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  • Physical aspects origins, science, and processes of continental shelf environments, microbes and plants the beginning and end of continental shelf food chains, sponges, cnidarians, and worms simple and successful animals on the continental shelf,... is the main content of the book "Life in the sea the continental shelf".

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  • The sequence stratigraphy units of the Quaternary sediments at the continental shelf of Vietnam have been compared with the lithofacies and depositional cycles in relation to sea level changes. During the regression phases corresponding to the lowstand systems tract has being formed the alluvial lithofacies, shelf deltaic complex and shelf edge fans complex. The maximum regression remarked by erosion boundaries has corresponded with the lowstand sea level characterized by the slope fan turbiditte complex.

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  • Although Earth is billions of years old, geology—literally meaning the study of Earth—is a relatively new science, having grown from seeds of natural science and natural history planted during the Enlightenment era of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In 1807, the founding of the Geological Society of London, the first learned society devoted to geology, marked an important turning point for the science (some say its nascence).

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  • Continental shelves are the gently sloping areas of the ocean floor, contiguous to the continent, that extend from the coastline to the shelf-break. The shelf break, which is located around 150–200 meters depth, is the area of the continental margin where there is an abrupt change between the shelf and the steeper continental slope. Primary production in the oceans, i.e. the production of organic compounds from dissolved carbon dioxide and nutrients through photosynthesis, is often associated with upwellings (Botsford et al., 2006).

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  • Eastern Sea of Vietnam is the world's largest semi-open sea and is bounded by archipelagos, islands, mainland and connected partially with Pacific and Indian Ocean. Its total water surface area is about 2,974,600km2. Vietnamese and foreign geoscientists have researched, got samples and mapped the geological map of Eastern Sea since 1960s but no guidance or right method was carried out to map, especially in presenting geological units on geological map.

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  • America’s public lands and Federal waters provide resources that are critical to the nation’s energy security. To encourage robust exploration and development of the nation’s resources, the Administration has offered millions of acres of public land and Federal waters for oil and gas leasing over the last two years. Oil production from the Outer Continental Shelf increased more than a third – from 446 million barrels in 2008 to more than 600 million barrels of estimated production in 2010.

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