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  • Typical algorithms and data structures textbooks are seven or eight hundred pages long, include chapters about software engineering and the programming language used in the book, and include appendices with yet more information about the programming language. Often they include lengthy case studies with tens of pages of specifications and code. Frequently they are hardcover books printed in two colors; sometimes they have sidebars with various sorts of supplementary material.

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  • Question 1. Reorder the following efficiencies from the smallest to the largest: a. 2n3 + n5 b. 2000 c. 4n+1 d. n4 e. (n-1)! f. nlog2(n) g. 2klogk(n) (k is a predefined constant) Solution: Efficiency: a measure of amount of time for an algorithm to execute (Time Efficiency) or a measure of amount of memory needed for an algorithm to execute (Space Efficiency).

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  • Acomprehensive, structural and functional, insilicoanalysis of the medium-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (MDR) superfamily, including 583 proteins, was carried out by use of extensive database mining and theBLASTPprogram in an iterative manner to identify all known members of the superfamily. Based on phylogenetic, sequence, and func-tional similarities, the protein members of the MDR super-family were classified into three different taxonomic categories: (a) subfamilies, consisting of a closed group containing a set of ideally orthologous proteins that perform the same function;...

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  • The a-amylase family (glycoside hydrolase family 13; GH 13) contains enzymes with approximately 30 specifi-cities. Six types of enzyme from the family can possess a C-terminal starch-binding domain (SBD): a-amylase, maltotetraohydrolase, maltopentaohydrolase, maltogenic a-amylase, acarviose transferase, and cyclodextrin glu-canotransferase (CGTase). Such enzymes are multidomain proteins and those that contain an SBD consist of four or five domains, the former enzymes being mainly hydrolases and the latter mainly transglycosidases. ...

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  • Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.[1] Biology is a vast subject containing many subdivisions, topics, and disciplines.

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