Alastair Sommerville pointed out to me a massive stump hole, commenting that such places were both entomologically special and of great potential as objects of ecological study.

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  • The cave of Tham Khuyen in Lang Son Province, northeastern Vietnam, has yielded a large mammalian fauna of probable late middle Pleistocene date. A series of isolated hominoid primate teeth, formerly allocated to the extant orangutan Pongo pygmaeus, has recently been reexamined and found to represent more than one species. These specimens are described in detail in this paper and are analyzed as follows. Some ofthe teeth are indeed clearly identifiable as those of Pongo pygmaeus, but the majority appear to belong to a species related to the orangutan but not identical with it....

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  • In a Global scenario, economically progressive nations have developed medical sciences. But still it lacks precise information during the enhancement of potent drugs to combat ailment, which is the legacy of the organisms that generate diseases. Rising countries had long been perceived the threat, which at times, down the lane has been the major factor for magnanimous economic disaster and human poverty. Lot of resources was put into force by the world community to abscond the microbial fauna and genetically inherited diseases to contain them within the safe limits.

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  • In January 2000, the Japanese Government's Environment Agency announced an amendment to Japan's Law for the Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, strengthening restrictions on domestic trade in tiger parts and derivatives. Japan is a significant consumer of Asian medicines and products, and up until this law was passed, products had been on open sale and unregulated. This law closes that possibility. In addition, all species threatened by the medic- inals trade are protected by national legislation in their range States.

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