Continental margin

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  • High-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks crop out widely in the northern Aegean. In many instances their ages and tectonic setting are poorly constrained. Here we report newly discovered high-pressure rocks of continental crustal origin and of Late Cretaceous age southwest of the Marmara Sea. They occur at the contact between the Rhodope-Strandja Zone in the north and the Sakarya Zone in the south.

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  • Continental shelves are the gently sloping areas of the ocean floor, contiguous to the continent, that extend from the coastline to the shelf-break. The shelf break, which is located around 150–200 meters depth, is the area of the continental margin where there is an abrupt change between the shelf and the steeper continental slope. Primary production in the oceans, i.e. the production of organic compounds from dissolved carbon dioxide and nutrients through photosynthesis, is often associated with upwellings (Botsford et al., 2006).

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  • The recently exploration results in illustrated a better potential in Lower Oligocene reservoir in South East margin of Cuu Long basin and many new signs. These signs need to be highlight researched for predicting accumulation distribution in study area, in purpose of oil and gas exploration for next stages.

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  • This study presents a detailed continental palaeoclimate record for the Neogene of Northwestern Europe. Palynomorph samples from continental to marginal marine deposits in 5 correlated sections from the Lower Rhine Basin (NW Germany) covering the time-span from Burdigalian to Zanclean are analysed. Independent time-control in the sections is provided by sequence stratigraphy

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  • Cold seeps occur in geologically active and passive continental margins, where pore waters enriched in methane are forced upward through the sediments by pressure gradients. The advective supply of methane leads to dense microbial communities with high metabolic rates. Anaerobic methane oxidation presumably coupled to sulphate reduction facilitates formation of carbonates and, in many places, generates extremely high concentrations of hydrogen sulphide in pore waters.

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  • A synthesis of the Late Palaeozoic to Cenozoic evolution of the Black Sea region and the southern parts of the East European Platform (EEP) is presented. During Carboniferous to Early Permian times the Cordillera-type Euxinus Orogen evolved along the southern margin of the EEP in response to progressive closure of the Rheic and Palaeotethys oceans and the accretion of Gondwana-derived continental terranes.

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